Is the clam and oil clams the same type?

Recently, I haven’t eaten flower armor soup. I went to the vegetable market to buy flower armor. I found that they were all called oily clams, but the price i was a lot more expensive.

Usually the flower armor is 10 yuan per catty, the clams cost 15 yuan a pound, and some booths are 18 yuan larger.I chose a 15 yuan oil clam to go home to burn the fan soup.The boss said that this oil clam will not have sand. Although it is more expensive than the clam, the meat is more delicious.I believe in me who rarely buy food.I bought it and did not touch the sand after washing it.Observe carefully that the oil clams are slightly thinner than the flower clam shell.

Burning the fan soup really has no sand.I went to check what the difference between clams and clams.Are they a variety?After investigating, I knew that I was called the Filipino clam and sand clams.As shown in the figure:

Filipino clam (sand clam)

And such merchants make no sand selling points, and the price is more expensive. In fact, many places also call it Huajia, and many people think that this kind of oil clam is qualified to be called Huajia.It is a clam, also known as Brazilian clams.As shown in the figure:

Sand clams are the clams often used in the flower shops of our surrounding shops.Because we usually eat too much, we are considered to be sand clams here.The price is probably cheaper.I heard that the clams in Cantonese are like the pronunciation of flowers and flowers, and the clams are called. The patterns as the name suggests are really flowers. There are all kinds. No two are the same. This is the same as our fingerprints.Because of these fantastic beautiful patterns, I often want to use what we eat to make the remaining shells, or find two of the same patterns.

Flower clams with different patterns are actually sand clams

We usually eat stir -fried flower armor and fans of flower armor. They are all delicious dishes.

See if the picture is drooling:

Stir -fry

Garlic Flower Fan Fan

But if you buy a lot of sand, you will taste and pain, and you can only fall in the end.So it is critical to buy the sand to vomit sand.When you buy Huajia, let the boss add some water, that is, the water of the flower armor, so that even if you buy it, you will not die immediately.This is also a point that I do n’t know when buying a novice when buying fresh.There is also a lot of sand at the bottom of the container of the clam when I buy it. Some of them do n’t vomit clean or come in. Many sands have started to buy it.Essence

Method about the sand of the flower armor: 1. Drop a few drops of sesame oil into the container of the flower armor. After a few hours, the flower armor will spit out the sand by itself.

2. Use water, but put a kitchen knife scissors -like metal products. I think this seems to be effective for field snails.I usually use dripping oil.

Several hours of clean water

Both methods can be tried. If you have any other good ways, you can leave a message to tell me this Xiaobai.

The next thing is to clam.The oil clam is not really oily.It is also called a mango snail in Sanya.But it doesn’t look like mango.Oil clams are more delicious and tender. In addition, its shell is smoother than flower armor. It is probably because of this reason.The origin of oil clams is mainly in Guangxi, Guangdong, Guangdong, and may be relatively small in the north.The oil clams are more suitable for children to eat eggs. It is delicious and smooth.

Family fried clams

Well, I have a new understanding of these two types of clams.I like the fans of Huajia. I like it.Welcome to comment and comment on what you like, let the oranges learn it too.

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