Is grapefruit still divided up and mother?In the autumn, lung lung noise reduction, tell you how to choose delicious grapefruit

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The frost has passed. This is the last solar term in autumn, and it is also a transition solar term from autumn to winter.The characteristics of frosting solar terms are that the weather is colder in the morning and evening, and it is hotter at noon. The temperature difference between day and night is large.At this time, there is just a sweet and clear seasonal fruit that is listed in large quantities, which has the effect of falling and dry. This fruit is grapefruit.Grapefruit is rich in nutrients, fruit is fresh and delicious, and peel and grapefruit can be used as medicine. Grapefront also has the effects of regulating qi and phlegm, moisturizing the lungs and clearing the intestines, nourishing blood and spleen.

Low -calorie low GI is rich in a variety of nutrients

Grapefruit’s flesh taste is good, the flesh is crisp and tender, the juice is delicious, sweet and sour, and the fragrance is full of fragrance. Specifically, there are five major characteristics:

First, water -rich: 89 grams of water per 100 grams of flesh, the most suitable in the dry autumn and winter season to supplement the lack of body moisture.

Second, low energy: The energy of grapefruit is only 41 kcal/100 grams, which is nearly 10 kcal lower than Apple, so eating grapefruit is not worried about gaining weight.

Third, low GI: Grapefruit is a veritable low GI (blood sugar generation index) fruit. The GI is only 25. It is a fruit that is particularly suitable for patients with high blood sugar or diabetes.

Fourth, rich vitamin C: The vitamin C content of grapefruit is as high as 23 mg/100 grams, and the content of fruits and vegetables in autumn and winter is high. Vitamin C can play a role in reducing cholesterol in the

Fifth, a variety of nutrients: contain a variety of vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene and other vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and other minerals.In particular, high potassium and low sodium help prevent hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Grapefruit does not divide the mother -in -law selection "three look, one pinch, one squeeze"

Some fruit stall owners say that they want to buy mother grapefruit. It is sweeter. Will Grapefruit be relatively astringent?Is grapefruit still divided up and mother?In fact, grapefruit is not divided into mother -in -law. Some merchants are mainly distinguished by the "small circle" at the top or bottom of the grapefruit.However, these "small circles" are just the scars left by the fruit or Xie Hua, which is not directly related to whether grapefruit, sweet and not sweet.When buying grapefruit, if you pursue nutritional value, red -hearted grapefruit and white heart grapefruit have their own nutrition; if they pursue the taste, red heart grapefruit will be better than white heart grapefruit.

So, how should I choose grapefruit?To sum up, it is "three look, one pinch and one sip."

First, look at the epidermis.Good grapefruit epidermis is uniform, smooth, delicate, and thin.If the skin is rough, it is not recommended to buy.

Second, look at the fruit shape.Under normal circumstances, the standard shape of grapefruit is "upper tip and width."The "top tip" actually looks at the neck of grapefruit. The neck should not be too long. If it is too long, it represents more skin and less meat."Lower width" is to require grapefruit "short, fat, round", and the bottom should be full.

Third, look at the size.Generally speaking, the larger grapefruit has a higher maturity and more flesh.

Fourth, pinch.Good grapefruit pinching up is hard, making people feel strong, representing the tightness of the flesh and more juice.If there is no elasticity and softness, it means that it may be placed for a period of time, and the water loss is more serious.

Fifth, weight.If two grapefruit of the same size can be placed on the left and right hands, the heavier water is more sufficient.

In addition, grapefruit belongs to the family.Because grapefruit skin is rich in essential oils, rubbing and smelling it does have the effect of refreshing, and it can also cover some odors, but there is no scientific basis to remove formaldehyde.

(Comprehensive Beijing Youth Daily, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, etc.)

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