Is it normal for leucorrhea during pregnancy?The troubled mother’s troubles come over

Ms. Wang is more normal for menstruation and leucorrhea before pregnancy. There is no menstruation after pregnancy, but it feels that vaginal secretions are more than ever.She heard some friends say that leucorrhea will increase after pregnancy. This is a normal phenomenon. There is no need to ignore it, but some friends say that vaginitis is prone to occur during pregnancy, and the vaginal secretions during pregnancy should not be taken lightly.This makes her feel very contradictory and worry. How can she judge whether the leucorrhea is normal during pregnancy?What if it is vaginitis, do you want to treat it?

Tan Xiaochang, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department of the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that after pregnancy, due to the increased amount of estrogen secretion in the body, the blood supply of the uterus and pelvic cavity increased compared with pre -pregnancy, and the secretion of the inner body of the cervical pipe increased."At this time, the amount of vaginal secretions will increase, with a large amount of leucorrhea, transparent, and like egg white, but no odor. This is not a manifestation of inflammation of the vagina. Moms do not have to panic, nor do they have to clean up too much cleaning, don’t have to clean up too much cleaning.She said that the secretion of mucus mainly plays a barrier to prevent external pathogens from invading the uterine cavity. This is a physiological change of women during pregnancy. It is mostly normal.

"However, due to the continuous rise in estrogen in the blood during pregnancy, estrogen can increase the glycogen glycogen and increase the acidity of the vaginal epithelium. In addition, the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands during pregnancy is strong, and the physiological leucorrhea may increase.The environment is conducive to the growth of the germs, which can cause gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis or cervicitis. "Tan Xiaoxian said that in addition to the significantly increased leucorrhea, the leucorrhea will also change in color, traits, and odor.It can also be accompanied by symptoms such as vulvar itching.

The most common vaginitis during pregnancy is Candida vaginitis.This gynecological inflammation is mainly manifested in leucorrhea, like tofu slag or condensed milk. It can be accompanied by frequent urination, urination discomfort or pain, acute leucorrhea increases, common grip of vulva, white membrane -shaped in the labia majora and vaginal mucosa, visible to the attached white membrane -shaped.Things, expose the red and swollen mucous membrane surface after rubbing off the membrane, or the erosion or superficial ulcer.

Some pregnant women are worried that the treatment of vaginitis during pregnancy will affect the health of the baby in the abdomen, so they dare not seek medical treatment.In this regard, Tan Xiaozhang expressed no, "this is an incorrect approach." She corrected that taking medicine during pregnancy does not mean that the medicine cannot be used during pregnancy. When diagnosis is diagnosed with vaginitis, they can be used reasonably and regulate under the guidance of a doctor.Topical drugs with small toxicity of fetus.Instead, if vaginitis is not treated in time during pregnancy, it can cause mixed infections of other germs and further cause infection in the palace. If the germs continue to be infected, it can also cause premature delivery of the fetal membrane and cause premature birth.

She reminded that women should pay special attention to the cleanliness of the lower body after pregnancy, wash vulva frequently, change their underwear, and do not wear tight, too thick or chemical fiber underwear.Once the leucorrhea increases, pay attention to the trait of leucorrhea.If it is only a physical increase, you don’t have to worry too much; but if it is pathological, you cannot take it lightly, it is best to seek medical treatment immediately.

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