Is it really necessary to supplement vitamin C?2 yuan, 98 yuan, how to choose the price different?

"Ah, I always caught a cold recently, and I wear a lot of things."

"Are you caused by low immunity, you can try to eat some vitamin C."

Xiaomei, 26, is an accountant. Because the other two company accounting for vacation in the past two weeks, almost all the accounts need her to deal with it, so I often stay up late to work overtime without any time for rest.This is not. After a few big nights, Xiao Mei started sneezing and runny nose.At noon, I finally took some time to eat with my girlfriend, so I started the Tucao mode.

It is really frustrated to say that the more I have a lot of work pressure recently.When she heard Xiaomei’s condition, she told her that a cold may be caused by the reduction of immunity recently. I can eat some vitamin C properly to help improve the immunity. Not only is it good, but it is also cheaper.

After hearing it, Xiaomei hurriedly asked vitamin C in a pharmacy near the company, but the clerk told Xiaomei’s vitamin of 98 yuan.After hearing the price, she was very surprised. The girlfriend said a bottle of 2 yuan, but the clerk here told her 98, which was also vitamin C. Why is the gap so big?What is the difference between the two?Which effect is better?

You in front of the detailed screen are the same questions as Xiaomei, but before answering the questions in your hearts, let’s take a look together. What is the role of vitamin C in life?Parents have supplemented vitamin C since childhood?

"Vitamin C" is almost familiar to our lives. Many people may know that proper supplementation is conducive to their own health, but few people can truly list the effects it brings to the body.Don’t worry, let’s take a look together, what are the wonderful uses of vitamin C.

First, vitamin C can improve immunity.

We all know that immunity is an important barrier to resist foreign bacteria, viruses, and removing aging and mutant cells in the body.If the immune force is in a low stage for a long time, a series of diseases such as respiratory tract, digestive tract, and connective tissue may occur. In severe cases, there may be cancer. It can be seen how important good immunity is for human health.

Although many people know that we can improve immunity through exercise, regular work, etc., but for some people who are sick or unable to exercise or stay up late, we can try to improve immunity by supplementing vitamin C.

Studies have found that Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant ability, which can promote the formation of immune cells such as human lymphocytes and granulocytes to a certain extent, thereby improving immunity.

Second, vitamin C can improve cardiovascular health to a certain extent.

The heart is the pumping blood organs of the human body, and the blood vessels are responsible for transporting the blood generated by the heart to the various organs and tissues of the body. Therefore, whether the heart or the blood vessels are abnormal, they have a threat to human health.

Especially for patients with basic chronic diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease, they are usually very important for cardiovascular maintenance.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with cardiovascular diseases or middle -aged and elderly people over 50 years of age can intake vitamin C in an appropriate amount of vitamin C to protect blood vessels.

Some people may be curious why vitamin C can protect blood vessels. In fact, it is also said in the previous article that it is a type of antioxidant, which can largely remove free radicals in the blood vessels and restore blood vessel elasticity, thereby reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, vitamin C can also help prevent dementia.

The name of Alzheimer’s Medicine is Alzheimer’s disease. It is a nervous system degenerative disease in the elderly over 60 years old (the manifestation of severe damage to the brain). Patients will seriously occur after illnessMemory decline, decreased cognitive ability, and unable to take care of themselves are irreversible diseases.Although we cannot completely prevent the occurrence of diseases, we can actively prevent it.

In fact, as early as 2002, American Medical Journal has introduced the properly taking vitamins or edible vitamin C foods in the middle -aged and elderly people can greatly reduce the chance of the occurrence of dementia. Why?

In the above, we mentioned that vitamin C belongs to antioxidants. If middle -aged and elderly people can consume sufficient amounts of vitamin C in normal times, it can help nutritional nerves and prevent nerve oxidation, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing Alzheimer’s dementia.

Perhaps you can’t wait to buy a bottle to try it in front of the screen, but when many people ask vitamin C in a pharmacy, the clerk will tell you how to choose 2 yuan per bottle and 98 bottle. How should this be selected?Woolen cloth?It is also vitamin, why is there so much difference?

Although we know the benefits of vitamin C to people, many people encountered difficulties when buying.They are also vitamin C, but the price is 50 times the difference. What is the difference between the two?Is the more expensive vitamin C, the better?

The answer is denying here to answer the question "the more expensive the vitamins are really, the better?"

Here you can tell everyone very clearly that whether it is 2 yuan and one bottle or a 98 yuan bottle of vitamin C, their effects and effects are basically the same, and there is no obvious difference.So someone is wondering. Since the effect is the same, why is the price difference between the two?Don’t worry, let’s look down.

1. The difference between medicine and health products

Generally speaking, a bottle of 2 yuan, and the OTC logo on the outer packaging belongs to over -the -counter drugs, that is, no medical prescription is required. Patients can directly purchase the medicines from the pharmacy.Essence

The 98 yuan bottle mentioned above or vitamin C greater than 98 belongs to health products.Health products refer to foods with specific health functions that can help supplement the nutrition that the human body is missing to a certain extent, but cannot target a certain disease.

2. Ingredients

If you have vitamin C bottle around you, you can take a look. For vitamin C with OTC identification, it is mainly vitamin C and auxiliary material starch, and there are almost no other components; for relatively expensive health care products vitamin C CIn addition to vitamins, its main components also include a large amount of edible pigment, spices, sugar, etc.

3. Brand premium

We know that for health care products manufacturers, their main purpose is to make money, so merchants will spend a lot of money to increase brand awareness and influence and let people want to buy brand health products for a long time.It needs to be calculated to the cost.Therefore, when choosing, many people will unconsciously think that it is "one point price and one point" and buy expensive health products.

4, taste

We can often see vitamin C fudge, vitamin C pour foam tablets, vitamin C throat sugar, vitamin C chew tablets, etc. are all health categories. In order to enhance the taste of customers, the merchants make them into various types.And taste, attract it to buy.

For OTC vitamins, it has always been white or pale yellow tablets, which tastes bitter and bitter, so it tastes much lower than health products.

The above is the main difference between the two health products, but the role of the two is roughly the same. ThereforeFor infants and young children, you can buy better vitamin C health products. You can buy it on your own situation.

But here to remind everyone that although drug vitamin C is cheap and beneficial to the human body, it is also suitable for everyone. If you or your family belongs to the following special groups, pay attention to the intake of vitamin C.

First of all, people who take alkaline drugs should use vitamin C with caution.

Many patients may quickly buy it after seeing that taking vitamin C can resist, thinking that their illness can be better.However, some people don’t know that if you take vitamin C when taking alkaline drugs such as "sodium glutamate, riboflavin, and ammonia catechine", it is very likely that both drugs will fail. What is the reason?

It turns out that vitamin C is a type of acidic drugs. It will occur neutralized when acid and alkali encounter, which is likely to cause two drugs to fail at the same time.Therefore, if some patients with alkaline drugs want to take vitamin C, the time of the above drugs from taking the above drugs from taking vitamin C is more than two hours apart to avoid neutralizing reactions.

Secondly, patients with kidney stones are not recommended to supplement vitamin C.

After the body meets "calcium", it will react to form calcium oxalate. Over time, calcium oxalate stones may be induced.Especially patients with calcium oxalicate stones have to be intake if they do not control vitamin C, which will increase the symptoms of stones, and hematuria may occur seriously.

Furthermore, it is not only recommended for patients with hemolytic anemia to take vitamin C.

The so -called hemolytic anemia means that the patient’s red blood cells are destroyed and induced anemia. Then seeing someone here will be puzzled. What is the relationship between red blood cells and vitamin C supplementation?Why not supplement vitamin C?

In fact, we have always said that vitamin C is an acidic drug, and acidicity is aggravating the destruction of red blood cells and aggravating patients’ discomfort.

Through the above, we can know that whether it is a vitamin C with a 2 yuan bottle or a 98 yuan or even a few hundred yuan of vitamin C, it is almost the same for the human body, so it is recommended that you choose what you need to carefully choose according to your needs here.Well, don’t be confused by selling remarks.

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