Is it hungry after eating 3,000 calories?6 habits that make you strong appetite

I have a good appetite recently!arrive!burst!fry!How to write the word "full"?I have no idea.

Suddenly, such a thing is not only I have experienced it myself.It is estimated that many friends who want to manage the figure have encountered similar problems.

Especially the more I want to control it, but the more appetite is stronger, this feeling is too helpless.

So let’s talk today, what situations will cause you to suddenly appetite!

1. Eat the protein too little

Eating protein is too important to maintain stable appetite.

First of all, it takes longer for the body to digest and decompose protein, that is, to eat 100 calories of bread and 100 kcal eggs, eggs can make you have a more lasting sense of satiety.

Secondly, protein can promote hormone that can promote the body’s secretion to make the body feel "full".Because we feel that fullness is not to fill things in the stomach, and we are dominated by the various hormones secreted by the body, it is really not used by drinking water and drinking to lose weight.

How many grams of protein is "enough"?It is recommended to consume 25-30 grams of protein per meal. If you want to increase muscle or exercise, you need more.If you have no concept of "25-30 grams of protein", generally 100 grams of chicken breasts contain about 30 grams of protein, 250 ml of milk is about 9-10 grams of protein, and one egg contains about 6 grams of protein.Essence

If you are hard to eat protein, you can choose some high -protein meal snacks. These are not only full, but also can help you make up the protein gap.

2. Diet is too low fat

Fat will not make you gain weight. The fat you eat does not turn directly into the flesh on your body, and excessive fat will make you gain weight.

Do you feel that if you have a meal, if you eat it, you can be full for a long time …

In the same way as protein, fat can not only slow down the digestion of food, but also help stabilize hormones in the body and make appetite more stable.

Of course, fat is indeed relatively high in unit calories (carbohydrates & protein are all 4 kcal/grams, while 1 gram of fat is as high as 9 major calories). Generally, the source of fat calories for lunch & dinner is kept at about 10%-20%.Essence

For example, if you cook, the cooking oil of about 10 ml per meal is probably the amount of a mineral water bottle cap.

3. Eat fast, or eat mobile phone.

Not only does the speed of eating affect the sense of hunger, but the seriousness of eating will also affect the satisfaction after meals.

The appetite is not fell down from the sky. Generally, the appetite is either "hungry" or because of the "not satisfied" after meals

There was an experiment for adult women, and found that people who eat fast will take 10%of the calories more than those who eat.In other words, if you calculate it at 1200 calories, people who eat fast may consume more 120 calories every day.

It takes time to "communicate" between our brain and body to determine whether to continue to eat or stop.When I was particularly hungry, I felt particularly supporting it immediately after eating a bunch of madly.

You can chew more than 20 times for yourself, or I will remind myself to put my attention on the food before meals. If you really like to eat or eat the food you like, why notSlow down and enjoy every bite!

4. Your body really needs more calories

For example, the amount of exercise increases, pregnancy, weak and weak, come to routine holidays, etc.

These situations will cause the body to ensure health by eating more food and taking more nutrition.

For those who care about their bodies and appearance, this situation will be particularly "out of control", but maybe you can ask yourself, which is more important to yourself. In order to lose whatever you want, you must never give up.What.

5. I haven’t slept well recently, or the pressure is great?

For example, I have recently …

The greater the pressure and lack of sleep, it may cause your appetite.Especially women are more likely to be affected (we are too difficult)

Insufficient stress and sleep (excessive exercise will also) will lead to increased cortisol levels in the body, which leads to strong appetite. I especially want to eat+and also eat it.

Many studies have found that women (adults or teenagers) under pressure are inclined to eat more foods, while diet is also easier to be unhealthy.

In addition to sleeping well, find a way that suits you to dispel stress.It’s "exclusive", not "depression" ignore your pressure.Swinging your phone is a seemingly helping you forgot to temporarily forget anxiety and pressure, but the original pressure of turning off the phone is still there.

My own most effective decompression is to cry ‍♀️ and yoga and meditation.If you have any good ways to decompress, you can also share it with everyone in the comments!

6. Eat too little (especially suddenly eating too little)

A appetite is essentially a signal. Use it to notify you "to eat something and replenish energy."

Many friends suddenly reduce the calorie intake in order to lose weight quickly, but your body does not have time to adapt.Take a less appropriate example to quit smoking.The smoking quit will not be smoked one day after smoking for a few years. Suddenly, most people who successfully quit smoking are gradually reduced to reduce the frequency of smoking.

The same is true for diet management, the more difficult it is.In this article, I also have a detailed talk about and returning to the beginning weight … Is there a memory of weight?Essence

So start with the poor calories of 100-200 calories per day, see what kind of feedback of the body and appetite, and then further adjust.

I hope this article can help everyone today. I also hope that everyone can understand that "appetite" is not a "demon". It is just a feedback signal of the body.The best way to flatten it is to maintain a balanced diet and healthy living habits.

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