Is it necessary to be pregnant without menstruation after the same room?In addition to pregnancy, there are still some possibilities

What is the reason for menstruation for a week after the same room?I think most people will talk about pregnancy in unison. Yes, it is likely to be pregnant. Remember, what I said is that you may be pregnant, not necessarily pregnancy, so what is possible?Let’s introduce it below.

Because you do n’t pay attention to hygiene, or when you do n’t pay attention to hygiene in the same room in the same room, it will cause gynecological inflammation.When gynecological inflammation occurs, it can not only cause delay of menstruation, but also abnormal leucorrhea.

Therefore, when menstruation is delayed and there are other discomfort in the body, you should go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis in time to find out the reason.

This is also a common cause of menstruation, because the prerequisite for menstruation is the first to fluctuate estrogen hormone.As long as the level of estrogen changes, the endometrium will only grow without falling off.When progesterone changes, it is due to the formation and atrophy of luteal after ovulation, which causes changes in progesterone levels. If ovulation or delayed ovulation occur, menstruation will be delayed.

Ovulation disorders may also be caused by emotional fluctuations or environmental factors, but you don’t have to worry, but if you often get ovulation disorders, you need to see the doctor in time, which may be caused by multi -nest ovarian syndrome.

If the ovarian premature failure occurs, menstruation will also be delayed. Therefore, when the menstrual period is delayed for more than a week, in addition to the pregnancy, you need to check the six hormones to see if the hormonal level may have premature ovarian failure.

If you take some hormone drugs before, it will affect the hormonal level of the body, which will affect the menstrual cycle. Some drugs contain estrogen hormones, which can cause imbalance of hormone secretion in women and cause menstrual delays.

If the recent living environment or emotions of female friends have changed a lot, it will also cause changes in the menstrual cycle, and sometimes delay.

In order to prevent menstrual cycle disorders, diet must be balanced in daily life, with regular schedules, avoid staying up late, and pay attention to contraception.

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