Is it bad to cause dysmenorrhea? Is the breast cancer got angry … Three famous doctors answered one by one

People are good at spring, spring is suitable for people, everything is as good as scheduled.On March 7th, the live broadcast of the "Blossom Season Guan Love Women" March 8th International Women’s Day · Shaanxi Famous Medical University Broadcast theme, which was specially planned by China Business Daily, arrived as scheduled.The three famous doctors are guest live rooms, with the "Aunt Aunt ‘period, how to do a good job of health care, how to prepare healthy baby scientifically", "Why do you prefer women?"Popularization and answering questions with netizens, sending a healthy gift for female friends.

Li Na, deputy chief physician of the reproductive center of Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital

Between 20 ml and 60 ml belongs to normal menstrual flow

"The difference between menstrual periods does not need to be too anxious within seven days, as long as the cycle rules are good." Li Na first brought menstrual small knowledge sharing.She said that generally 20 ml to 60 ml is a relatively normal menstrual flow. You can use the number of sanitary napkins to observe your menstrual flow. Generally, a sanitary napkin is used for a monthly cycle.About one -half of the length of the sanitary napkin is a normal phenomenon.If this amount exceeds this amount, there is a risk of excessive menstruation. It is recommended to go to the hospital for some corresponding examinations.

Will you cause dysmenorrhea if you are in a bad mood?

Be careful not to eat foods that are too cold and cold during menstruation.The menstrual period can be bathed, but it is best not to take a bath or sexual life, because there will be a risk of infection; you should also pay attention to keeping the dryness of the body, especially after washing your hair, you must blow dry in time to avoid it to avoidCool; at this time, the resistance decreases, and it is not recommended to do some surgery, such as tooth extraction.

Some netizens asked, "Is a bad mood, will it cause dysmenorrhea?" Li Na replied that this is a cause of hormone fluctuations in the body, not the absolute factor in dysmenorrhea.However, it should be noted that when dysmenorrhea is severe, it may induce endometriosis.

How to have a healthy baby scientifically?

The best fertility age of women Before 30 years of age, Li Na suggested to record the menstrual cycle of each menstrual period; the other is to detect it by ovulation; the third is to detect it through ovulation test strips;Learn whether there is a problem with your endocrine.At the same time, pay attention to exercise, regularly work, eat some fruits and vegetables in moderation, and supplement the trace folic acid required for pregnancy.In addition, men should pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol.

Tian Zhufang, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Xi’an Central Hospital

The lack of thyroid hormone can easily cause small symptoms

"The thyroid gland is an important gland of the body. The thyroid nodules are not so terrible. In the entire crowd, about 60 % of the people will have some thyroid nodules, and only a few people are malignant.At the beginning of the live broadcast, Tian Zhufang first carried out "dedication" for everyone.She said that the majority of thyroid diseases do not need to be in charge, but pay attention to the occurrence of thyroid disease.Some people have real hyperthyroidism, while the other is only symptomatic hyperthyroidism. The latter is actually a thyroid destruction, which releases the manifestation of the stored thyroid hormone.The lack of thyroid hormones can easily cause minimal symptoms. At this time, doctors need to be judged by auxiliary examination.

Tian Zhufang introduced that the thyroid nodules, traditions are divided into five levels.In fact, there is no need to worry too much.If there are large necks and ultrasound examinations, a large number of thyroid nodules are found to be symptoms such as thyroid nodules. By level 4 and 5, it is recommended to continue observation.If the nodule exceeds one centimeter, you can be puncture.

Keep your thyroid state before preparing for pregnancy

Tian Zhufang suggested that if pregnant women have hyperthyroidism, do not get pregnant immediately. This will easily affect the development of the fetus, especially the disease of hyperthyroidism, which is disastrous for pregnant women.Be sure to use the drug correctly under the guidance of a doctor, and then prepare for pregnancy when the thyroid gland is normal. At the same time, the marriage examination can also be prevented in advance, and the thyroid function is restored to the thyroid function through examination and adjustment of about 2-4 weeks.

Some netizens asked "Can I get pregnant after thyroid cancer?" In response to this issue, Tian Zhufang said that he can rest assured that you can get pregnant, but the premise is to adjust the thyroid gland to normal under the professional guidance of the endocrinologist.If patients with hypothyroidism can be tested; clinically can be treated, especially pregnant women in the sub -clinical state, professional treatment must be performed in a timely manner.For pregnant women with thyroid poison and subacute thyroiditis, doctors can prescribe a little drug to relieve panic.If the pain and fever are worse, hormones should be treated and relieved.

Tian Zhufang also suggested that the hyperthyroidism caused by Graves disease, thyroid high -function adenoma, and multi -nodular toxic thyroid mose should be low iodine.

Lin Xiaobo, Deputy Director of Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical College First Affiliated Hospital

Is breast cancer angry?

Some netizens asked, "Is breast cancer be angry?" Lin Xiaobo answered that this has a lot to do with the genetic and lifestyle of genes, which is the result of a comprehensive factors of various factors.However, if a person is always in a state of high pressure and anger for a long time, it will indeed play a certain role in the occurrence and development of breast disease.

Lin Xiaobo said that the breast nodules are a kind of breast cancer.In the early stage of breast cancer, a single isolated nodule will have a slight tingling sensation; cancer cells will invade the skin and lymphatic vessels around the body, causing some edema and orange peel;If you bring blood, you must pay more attention; and the armpits on both sides will have abnormal lymph nodes.If there are already nodules, you can treat it below: first, the physical examination, the second is the commonly used ultrasound examination, and the third is pathological testing and puncture.

People with high incidence of breast cancer should conduct regular screening

"Family genetic tendencies or some bad habits, such as long -term weight over the standard and use of estrogen drugs, and those who have been exposed to radiation for a long time, are high -incidence people who have breast cancer." Lin Xiaobo popularized several factors that are prone to breast cancer.

In response to the examination of breast cancer at all ages, Lin Xiaobo said that due to the low incidence of East Asia, young patients can conduct targeted medical examinations without doing group screening before the age of 40.If you have a family history of breast cancer, it is a high -risk population. At this time, around the age of 30, regular screening should be performed to perform regular breast examination and ultrasound testing.After the age of 40, the corresponding inspection should be performed regularly every year.

Avoid breast cancer in daily life to avoid "three or two"

"If the skin has eczema, don’t scratch it, go to the doctor in time!" Lin Xiaobo said that in daily life, avoid the occurrence of breast cancer, you can achieve "three or two.""Three points" is to manage your weight and control your BMI (physical quality index) below 18.5; the second is to manage your own exercise; the third is to manage your diet and eat less desserts."Two No" is to pay attention to whether to contain estrogen when choosing health products and cosmetics; and quit smoking and alcohol, so as to keep the body in a good state and resist the occurrence of the disease.

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