Is the aunt who eats the remaining progesterone?

Under normal circumstances, menstruation is a periodic change with estrogen secreted by the ovaries.During the menstrual period, the level of estrogen hormones is relatively low; entering the follicle period, the estrogen gradually increases, and the progesterone has not changed much; about one week after the eggs are exhausted, the progesterone is also the peak of the progesterone.Under the stimulation of progesterone, the endometrium of the uterine has transformed from the hyperplasia to the secretion period to thickened and the endometrium of the secretion period.If you are pregnant, the estrogen and progesterone remains high, and the endometrium continues to maintain thickness.If there is no conception, the level of progesterone will decrease in about a week. As the level of progesterone decreases, the endometrium of the secretion period cannot be supported, and the thickness cannot be kept. The endometrium will fall off.It’s right.

Some women’s menstruation is irregular and ovulation disorders, so under the high level of estrogen for a long time, the endometrium is only simply hyperplasia. Because there is no progesterone confrontation, the endometrium will not change to the secretion period.And bleeding.In this case, this situation can be changed by supplementing progesterone (progesterone) to change the endometrium from the hyperplasia period to the secretion period. Generally, 7-10 days are taken, and retreat bleeding occurs after luten.However, the menstruation of progesterone for a few days is related to the thickness of the endometrium when I start taking medicine. If the endometrium is thin, it takes a few more days. If the endometrium is thick, eat a few days, so the luteal will occur clinically.The menstruation is not finished without eating.

If you take luteumone for a long time to promote menstrual tide, it is prompted that ovarian function may be reduced or endocrine disorders. In the early stage, lutenone may also be used to come to menstruation. Later, machining may not come to the tide.EssenceCan progesterone can regulate menstruation and has a good effect on restoring menstruation. It is mainly used to treat menstrual disorders and amenorrhea caused by the lack of luteum lack. Proper use of progesterone to urge menstruation is generally not harmful.If the menstrual period of the aneurone is eaten, it means that the level of progesterone in the body has declined from the peak, and the endometrium has fallen off. If there is no special need, there is no need to continue to eat it.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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