Is dizziness during pregnancy is just as simple as pregnancy reaction?

Many pregnant mothers are particularly easy to dizzy after pregnancy, and sometimes they are dark in front of them. They are unstable and almost fainted.

Is dizziness just as simple as a pregnancy reaction? What are the reasons that cause dizziness for pregnant mothers?

1. Hypoglycemia

Dizziness is one of the symptoms of hypoglycemia that is prone to pregnant mothers, which often occurs in an empty afternoon or night.Due to the increase of progesterone in the early pregnancy of pregnant mothers, the number of progesterone in the blood, pregnancy vomiting, with poor appetite, insufficient intake, and the body consumption is relatively large, so it is often accompanied by hypoglycemia to cause dizziness.wait.Especially when standing up, standing up for a long time, taking a bath, or in a crowded crowd, it is more likely to happen.Once you occur, you should squat immediately, or lie down and rest for a while.

By the end of pregnancy and late pregnancy, after the placenta is formed, pregnant mothers will secrete more placental prolactin and growth hormones. These hormones can resist insulin in the human body, so it will reduce the blood glucose and dizziness symptoms.


Pregnant mothers should pay attention to a balanced diet. Do not eat too much every meal, enough to provide fetal development.You can eat less meals, add some snacks in the middle of each meal.Such as milk, tofu brain, eggs and nuts.If you are busy with work or have other reasons, you can bring chocolate to replenish energy in a timely manner.

2. Neurological endocrine changes

After pregnancy, the plant nervous system of the pregnant mother, the unstable movement nerve of the blood vessels, can be dizzy due to the sudden changes in the position of the position.


Pregnant mothers should maintain a peaceful mentality during pregnancy. You can read books and listen to music, which has certain benefits for regulating your own plant nerves.

3, hypotension

The cause of dizziness in the early pregnancy may also be that the blood pressure decreases mild.As the uterus increases in the middle of pregnancy, it is easy to compress the abdominal aorta, leading to iconic hypotension, etc., which can also cause dizziness.


If this happens, pregnant mothers can try to adjust them by diet first, such as eating more foods with high sodium, high cholesterol, and spleen and kidney.And drink plenty of water and exercise every day to increase blood capacity and increase blood pressure.If it has not been improved for a long time, you should seek the help of a doctor in time.

4. Anemia

After pregnancy, in order to meet the needs of the fetus, the blood capacity of pregnant mothers increases, the blood circulation volume can increase by 20%to 30%, of which the plasma increases by 40%, the red blood cells increase by about 20%, the blood is diluted accordingly, forming physiological anemia, so that soPregnant mothers often feel dizzy or stand up when standing.


Pregnant mothers usually pay attention to supplementing protein foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans, etc., eat more grains, jujube and peanuts, etc., and also pay attention to replenishing iron. This is the raw material for hematopoies.The raw material of the blood cell wall supplement vitamins to promote iron absorption.At the same time, we must regularly go to the hospital for peripheral health care, discover anemia in time, and correct them in time.

5, hypoxia

When hypoxia, the fetus will occur in the palace in the palace due to hypoxia.In addition, the oxygen consumption of pregnant mothers is 10%to 20%more than normal people. Therefore, when at a low oxygen environment, the pregnant mother will feel dizzy and the abdomen is frequent.


It is recommended that pregnant mothers do not go to places with many people and air flow, such as KTV private rooms, cinemas, stations, and supermarkets with a lot of traffic. They should go to places with more air circulation and oxygen in the park.


If dizziness occurs in the third trimester, especially when it is accompanied by symptoms such as edema, hypertension, pregnant mothers must not be seen.Dizziness is often a precursor to some severe complications such as elastic epilepsy, and you should consult as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences are extremely serious.

In addition to the above reasons, there are different dizziness during the entire pregnancy. The cause may be different. It may also be that some diseases have not been found, or it may be dizziness caused by lack of blood supply to the cervical spine.

If you can’t judge, you must go to the hospital for further examination, and make a clear specific reason for active treatment.

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