Is it really good to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy?Come here: There is money to eat bird’s nest, no money to eat white fungus

Speaking of bird’s nest, I believe that many women will open their eyes to show their joy, because they know that women are particularly good to eat bird’s nest. In addition to beauty and beauty, they can nourish yin and nourish the lungs.And those beautiful female stars, when they share some experience in pregnancy, they will mention that they eat a lot of bird’s nest during pregnancy.

For example:

When Jia Jingwen was pregnant, she ate a lot of bird’s nest, and the cost of light bird’s nest was a lot every month.

During the pregnancy and confinement, Cecilia Cheung was ranked first in the nest in the supplement menu.

Big S mentioned in her own book that bird’s nest is a sacred beauty. She usually adds milk nest to drink, and she also drinks bird’s nest as water in winter.

First, take a look at the effect of bird’s nest

It is rich in protein and carbohydrates; phosphorus, calcium, iron and other minerals, a small amount of inorganic salt, amino acids, etc.

Secondly, the pregnant mother has the following benefits to eat bird’s nest

Provide nutrition: Bird’s nest is rich in various nutrients, and mothers during pregnancy are very picky about food. At this time, eating bird’s nest can help provide some nutrients and make pregnant mothers more balanced.

Beauty and beauty: Bird’s nest contains a polypeptide substance. It can supplement collagen and stimulate a variety of cell division and proliferation, which can repair damaged skin, so it has a certain prevention effect on stretch marks during pregnancy.

Supplementing bird’s nest acid: Bird’s nest contains a variety of amino acids, commonly known as bird’s nest acid, which is very helpful for the nervous system and organ development of the fetus, and can also improve the immunity of the human body.

Therefore, eating bird’s nest can indeed prevent stretch marks, make the fetus whiter, and dilute the stains of pregnant mothers.But in fact, other foods have these effects more or less. The reason why bird’s nest is held so high is that businesses are blown out. After all, it is a way to make money.

Women are beautiful. Bird’s nests with such efficacy are definitely popular, but although bird’s nest is good, not all families can afford it. Other foods have the same effect. You don’t have to choose bird’s nest.

① Bird’s nest should be meal with a small amount, replenish regularly, once a day, 20-30 grams of finished products at a time.

② Different pregnancy weeks can also be appropriately increased or decreased. For example, you can eat more in the early stages of pregnancy and dry bird’s nest about 5 grams per day; there is sufficient nutrition in the middle of pregnancy.-2 grams of dry bird’s nest.

③ Bird’s nest is suitable for empty stomach, that is, get up a bowl of bird’s nest every day, so as to absorb the nutrients in the bird’s nest.

④ Bird’s nest is soaked normally for 4 hours, and then stewed for 30 minutes.

In short, bird’s nest belongs to nourishing ingredients, and pregnant women can eat.

Pregnant women who are prone to allergies: Bird’s nest contains 50%of protein, and some pregnant mothers who are allergic to protein cannot be eaten.

In fact, in Singapore, bird’s nest is one of the most allergic sources of children, accounting for nearly 10%.

Pregnant women when they are sick: The human body has limited ability to absorb nutrients when weakness. At this time, do not eat bird’s nest, so as not to be supplemented.

Eating these in life, it also has the effect of bird’s nest

Tremella: The soup cooked in this thing is the same as the bird’s nest. The amino acids necessary for the human body can be provided by the amino acids, and it also contains a variety of minerals. It can be said that it is much more than bird’s nest.

Eggs: I believe many people know that the nutritional value of eggs is the most comprehensive. It can be said that the nutrients contained in other foods can be found on eggs.

At the end

Raising a healthy baby is the wish of every family. For young parents, they are willing to spend more financial resources to supplement nutrition.

Bird’s nest is a good thing, but mothers do not need to treat it as a "unique" nutritional product. The daily nutrition is balanced, not staying up late, happy, and appropriate exercise. This is what pregnant mothers should do most.

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