Is the baby dream really accurate?Who will pick up such a dream? Who will pick it up?

Is the baby dream really accurate?As the mother of two boys, let’s talk about the dream I have ever made, and also attach a dream of having a girl mother for reference.

Everyone will dream, of course, pregnant women are no exception. They have thoughts and dreams at night.When you think more during the day, you often do some dreams and realize it in your dreams.However, when the dream was about to be realized, he suddenly woke up.Sometimes, a day of mental tension, there are some nightmares. When you are in danger immediately, you are awakened in your sleep.

In the third trimester, the mood of pregnant women is relatively tight, and there are always various concerns. They will dream at night without worrying. Dreaming is also a good way to resolve negative emotions.

Dreaming of snakes in the twice of pregnancy, the little snakes were dreamed of the first pregnancy, not many times, and the specific situation could not be remembered.

When I was pregnant for the second time, sometimes I dreamed of a small flower snake, and sometimes I dreamed of a big python. I was afraid of thinking about it.I have always been afraid of snakes, dreaming alone.

The little flower snake is more docile, and the winding and curved goes away, just passers -by.

The big python was terrible. Once, the dream of the big python was a little bit pushed to me, and suddenly yelled.

It is said that the boy who dreamed of the snake gave birth to a boy.

I also dreamed of the process of having a child. I gave birth to a little girl, big eyes, double eyelids, and very cute.My colleagues also dreamed that I had a girl, and I have been giving birth to a child for several months. My colleague told me that she dreamed that I had a girl again.

As a result, it was born to a boy, but it was indeed double eyelids and big eyes.It is said that dreams are reversed, and it is indeed reversed.However, last time, a mother said that her door was born, and she was also a girl. Is this dreaming?

A friend dreamed that the male who had dreamed of the man to the woman before his birth, and later gave birth to a girl.There is a saying of "dreaming of peanut girls".I don’t know how much chance is.

A friend said that when there was a girl, I dreamed of eating the fruit on the tree, and the fruit was more red and more.I also dreamed that there were two colorful phoenix flying in the sky, so beautiful.

The above is a few dreams I know. What dreams do you have?Did you fulfill the dream solution?Welcome to compete for exchanges.

I am the mother of two boys. I am committed to sharing what I do in the process of life and parenting. Welcome to pay attention to me and get more parenting information

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