Is almonds food?Or medicine?Hanfang Zhonghua Tian moxibustion takes you to understand the wonderful use of almonds

In life, everyone has eaten almonds, but as an almonds for nuts, it is also a common Chinese medicine ~

Then I will tell you for you ——

Almonds are the seeds of Rosaceae’s deciduous church plant apricot (Prunus Armeniaca L.) or mountain apricot.

Almonds are divided into two types: sweet almond and bitter almonds.

It is mainly distributed in northern my country.

Almonds have rich nutritional value, and almonds have good medicinal value, such as antitussive, asthma, enhancing human immunity, delaying aging, regulating blood lipids, and nourishing brain puzzles.The content of bitter almondoside with a variety of pharmacological effects in bitter almonds reaches 5.5%, which can prolong life and promote life. At the same time, it can also play a role in antioxidant and soften skin tissue.It can also relieve blood sugar.However, almonds should not eat too much, otherwise poisoning will occur.

Health care effect

Almonds have the effect of promoting life.Among the residents of the Himalayas, they often eat almonds, and now their average life expectancy has reached between ninety and 100 years old, and the almonds have rich unsaturated fatty acids and rich vitamins, which can provide sufficient body to the bodyAt the same time, there are very high selenium content in almonds, which can promote life.

Soften skin

Almonds can play a role in skin care.Among the nuclear kernels, there are 20 % protein, and these proteins do not contain starch.At the same time, in the squeezed almond oil, it has the function of softening the skin and can make the skin more white and healthy.At the same time, when taking almonds, it can improve skin resistance.

Reduce blood sugar

Almond, as a nut food, has the effect of lowering blood sugar.There is an icing in the almond to prevent tumors and diabetes, which can effectively inhibit the production of blood sugar in the body.For patients with high blood sugar, eat more almonds to control the body’s blood sugar

Anti-oxidize effect

The antioxidant in the body can effectively protect the cells in the human body from being damaged, thereby delaying aging.At the same time, there is a very rich antioxidant in almonds, which can make the human body avoid harmful impact caused by external pollution.At the same time, vitamin E is rich in almonds, which can effectively prevent patients from entering the aging period in advance.

Almond edible taboo

Before eating almonds, it is best to let the almond soak in water before eating, which can effectively reduce the toxic substances in almonds.At the same time, some women in the pregnancy or children with hot body are not suitable for taking almonds, otherwise it will easily occur.

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