Is breast pain a breast cancer?Regarding its 5 major symptoms, you can save your lives early

Breast cancer is a disease that seriously threatens women’s health, and as the age increases, the probability of illness will increase.Many women feel particularly scared when they are faintly painful. They are afraid that they have suffered from breast cancer. In fact, the most common symptoms of breast cancer are not pain. Other symptoms that do not cause discomfort are the most terrible.

1. There are lumps in the breast

There is a lump in the breasts that are the most common symptoms of breast cancer. Breast lumps caused by breast cancer usually show that it is touched and will not move.For hard blocks, it must be paid attention to.If a woman can only appear in the breast when the menstruation comes, it does not need to be too nervous, because the hard block will disappear slowly after the menstruation is over, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

2. The nipples exudate hematopoietic or black secretions

When breastfeeding is not carried out, the discharge of the breast is generated, and it must be paid attention. When the secretion is red, dark red or black, it may be caused by breast cancer.If there is a tumor area, the blood vessels will become immature, so it is easy to bleed. Usually the nipple bleeding caused by breast cancer is long -term. If it occurs only by accident, it has nothing to do with breast cancer.

If the secretions secreted by the nipples are yellow or clear colors, you don’t need to be too nervous. This may be caused by improper diet, such as eating too much food that increases female hormones.

3. Breast and nipple depression

Sales of breasts or nipples are also a symptom that breast cancer often occurs.The continuous growth cancer cells will pull the surrounding tissue inside, resulting in unevenness in the breast. If the cancer cells are near the nipples, the nipples will be depressed.If the breasts and nipples are suddenly discovered slowly, they should be paid attention to, because this is most likely caused by breast cancer.If the nipples have been depressed from the beginning of adolescence, and there have been no obvious changes, then don’t worry too much.

4. Breast skin redness, swelling and ulceration

Cancer cells are generally inside the breast tissue. As the course of the disease grows, cancer cells will constantly erode outward. When cancer cells erode the skin, the skin will cause redness and swelling.Sometimes breast ulcers are misdiagnosed as eczema. Therefore, when the breasts have ulcers, they should be paid attention to. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

5. Pain

Most patients with breast cancer do not have pain in the early stage of the onset of the onset of breast cancer. Only a few patients will feel faint pain or tingling in the early stages of illness. Most patients have developed to the middle and late stages when they have pain.Therefore, it is necessary to take pain as a necessary way to diagnose breast cancer.

Kind tips

Women who are in menopause, women who generate the history of genetic genetics, women with other breast diseases, women with younger menstruation age, women who are more than 35 women in the first pregnancy, women who abuse estrogen after menopause, women who often take contraceptives often take oral contraceptivesWomen who often smoke and drink or suddenly increase their weight. They are high -incidence of breast cancer. It is recommended that these people go to the hospital for regular physical examinations, and check for breasts. Usually, they can be checked by B -ultrasound and targeting.

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