Is breast change normal during pregnancy?Which is a symptom?

Due to the impact of hormones, there are many different changes in the physiology, such as common pregnancy vomiting, easy fatigue, dull skin, etc., but each person has different constitutions, the severity of the symptoms is different, and the breast changes are almost all women.It is very sensible. Which breast changes may be a sign of lesions?

Many women feel breast pain and sensitivity before menstruation or during menstruation, and even feel the hard block. It is mainly caused by hormones. Breast pain and bigger during pregnancy are mainly suffered from estrogen and lutein stimulation., Make breast ducts and milk leaf hyperplasia.

Common changes and reasons for breasts during pregnancy

Women are particularly sensitive to physical changes during pregnancy. Some details that they never pay attention to daily, and they will inevitably feel nervous during pregnancy.The following eight common changes and reasons for breast breasts are as follows.

1. Breast

A while ago, an Internet celebrity shared the changes in his wife’s pregnancy breasts, pointing directly to two cups to upgrade throughout the pregnancy.The bigger breasts are changing during pregnancy, but how much the cup is upgraded varies from person to person. Most pregnant women add about 1/2 cups in the early stages of pregnancy. In the middle and late pregnancy, it becomes two larger cups, which is even more likely.

2. Breast pain

Usually, the breast pain is gradually felt at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy. The pain is similar to the discomfort before menstruation. Due to the continuous hyperplasia of the breast, it may feel painful from time to time during pregnancy.

3. Dry skin and itching

Dry itching of breasts, areolas or nipples is also one of the common changes during pregnancy. It is mainly caused by hormones. In addition, the mother’s nutrition and moisture must be partially supplied to the fetus.Pregnant women will feel that the skin becomes dry and even itching discomfort.

4, stretch marks

The main reason for the formation of stretch marks is caused by the breaks of skin collagen and elastic fiber protein. It is usually better in parts with more fat accumulation, such as: chest, hips, inside of the thighs, abdomen, etc.Stretch marks may appear when the breast becomes larger and the skin is pulled.

5. Obvious blood vessels

Generally, women with fair skin are easy to see a pair of green blood vessels. When pregnancy, the blood vessels on the breast skin have become obvious, mainly due to the increase in blood circulation, and breast swelling.

6. The color of areola and nipples becomes darker

The melanin precipitation has caused many pregnant mothers to smell the color of the mother. Due to hormones during pregnancy, melanocytes will become more active, especially the axillary, neck, undercot, areola, nipples, etc.Dull and dark.

7. Increased areola sebaceous glands

Small bumps on the areola are sebaceous glands. Some pregnant mothers will find that small bumps on areolas will become more when they are pregnant. The increased sebos on the areola during pregnancy can help moisturize the skin without worrying too much.

8. Nipple secretions

In the middle of pregnancy, the mother will begin to secrete her kosex. At this stage, the pregnant mother will find that there is a white or yellowing trace secretion on the nipples, and even a slight bloodshot.There is no breastfeeding demand during pregnancy. Try not to stimulate nipples or areolas. If the color of the secretion changes or has blood -like secretions, it is recommended to evaluate whether there is any other lesions in the breast.

Breast lesion sign

It is believed that the breasts have hard blocks that have a hard block that will make many mothers feel worried. In fact, the breasts during pregnancy are not easy to touch the hard block, but because of breast changes and pregnant mothers pay more attention to their physical changes.Never discovered.

If it is a benign mass that exists before pregnancy, such as women with breast fibroma, a 3 % chance of fiber adenoma will become larger than 20 %, or even about 20 %, or even about 20 %.2 % of the fibrous adenoma may grow rapidly during pregnancy or breastfeeding, exceeding 5 cm, so if the mass increases by more than 20 %, it is recommended to accept further sliced diagnosis.

The hormone changes during pregnancy, and the breasts may have temporary hard blocks due to the hyperplasia of the breast. If the hard block continues for two weeks, there is even a sign of bigger, it is best to check the breast surgery.In addition, when the nipples continue to have blood -like secretion, changes in secretions, the depression of breast skin, deformation of the nipples, or asymmetry of the breast, it may be a sign of the breast lesions, and relevant examination should be arranged immediately.

Do breast examinations regularly during pregnancy

According to research, about 1 to 3 of each 10,000 pregnant women get breast cancer, and the average diagnosis is about 34 years old; the average delay of pregnant women finds that breast cancer is as long as 5 to 7 months, and most of them are highly malignant. The prognosis is not good.Breast cancer.Early treatment can be found in early screening in breast cancer, so women should pay attention to regular examinations.Not only do you need to pay attention to prenatal examinations during pregnancy, it is best to do breast examination and continue to track until postpartum.

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