Is Shanghuan the best way to contraception?What harm can the body cause?

For women who are already married and have children, it is necessary to do a good job of contraception, but sometimes I do n’t want to use contraceptive measures. At this time, I think of giving women on the ring. Many female friends may feel that there is no big deal.There is no harm and can make the husband and wife feel better, but the HSBC is still harmful to women.So, what is the harm?

Benefits of the upper ring

In -the -palace breds are a safe, effective, economical, simple, and compound contraceptive measure.Basically, it can achieve forever and for all.Once surgery, the effect of contraception for life is also one of the reasons why many women who have had children who have had children choose to go to the ring.

The harm caused by the upper ring to the body:

1. Bleeding

3-4 days after wearing a ring, most women will have a small amount of bleeding. Generally, no treatment is required, and it will heal within one week after wearing a ring.

2. Excessive menstruation

Some in -the -palace -nodes contain copper ions, and copper ions have cytotoxicity and hemolytic effects, which causes excessive menstrual volume, which is a normal phenomenon.

3. Ectopic pregnancy

If the embryo is bed in the fallopian tube without reaching the uterus, the result is ectopic pregnancy.The principle of contraceptives in the in -uterus is to change the environment in the uterus and cause miscarriage, which only plays a local role in the uterus, so it can only prevent normal pregnancy in the uterus and not ectopic pregnancy.

4. Increase leucorrhea

If you wear a contraceptive ring with a tail wire, it is possible to increase the cervical secretions significantly due to the long -term contact and friction stimulation of the cervical membrane of the cervical membrane, that is, the increase in leucorrhea.After a period of time, the leucorrhea naturally decreased after the endometrial tissue was completely adapted.If the leucorrhea is significantly increased shortly after wearing a ring, but also the yellow purulent leucorrhea has occurred, it is also accompanied by unsuruades such as fever and lower abdomen pain. It is likely that infections have occurred and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

5. Bringing a ring of pregnancy

Bringing pregnancy is also called a pregnancy.Because the contraceptive perfection power of the in -palace is lower than that of oral contraceptives and sterilization, women still need to take precautionary measures after the ring with the ring to prevent the ring from getting pregnant.

6. Acute pain

After the ring is put, some women will experience soreness and discomfort on the lower abdomen or waist and back. This is because the contraceptive ring placed in the uterus is a "foreign body" for the uterus, especially when the large or low position is low."Sectional contraction, causing contraction pain.

Precautions for Shanghuan

1. Women should choose suitable models before going to the ring to reduce the occurrence of side effects.

2. If women have reproductive tract inflammation, sexually transmitting diseases, diseases, and unknown causes of vaginal bleeding before going to the ring.

3. There are a certain period of use in all kinds of rings. The T copper ring is 8-10 years, the mother’s body music is 5 years, and the bronze palace rings are more than 10 years.When the ring you are on the use period, you should replace it under the guidance of a doctor, or use other contraceptive methods.

4. You can also put the ring for more than three months after giving birth.However, it should be noted that breastfeeding women. Although they do not come to menstruation, they still have the possibility of pregnancy, which is what people usually call "dark tires".You can put the ring without pregnancy without pregnancy.After the delivery of the upper ring, a small amount of vaginal bleeding may occur for the first three days, and the phenomenon of leucorrhea is increased;

5. After surgery, you need to rest for 3 days. Do not work hard within a week. Avoid sexual life and pots within two weeks.

6. For the first time after the upper ring, the 3rd, 6th, and 12th months after the menstruation and the upper ring should be followed up, they should be followed up by medical staff, and they will be checked 1-2 times a year.

7. Keep the vulva clean, clean it every day, and change your underwear.

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