Is "dyeing hair" really carcinogenic?Dermatology director: New Year’s hair dyeing, keep in mind 7 points

The New Year is coming soon. Most girls will make a beautiful hairstyle in order to meet the New Year, and hair dyeing is essential.Many people think that at the beginning of the New Year, making a beautiful hairstyle, from scratch, feels more beautiful.

In fact, for girls, in addition to dyeing their hair in the New Year, they often dye their hair. Some girls even dye their hair once a month, but the problem of dyeing hair on the Internet is relatively controversial.Dyeing hair is risk of carcinogenic.

Liu Wei, the dean and chief physician of the Air Force General Hospital of the Air Force General Hospital, said in an interview with the media that the scalp is the most densely part of our human hair follicles. The hair dye contains phenyline and heavy metal salt.The human body and lightness will have heavy allergies, and genetic mutations will lead to genetic mutations in animal experiments.

For example, entering the bone marrow, acting on hematopoietic stem cells, the chance of increasing leukemia is 3 times that of ordinary people, and the chance of increasing women with lymphoma is 70%.

A study published in the "International Cancer Journal" shows that if female friends often use hair dye, the risk of breast cancer may increase, an increase of 9%, of which black women are 60%.

It is worth noting that there are studies that women who use chemical straight hair to pull straight hair will increase the chance of breast cancer in the future by 30%.

Professor Lu Yue, director of the Department of Hematology of the Cancer Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, has different views. So far, there is no evidence that evidence -based medicine has proved that the hair dye containing aromatherapy is directly related to the occurrence of leukemia.

Regarding female friends facing factors that may lead to the risk of breast cancer. Obesity is even more harmful than hair dye. Of course, for the sake of physical health, it is normal to minimize the contact of such chemicals.Healthy and reasonable hair dyeing.

1. Allergic constitution

Friends who are allergic to chemical drugs must not dye hair, because hair dyeing cream contains more chemicals. If you dye your hair, you may have symptoms of head redness, swelling and itching, and some people may have severe symptoms.If you don’t know if you will have allergies, you can do a skin test. If the test results are positive, don’t dye your hair.

2. Women in the physiological period

Female friends must choose a correct date when dyeing their hair. If you are in the physiological period, it is best not to dye your hair, because in this special period, the body’s bleeding amount is more, and the overall resistance will decrease. If the skin is damaged, the skin will be damaged.Infection may occur, so it is best to dye your hair in the past.

3. Where there is damage to the head

If there is damage to the head, do not use a dyeing agent, because after the skin is damaged, the chemicals in the chromosomal will enter the blood circulation along the scalp, especially friends with folliculitis or head eczema. Do not dyehair.

4. The younger or older

The younger children or older friends, do not dye hair without hair dyeing, because children’s skin is more sensitive, and the skin is prone to allergies. The kidney function of the elderly is relatively poor, and the toxins in the hair dye are veryIt is easy to stay in the body, so it is best not to dye your hair.

5. Women during pregnancy

Female friends are not recommended to use dyeing agents during pregnancy, because female friends dye their hair during pregnancy, and the toxic substances in the hair cream will enter the fetus with the blood circulation, affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

1. Skin first before dyeing hair

If you do n’t know if you have allergies, you must first have a skin test before dyeing your hair. If you find that you are allergic, it is best not to dye your hair.

2. 1-2 cm from the scalp dyeing from the scalp

When you are dyeing your hair, do not start with your hair from your hair. It is best not to touch the scalp. It is 1 to 2 cm from the scalp. In the process of dyeing the hair, you must bring good gloves to avoid allergies.

3. Don’t mix

Because different ingredients used by different hair dyes are also different, mixed use will cause chemical composition to affect each other to generate toxic substances or generate severe sensitized ingredients, causing irreversible consequences. ThereforeEssence

4. Choose regular products

Many people often buy hair creams at home and dye their hair by themselves, but when you buy hair dye cream, you must choose a regular merchant. After buying, check the content of phenyline.Don’t use it.

5. Repeat clean to ensure cleanliness

Everyone should wash the hair dye cream on the hair within the prescribed time. Do not want to use the additional time to make the color stronger. After dyeing your hair, you must clean it a few more times. Do not let the hair dye remain on the hair.

If you have allergies after hair dyeing, wash off the residual hair dye as soon as possible. If the situation is serious, you should minus the hair that has been dyed and seek medical treatment quickly.

6. Hair dyeing and perm should not be performed at the same time

If you want to perm and dye your hair, it is best to perm first, and then dye your hair every other week. If you are dyed at the same time, it may cause the just dyed hair to fade in the hot color process.

The reason why it is dyed first is because the hair scales in the hair dyeing process will be opened, which will easily affect the shape of hair dyeing.

7. Don’t wash your hair before dyeing your hair

Before dyeing hair, it is best not to wash your hair for a week. The fat secreted by the hair every day is a natural protection barrier, which can form some harmful ingredients in the hair dye.

Many people may be washing their heads. They feel that it is more convenient to color, but it will destroy the natural protective layer of the hair, and it is easier to make your hair dry and dry.

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