Is it normal for a woman’s chest to be big and small?What is the reason?3 ways may help you improve

Mengmeng (pseudonym) is 24 years old. I just drew a boyfriend recently. The boyfriend said that she had a big breast and a small chest. She always joked with this. Mengmeng felt very inferior and had no confidence. In the backstage, I asked us what to do.Today, let’s talk about what is going on with a big breast and a small chest. What is going on?

Generally speaking, the size of the two breasts of women is different, but there is no particularly obvious difference in appearance.Since the age of 10, the breasts on both sides have begun to develop at the same time, but some people will develop earlier on one side than the other side, so they look big and small.

Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to develop on both sides.Often, one side is slightly larger, and the other side is slightly smaller; or one side is slightly higher and the other side is slightly lower.This is not a big deal for most women, but some women’s bilateral breasts are obviously large and small, affecting the appearance image, and even affecting the psychological health of women.

1. Sleeping position.Some people are habitually sleeping.In this way, if you have a long time to fall asleep on one side, it will lead to the asymmetry of breast development;

2. Event with excessive symmetry daily.Body asymmetric activity is very easy to affect the blood circulation of the body.If long -term exercise on the upper limb or pectoral muscles on one side, it will cause asymmetric development of pectoral muscles on both sides, which will cause the size of the double milk to be asymmetric;

3. Effect of estrogen and progesterone.Estrogen and progesterone can also affect the development of the breast. One -sided milk buds with strong sensitivity will become significantly larger than the other side because of the first development;Slow and smaller;

4. Underwear problems.Women’s underwear must choose to fit, and long -term dressed underwear will also develop differently on both sides.At the same time, when wearing, pay attention to the correct method of dressing;

5. Reasons for improper breastfeeding.In the process of breastfeeding, many women are accustomed to incorrect pose with a breast or breastfeeding on one side, which is also an important reason for the big and small breasts.

Young women who are not pregnant yet are big and small

The degree of asymmetry of this kind of female breasts is generally relatively light. Don’t panic. If you care about it, pay more attention to exercise in daily life.

Expansion of the chest:

1. Raise your arms, raise your hands with a horizontal line, and place your fists on your chest.

2. You cannot separate your hands, and try to lift your arms up.

3. Spit out when lift your arms up, and inhale when relaxing.

If the chest is small, it can be performed 10 to 20 times on the smaller side to achieve the unified effect on both sides.Note: The focus of the movement is the force of the chest instead of the arm.

Breastfeeding female breasts are big and small

This can be said to be the confusion that many breastfeeding mothers will encounter.It is found that the breasts are large and small. If the breasts are enough for the baby to have a meal, the smaller side of the breast is fed twice, and the other side is changed.If you can’t satisfy the baby’s meal on one side, let the baby eat the small side every time you feed it. After eating, change the other side.One to two weeks of feeding in this way, the left and right size tends to the same size.

Female breasts after lactation

It is difficult to completely correct such women with simple massage or exercise. The most effective way is to correct it through surgery.For example: autologous fat transplantation breast augmentation and prosthetic breast augmentation to adjust the breast size.

Of course, the pathological asymmetry is excluded, and healthy breasts are the most beautiful!

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