Is it reliable to lose weight?

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1. The country recognizes the only non -prescription weight loss pill, efficacy geometry

Open the e -commerce website and search for "weight loss pills", the most of which are the weight loss pills containing "Oli" in the medicine name.Oli Siwan was the first pharmaceutical drug in New Zealand in 1998. In 1998, it was also the only non -prescription weight loss drug that was approved by the State Drug Administration.

So, what is Olis’s weight loss principle?

Zhu Xiaocheng, director of the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital, introduced that Olis entered the intestinal tract to reduce the absorption of fat. When the human body consumes food and contains a lot of oil, the medicine can reduce the fat absorption by 30%.To reduce fat absorption to achieve weight loss.Zhu Xiaocheng said that some of the "oil pills" on the Internet are the same.

"It is possible to use Oli as a medicine that should be appropriately controlled by weight growth. For example, before eating a big meal, taking a few capsules according to the amount can control oil intake and avoid further fat, but it depends on this medicine to lose weight. The effect is average.Zhu Xiaocheng admitted.

Zhu Xiaocheng pointed out that he controlled his diet through Olis, which was limited."If your eating habits or diet preferences are carbohydrates and foods, this medicine is actually useless, because its main effect is to control oil intake." I recommend taking Oli when they are not too fat.He, he has limited effects for people who are too obese."

"It is three poisonous medicines". What are the side effects of this weight loss pill that can be purchased without the prescription?

"As a fatty liver enzyme inhibitor, Olis rarely occurs with adverse reactions, but it may have discomfort such as abdominal distension, increased exhaust, increased defecation, and incontinence."Said, "Pay attention to replenishing fat -soluble vitamins, such as ADEK and carotene, generally you can choose to eat dietary supplements, because fat and fat -soluble vitamins in foods are excreted." In addition, Cai Jingjing reminded, chronic absorption, chronic absorptionPoor syndrome and bile stasis, as well as those who are allergic to them.

Even if there are few adverse reactions, Zhou Lingli, deputy chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology at the People’s Hospital of Peking University, suggested that before taking Olis, go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis.

"We generally evaluate whether the patient’s obesity is simply obese or pathological obesity. Only simply obese can consider using this drug to reduce weight. And hypothyroidism and hyperticidal function can cause pathological obesity.For obesity, we need to treat it with targeted treatment, rather than simply solving obesity problems. "Zhou Lingli said.

2. The "weight loss pill" in the gray zone is reliable?

In addition to the drugs recognized by the country and can be sold in the name of weight loss pills, there are other types of medicines sold under the banner of "weight loss pills" in the market. What are the effects of these drugs?

To lose weight, it seems a way to excrete more.Therefore, "weight loss pills" on the e -commerce platform have no shortage of drugs that increase excretion.Such as diuretics, that is, by excluding moisture, causing weight loss.In addition, many diet pills also contain Fanxie leaves that increased excretion.

"These have no scientific basis. Because none of them have done clinical trials, all the medicines that are applied in clinical weight loss now, except for the principle, can reduce body weight and fat, they need to be used strict clinical trial verification to be used."Zhou Lingli said, "Whether these can truly reduce the content of fat, or how much weight loss can be lost for a long time, there is no data. So we now do not recognize these medicines clinically."

Zhu Xiaocheng said that in the hospital, there is a premise that the use of diuretics for drainage and weight loss. For example, patients who need to perform surgery are serious and abdominal edema.At this time, the doctor will choose to use the diuretic agent to control the diet to control the diet within one month, and throw away the water in a short time."When choosing diuretics in the hospital, it is usually used to combine potassium -keeping diuretics and potassium excretion urine, and the longest period of use is not more than one month. That is to say, To achieve the purpose of drainage in a short time. "Zhu Xiaocheng said.

"I simply drain the water out, and the normal metabolic stems are returning again, so this cannot achieve the real weight loss effect. Long -term taking diuretics will cause electrolyte disorders and adverse effects on the kidneys.Divide, dizziness and other issues. "Zhu Xiaocheng said.

The "recipe" of weight loss is not only one kind of urine. The reporter found that many netizens asked "taking hypoglycemic drugs (such as Akaba candy) to lose weight" "increased the thyroid hormone and improve metabolism on the Internet or related drugs related to e -commerce platforms.Can you lose weight? "Are these two methods "shortcuts"?

Zhou Lingli said that Akaba candy is a hypoglycemic drug that delays food absorption, so it can reduce weight in mechanism, but there is no special weight loss test in clinical trials.Among them, it is found that it also has the effect of improving weight.Therefore, the State Drug Administration has not approved it as a weight loss pill.

Zhu Xiaocheng said that taking thyroid metabolism, enhancing thyroid metabolism is a way to lose weight without scientific basis.This method is similar to taking stimulants and promotes metabolic hyperthyroidism through artificial ways.Normal people take this medicine, especially when the dosage is not good, it may have serious side effects on physical functions and organs such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Compared to this kind of hypoglycemic and increased metabolism, Zhu Xiaocheng said that the consumption of whole wheat food to lose weight control sugar still has a certain scientific basis.All -wheat food processing is rough and less damaged to nutritional balance, which can be retained for its cellulose and trace elements in wheat.The blood glucose index of whole wheat food is relatively low, and it will not raise sugar such as refined foods, which will quickly lead to islet resistance, which will reduce the possibility of a series of problems such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes.

The reporter’s investigation found that in addition to many medicines wearing "weight loss pills" coats, recent illegal drug ban has a trend.

Not long ago, the Market Supervision Bureau of Tongling City, Anhui Province investigated and dealt with a case of illegal cases. Net red weight loss candy contains illegal drugs Xibu Ming; before the Shanghai Railway Transport Procuratorate notified 13 people including "Internet celebrity" Guo Meimei, such as "net celebrities".Public prosecution was filed, of which Guo Meimei’s weight loss sugar also contained Xibuquming; and in mid -July, some media exposed the transaction black market of Xibuquming.Why is "Xibuquming" banned?

Zhou Lingli introduced that the effect of Xibuquming’s efficacy is to suppress appetite by affecting the central nervous system. Although it has a certain effect, it will affect the basal metabolic rate. The main side effects are depression, arrhythmia, metabolic disorders, and the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Grow up.

According to the official website of the State Drug Administration, on October 30, 2010, the Drug Administration issued the "Notice on Stopping the Sales and Sales and the use of Sibuquming Preparations and Materials", which clearly stated that according to the "Drug Management Law" No. 1 Article 42 and Article 41 of the Implementation Regulations of the Drug Management Law, now decided to stop the production, sales and use of the Sibuquming agent and raw drugs in my country, and revoke its approval documents. destroy.The notification is particularly mentioned in Sibuquming "the risk of weight loss treatment is greater than benefits."

"I personally do not advocate diet pills, because the fundamental method of weight loss still changes my personal habits, including eating habits and sports habits. Dietary habits include what kind of food do you eat and how much time to eat. This is fundamental.In terms of brain reaction, after a short period of time inhibiting some kind of nutrient intake, a negative feedback will inevitably be generated. The brain will think that the human body is missing in the human body. After that, as long as the relevant foods are consumed, normal people may only absorb 70%.However, patients with medication may absorb 90%, which leads to a rebound. "Zhu Xiaocheng said.

3. Compared to eating weight loss pills, the problem of obesity should be valued

The popularity of weight loss pills is not largely due to obesity, but because of people’s pursuit of "beauty". Nowadays, the endless pursuit of "thin" makes people ignore the original intention of the development of diet pills.At present, we don’t pay enough attention to obesity issues.

In recent years, with the changes in the development of my country’s economy, culture, and social environment, the living standards and lifestyles of residents in my country have changed very obviously.The decline in high -fat, high -calorie diet, and labor intensity and physical activity intensity has increased the prevalence of obesity rapidly in various urban and rural people in my country, becoming a major public health and medical problem that seriously threatens people’s health.

"Our country is now more and more hereditary obesity. From the hereditary point of view, single -parent obesity has a 40%probability of obesity, and if the parents are obese, the genetic probability will be close to 80%.Organizing, because there are obese genes. In short, you eat 100 grams of food. You may absorb 60 grams. For those with obese genes, 100 grams of food may absorb 80 grams. This is often people say that people often sayThe reason why I eat less than him, I am fatter than him ‘. "Zhu Xiaocheng said," Now the "Fat Second Generation’ ” Fat Three Generations’ has come out, so the proportion of genetic factors in China is getting more and moreHigh, and gradually rising, rising at a rate of about 1%each year, this is a terrible speed. "

Zhou Lingli pointed out that the problem of obesity has also shown a trend of youth.According to the latest data released by the National Health and Health Commission, the ultra -heavy obesity rate of children aged 6-17 is nearly 20%, and in 2002, this number was only 5%.

In addition to seeing the trend of increasing heredity and youth of obesity problems, domestic awareness of obesity problems also needs to be further enhanced.

Liang Bin, chief physician of the Gastrointestinal Surgery of Peking University People’s Hospital, said that any obesity may not be caused by insufficient perseverance or inadequate diet. It may be a problem with the internal flora, nervous system, and metabolic response of individuals.Relying on drugs alone cannot solve all problems.Liang Bin reminded that when the child is young, try to eat high -fat and high -sugar fast food food, which will affect the children in the child’s body.

In addition, Liang Bin said that if patients with diabetes with diabetes and because of obesity are not easy to get pregnant, at this time, because obesity has affected the corresponding organs, and weight loss pills cannot work, surgery or other drugs need to be treated.

During the interview, several doctors said that obesity is the "upstream" of many diseases. Controlling the "upstream" and solving it can avoid the occurrence of many "downstream" problems.

"Obesity is the source of all diseases, but at present, whether it is a doctor or a patient, it is busy treating the terminal diseases brought by obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension, bone joint disease, sleep and breathing.It will cause serious harm in many aspects, including abnormal sugar metabolism, disorders of fat metabolism, hypertension, sleep apnea syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux, fatty hepatitis, joint injury, depression, etc. "Treatment nodes are advanced.

Zhu Xiaocheng pointed out that the country now attaches great importance to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., but in fact, many of these diseases are caused by obesity. Sometimes a patient takes 7 drugs, including drugs against uric acid, anti -hypertension drugs, diabetes, diabetes, diabetesDrugs, gout drugs, and drugs for treating hyperlipidemia should pay attention to these issues, but they should even cause these problems -obesity and attention.

Zhao Ning, deputy director of the First Hospital of Peking University, believes that there are very few weight loss drugs used in clinical clinical practice, which is also a factor that patients do not pay attention to weight loss treatment."Obesity is an important pathogenic factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases. With the changes in lifestyle, the prevalence of obesity in my country has shown explosive growth in recent years. In terms of system, we should change the approval model and reduce foreign abroad. Drugs that are heavy -dose should simplify the approval process so that patients can understand and use related drugs as soon as possible. "

"Accelerating the approval of drugs does not mean that weight loss pills can be abused, let alone not to worry about obesity." Zhao Ning reminded that drug treatment is not 100 % safe. Blind weight loss can cause malnutrition and liver and kidney dysfunction.To choose the correct way to lose weight, you should fully evaluate your physical condition and supplemented with suitable exercise and reasonable diet structure. This is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.(Reporter Huang Xiaoma)


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