Is abdominal pain normal during pregnancy?Passion when it hurts?How to distinguish different abdominal pain during pregnancy?

During the pregnancy, expectant mothers will encounter various discomforts, and this period is also extremely sensitive. A little bit of wind blows, they can’t escape the feeling of pregnant mothers.

What is most worried about expectant mothers is abdominal pain, especially novice mothers. They are very scared for abdominal pain at each stage during pregnancy. They are afraid that the baby in the stomach will be a bit.

Abdominal pain is a common symptom during pregnancy. Some abdominal pain are normal physiological reactions, and some abdominal pain is a disease warning from the body. How can expectant mothers judge the category of abdominal pain? I hope it will be helpful to expectant mothers!

Physiological abdominal pain

1. In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers will go through a kind of pain in pregnancy growth pain, which often manifests as a minor lower abdomen discomfort. Mild abdominal pain is similar to menstrual period. Do not panic in this physiological abdominal pain. This is because in the short term of the uterusAs a result of excessive blood flow, it has a pulling effect on the muscles and the surrounding ligaments, so pregnant women may not be able to adapt at this time.

2. There are still many expectant mothers who always feel a little stomach pain in the early pregnancy. Sometimes because of the tension of the fetus, they can not distinguish whether it is abdominal pain or stomach pain. Sometimes the stomach pain in the early pregnancy reaction is sometimes accompanied by vomiting.The diet is mainly light and easy to digest. PS: Xiaobian teaches you a trick, that is, grilled buns or soda biscuits have a good effect on stomach discomfort.

Pathological abdominal pain

1. Dangerous situations such as signs and ectopic pregnancy are most likely to occur in early pregnancy.If the expectant mothers have regular abdominal steps, low back pain, pelvic pain, and a little bleeding or obvious lower abdomen in the early pregnancy, it is likely to be a reminder of a threatened abortion.Especially in the early pregnancy, they are very busy and tired, and expectant mothers who have had a history of abortion should pay special attention.At this time, work should be reduced immediately, beding in bed, if not improve, you should go to the doctor in time.

2. If a unilateral lower abdomen pain occurs, it is accompanied by bleeding and may be an ectopic pregnancy. Once this occurs, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Physiological abdominal pain

1. With the growth of the fetus, at 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s belly will grow up quickly, and the skin of the belly will feel a tight feeling, and it will feel faint pain in the abdomen.Some expectant mothers will stimulate the lower edge of the ribs because of the increase in the uterus, which can cause dull pain or pain or separation of the pubic bone.These physiological pain do not require special treatment, rest more, or take the sleeping position on the left side to relieve pain.

2. The abdominal pain caused by fetal movement will cause fetal movement due to the activity of the fetus in the uterus in the middle of pregnancy. At the beginning, it is gently, and the time of abdominal pain continues to be short.Later, as the fetal baby was fully developed, the fetus became smaller, and the expectant mothers’ fetal movement would become stronger and worsen abdominal pain. Even on the surface of the abdomen, it can be seen, sliding left and right, from time to time.

Pathological abdominal pain

1. Between 13 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is actually in the middle of the pregnancy. At this time, there will also be abortion. If the expectant mothers have vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, obvious backache and abdomen, they should seek medical treatment immediately.During this period, abortion is generally a problem with the anatomical structure of the uterus itself. For example, like adhesion of the uterine cavity, it has been done many times, and the uterine cavity adhesion is prone to abnormalities.possible.

2. In the mid -term, some expectant mothers will have situations such as uterine fibroma, urinary tract infection. Fibroma will cause severe pain when the uterine grows quickly, but it needs to be judged by medical tools.If the urinary tract is infected, there will be urgency and pain in urinary pain. This is also easy to distinguish.If this happens, seek a doctor’s opinion in time.

3. The ovarian cysts are twisted. In the early stages of pregnancy, because the uterus and organs entered the abdominal cavity, the cysts were more likely to reverse.When the reversal occurs, the arterial blood can still enter the cyst, but the venous blood cannot leave the cyst, so the cysts are swollen and even necrotic, resulting in the intermittent side pain on one side, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and collapse.a feeling of.Should seek medical treatment immediately.

Physiological abdominal pain

1. The most common physiological abdominal pain in the third trimester is because the abdominal pain caused by increasing uterine increasing the ribs. The third trimester is the fastest period of the baby.EssenceThis is physiological and does not require special treatment. The left side is conducive to pain relief.Therefore, mothers must control their diet in the third trimester, so as not to grow too fast to increase their physical discomfort, which is not good for the delivery.

2. In the third trimester, there is also a slight abdominal pain caused by fake contractions. The lower abdomen is slightly painful. The frequency of contractions is inconsistent, the duration is not constant, the interval time is long and irregular.Feelings, daytime symptoms relieve.Generally, abdominal pain in this situation, expectant mothers should pay attention to rest and prepare for production.

Pathological abdominal pain

1. If the whole abdomen falls and the anal fall in the third trimester, the mormonal abdominal pain and the vaginal bleeding, the occurrence of premature birth and premature placenta should be taken into account.Should seek medical treatment immediately to prevent accidents.

2. If the expectant mother suddenly feels the pain in the lower abdomen, it may be premature or the aura rupture of the uterus.The abdominal pain of the above pathological rationality in the third trimester is very serious. You should immediately go to the hospital for treatment. Do not delay time, otherwise it will affect the development of the fetus.

Different abdominal pain will occur during different periods of pregnancy, but different expectant mothers will have different circumstances, so it is difficult to distinguish what the situation is. It is best to seek medical treatment immediately.

I wish you a whole pregnancy!

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