Is it not suitable for work after a few months of pregnancy?What is the difference between going to work during pregnancy and not at work?Mainly look at 6 o’clock

Since her mother -in -law learns that Xiao Lei is pregnant, she has persuaded her to resign and go home to recuperate. The mother -in -law intends to give her a good condition to prepare her rich three meals a day, and then give birth to a big fat boy.

Her husband was distressed by Xiaolei, and came to persuade her. There is no shortage of salary at home. Besides, it is not more than that eating takeaway nutrition. Isn’t it better to drink old fire soup every day at home?Xiao Lei still hesitated. She particularly likes this job, and she thinks that she has to do nothing at home for 10 months of pregnancy. She feels that her life is too boring, and she has no symptoms of uncomfortable pregnancy. She is particularly easy to go to work.She can cope with it.

However, her mother -in -law and husband were unwilling to continue to work, worried that she was overworked and affected the development of the fetus. Xiaolei felt very confused. In the end, for a few months of pregnancy, wasn’t it suitable for work?

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, doctors did not ask pregnant women to never go to work, but pregnant women do not go to work during pregnancy and need to be decided based on the actual situation.

For pregnant women after pregnancy, although it is relatively hard, there are many benefits.

1. Relieve economic pressure.

The expenses of pregnant women during pregnancy, childbirth costs, and feeding after birth, especially milk powder and diaper, these add up to a large expense.If pregnant women insist on work during pregnancy, they can share the economic expenditure with her husband.

2. Settle anxiety during pregnancy.

If the pregnant woman is doing nothing at home and is isolated from the outside, the mood of the pregnant woman is relatively large and likes to think about it.If pregnant women work with colleagues, they can divert their attention and encounter various new things every day.

3. Provide more comfortable conditions for confinement.

If pregnant women have financial ability, they do not have to worry about the cost of delivery or cesarean section. They can choose the confinement care center after delivery or confinement. Not only will the baby also have pregnant women, they can be carefully taken care of.

4. Keep your position.

Now the workplace competition is very fierce, and the pregnant woman is in a unfavorable position. If the pregnant woman has been on vacation after pregnancy, the position is likely to be replaced by the newcomer. After the pregnant woman takes maternity leave, the mother wants to come back to work. There is no vacancy in the position.

1. Pregnant women do not have to stay up late and work overtime. On the contrary, they can ensure that sufficient sleep time can sleep naturally every day.

2. Pregnant women can control the schedule, and they can carefully arrange diet every day to provide richer nutrition for the growth and development of the baby.

3. Maternal inspection time is more sufficient.For each birth check for pregnant women, it takes half a day. When there are many people or when there are more people in the checkup, it takes a day to take a day.

4. Without the trouble of going to work, the pregnant woman’s spirit is more pleasant and has enough time to cultivate their hobbies.

5. Pregnant women have more time to accompany their family or children.If pregnant women usually ignore their families and children because of their busy work, then during this time, pregnant women can make up for their children and give their children high -quality companionship.

6. For high -risk pregnancy pregnant women, such as: hypertension, heart disease, placenta low, there is a history of abortion. Such mothers are actually more suitable for giving birth at home and need to stay in bed.

I was pregnant for the second time. Because the placenta was bleeding low, I was not allowed to go out during pregnancy. Most of my time I was resting in bed, even if I wanted to work, there was no way.

1. Frequently need to travel or outdoor work. Excessive labor of pregnant women will cause the fetus to be unstable and easy to slip.

2. The heavy physical labor needs to stand for a long time, or frequent waists and high work, which will compress the abdomen of pregnant women and cause premature fetal birth.

3. In contact with the work of grabbing substances or electromagnetic radiation, this type of work will often be harmful to radiation, which can easily lead to fetal malformations.

4. The work with too noise will affect the hearing of the fetus and restless the fetus.

5. It is often necessary to stay up late and work overtime, which will consume too much physical strength of pregnant women, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

These 5 types of work are not suitable for pregnant women. After pregnant women are pregnant, if they want to continue their work, they can let the company adjust their posts and turn to relatively easy cultural jobs. This work is relatively leisurely and conducive to the development of the fetus.

Whether pregnant women should go to work during pregnancy, mainly look at two points:

1. The physical condition of pregnant women.

If the pregnant woman’s early pregnancy response is severe, or all kinds of discomfort after pregnancy, the pregnant woman should not be too stubborn. If the pregnant woman is overworked or the reaction during pregnancy is strong, the fetal abortion is likely to cause the fetus.

If the pregnant woman is in good condition during pregnancy and also likes to work, then pregnant women can continue to work.Pregnant women during pregnancy are helpful for childbirth.

2. Economic conditions at home.

If the family’s economic conditions are allowed and the pregnant woman is very hard to go to work during pregnancy, and the body cannot be loaded, then the pregnant woman is resting in advance and leave at home.If the economic conditions at home are not allowed and pregnant women can be competent for the current job, the baby’s birth examination is normal, then the pregnant woman can stick to work during pregnancy until the third trimester.

After 9 months of pregnancy, the fetus is about to be full, and it may be childbirth at any time. At this time, it is not recommended that pregnant women continue to work. Pregnant women are best to give birth at home.

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