Is the driver’s license "spend money as a dog ‘and scold?

Two years ago, I learned about the car. I have set off my thoughts and encourages myself to record detailed records to prove that my heart and the timeline and action are synchronized. It is not to prove how courage I have, but to overcome my deep side.

When I was young, I always felt that time was very full of time. I was not anxious or even careless, but some things had time to have time.

Zhang Ailing once said: "It’s early to be famous, it is too late, and happiness is not so happy. As far as I said that having a child (there is also an article below to write the story of personal experience), you must be younger as early as you can learn the car as early as possible.The strong physical function response is fast, and I am a bit late for me to sort them in the middle age of my life. It is a bit late for me.

The more he will find that the person like Yan Lingyang said will go through three growth: the first time "discovering that it is not the center of the world"; the second is "how to work hard, and there is nothing they can do for some things";Three times "knowing that something may be powerless, but still trying to work hard."

So I will set a small goal every year to achieve the lack of success or not.

Learning a car is very challenging for me and is very resistant to me. I really do n’t have much interest in the big toy of the car and fear its controllability.

Finally, I finally applied for the C1 manual stall driving license at the end of 2018. I found that I was pregnant for a month after the name was pushed.

In the year, the motor vehicle driver’s license had begun to reform, and the specifications and processes increased a lot.

As soon as the subject increases to the designated place to study before the class, there are videos to prove the whole process. After the subject has two chances, I will pass the one after one time. The subject one and the subject four are okay. Take a look at the back of the back.There is no difficulty. Then there is difficult subjects 2 and 3..

The second and subjects of subjects are in real time.

Some people say that discovering your unknown potential to do you ‘dislikes’. This will increase your weaknesses and guts. For example, learning car and receivables are all my good exercise opportunities.

Why is it not bad for hand -eye coordination, why do I only resist when I drive. Every day I practice in the car, and I am doubting my IQ, and then I ask myself countless times: why do you just learn?

In fact, the driver’s license is a process of "spending money to be a dog, and no return".The clutch brakes are not well controlled, the rearview mirror is not seen, and the turning light is not hit, especially I do n’t know where to fight the steering wheel, just like the Domino card effect.Scolded the dog blood.

Of course, the coach also depends on people.Seeing the girl who was also unclear where the steering wheel should be hit, he rarely scolded others. Even if she was scolding, the girl sprinkled her winks, and this matter passed.As for me, I was stupid and timid. When the coach criticized me, I was more likely to make mistakes, but I was scolded even more fierce.

When I learned a car, the coach was very irritable. To a certain time, he yelled at me: "How many times have you told you! The first thing I was in the car was a good condom after I got on the car!"

I said, OK, OK, immediately.

After sitting, I stunned: Huh?Tie good condom?IntersectionI didn’t say it, but I cursed him ten thousand times. You were wrong or God.

Once I hit the practice vehicle in front of the front of less than 1 meter because we were less than 1 meter because we were less than 1 meter. At that time, I was scared to be thrilled in place for a few minutes.

The coach’s bitter gourd face (Buddha said: "There is no phase, the heart is born; there is no heart, the heart is destroyed by the heart.") It was more fierce than any time. At that timeThe grievances and sadness, even the little Jiu Jiu in my heart would be better than the fierce coach, would I learn better, so I paused for a while to give birth to a child to consume it with him. Maybe he left the job?

Two years later, I wish he really left the office. He returned the skills of the previous car to him. It is said that the person’s forgotten curve will only remember 25%of the content of the original content in a week.Is it so long to restore a white roll in two years?However, the three -year study period is fast. In order to learn the lesson, I taught me one week to make up for the students in the Hugao District.Some.

However, now the time of transit moving the stars, the system has been reforming after the relocation of the driving school, and the coaches are reorganized. It is also necessary to start to continue my "abuse" car.

Test a driver’s license, you have to "abuse me a thousand times, I treat you like love"

Regardless of the "rolling claws" that you practice on your driving school, the chain is dropped on the examination room at a critical moment. As a result, the mentality has been extinguished by the battlefield.

For the first time, we have 7 people in total, 6 men and 1 woman (as shown below) and ‘I am a female representative’, you work hard!This puppet is the coach often give me intangible pressure. This time the driving school relocated, the instructor re -assigned me to divide a gentle and warm male coach. 10 students with 10 students said that he had a good temper. This monument was understandable.And I also admit that he is good, but he also has his teaching methods and principles. The problems that the trainees are scolded by scolding.Gender and region, kill all the way. I especially started to learn reversing into the warehouse. At that time, when the southeast and northwest were not found, I couldn’t get in at the venue.After a few words, I still didn’t realize that Qiao Men simply didn’t say anything, and the ecstatic eyes killed me straight. Really, I was afraid that his eyes were like eating me.Stomach vegetables. Let’s continue to learn from the old life!San Mao said:

In the world, as long as you are willing to learn with your heart, none of them are too late.

For the first time, we had 2 college students with 2 college students, and 2 old churros of the two -job social youth included me. At the same time, we got along with each other the day before the exam. We were more comfortable to get along with each other.Always passionate and enthusiastic, at this time, he instantly made people passing through the age of single marriage before marriage. Maybe he was rolled in the life of the children and husbands in the jail like a trapped beast for too long.At this time, it was released to zero negative pressure. Luoyang Xiaguang spilled freely on the hillside that was unacceptable around the test room.

The second test results of the second test of the second day of the subject only took 3 tests, and I also fell into the list, turning in right -angle, Snding, and side parking.The handbrake was directly hung up. At that time, I wanted to cry.

On the way back, the coach looked at the three apprentices like Tang hate, thinking about it.

The coach said that the details of the teachings do not remember the feeling of being in love.EssenceIntersectionIntersectionWhat about now?@@

At this time, the cold water on the dull car was enough to cool the coach and then the ice. All of us became crooked and crooked soup chicken.

No one wants to have a shot, all of which are all duty to practice in the car. They all want to break through the barrier and kill the enemy all the way to the end.What about our 7 people?

After continuous practice, both car skills and mentality are grinding old -fashioned.

So a person who was uneasy came to the same place again for the second time, and the second -eye test room. This time, I was more silent than the last time. Compared to the four students who took the same batch of tests, I am an old student, and I am me, and I am me, and I am me, and I am me, and I am an old student, and meIt is not qualified to rely on the old age. I feel like the students of the school will naturally have different gaps like the next freshman.

The second subject two is still the science, and the full hope of the hope that can pass is unsatisfactory. There has always been no problem in driving in driving school. Why is it frustrated in the examination room?Failure to love the field is the common sense of people, and my test room will also be. At that time, the coach could not estimate that I did not pass. His intention ‘cultivation’, (specially stayed for a few more days of car training) and the result disappointed him. This disappointment not only penetrated throughAfter me and he, the emotions fell thousands of feet after the test. I pushed me along the way. It was the soul hovering on the road.What about the answer?My heart was hollowed out. On the way back, I forgot to bring the subway hood, the messenger bag was reversed, and the umbrella was lost. The rain and tears were mixed in this air in the rain.asphyxia.

Even if I learn car and learn, I suspect that my life is, but I will always stick to it!

The weather was overwhelming during the second test of the second test, the heavy rain was heavy, Shier was sporadic and light rain, Shier was clear, and the sky was not beautiful. This time, there were two middle -aged dogs’ "three children" heavy pressure rushing exams.It is a person who is sympathetic to the same disease, and the coaches have ordered the abandoned person. (This time the test is not the case, no matter you), it is a person who squeezes the time in the run.Lucky.

As soon as the test room came out, it was really a demon mirror.

A man: The weather was full of confidence from Nanping’s motorcycles. The weather was fiddled with the weather that he couldn’t see clearly after he got on the car and he could see it. The result was the fourth time.Resentment floats out of the smoke.

Dwarger B: When running out, the front of the car test was hung a little problem. At that time, she was helpless enough to shook her head and shook her head. Of course, she was taken to the office by the test room supervisor to drink tea.

Girl C: Do n’t she tears and tears me when she hangs a family girl?In the first three projects, there were light rain, and the rain of the last two projects stopped. The sky was still cared for me. At that time, when I heard a language report, the string that had been in the throat when the "qualified grade was qualified" was put down the heart that was difficult to hide in my heart.

In fact, the skills of everyone in the examination room are similar, and success and failure are just a light, and this light is to bless the mentality, details, and luck.

So I started with unlimited attachment to myself. Why did I not take so much or not?

Thinking has always been stuck in the results of hard work, the time limit of the time, and the fast and slow comparison of the classmates (comparison really hurts).I can’t get out. I go to practice every day like being sucked by a magnetic field. I do n’t want to think of my heart. Even in the first time, I am a mentality. Later, I learned to let myself go.Perseverance.

Now think about that everyone is learning the car-Jing-Cut Things, Calenda-Cheng-Kan. The loopholes are endless and I am no exception.There are people who turn around, east, west, and south, there are those who have not stepped on the stalls, and there are those who almost collide. These are the experiences of the students who have experienced the students who have experienced it.

This is enough to explain: I am the smartest, but I am not the most stupid in terms of learning car.

Learning to car is too talented, and it has nothing to do with IQ and hard work.

Even if everyone is different because of the awe, the result is that they respond to the country’s call for safe driving to reduce security stories to protect the people’s lives first.

The course of learning a car is just that the relative concentration of everyone is different. Some people have experienced lightly, and some people experience the deep water.

And I never thought that I would drive, and I never even appeared in a dream. It was like a cocoon and was tough. In my life, there was no deep and nervous test.

Ke San Road takes my experience of absorbing Chine 2, relaxing my mentality, controlling emotions, and adjusting the mentality of mood. For most examiners, the second subjects in the driver’s license test are the easiest to hang the subject, but the easier subject three seems to be one that cannotThe crossed "Honggou".

for example

A. In front of a man, a man missed the subject. Three hanging sciences took the slap in the car in the car.

C. The coach also said that the previous group of students who had a graduate student had never tested …………….

B. Recently, I have no intention of seeing a frequency news. In Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, a woman exploded due to the three consecutive mentality of the subject, and splashed at the door of the driver’s center, causing everyone to watch.

The test room security said that the woman had not had three subjects three times, and the money had been out, and the time spent, but in the end, I still didn’t have the test, and I might not think about it.

As for the behavior of this woman, the security guard did not dare to rush forward to stop it, and can only signal the vehicle to avoid to avoid accidents.

In the end, after the woman was persuaded by the police, after her emotions returned to calm, her driving school coach accompanied the scene.


— Such a mentality, really on the road, is also terrible enough to be destined to take the co -driving room.

— And the woman kneeling at the door of driving, why not worship herself?Some people’s brain circuits are really terrible to turn to death, and they will fight against themselves.

— Whether you can drive a car can really be divided into gender, no region, or education and IQ is related to hobbies and talents.

Before I practice the car, I have a full energy of brushing the details of the video throughout the process. If you prepare to get in and out of the coach with the coach, you will change it.

We have a total of 17 people in this group. After the exam is successful, the car is practicing a week a day for 40 minutes a day.Two, step by step is accurate. And our Xiaobai will inevitably refer to the process of Section II and the results are different.

At more than 4 am on the day of Ke Sanhe, he rushed to the examination room at 7 am. At 7 in the morning, the coach took us five people to practice at the neighboring point of the road test in advance.Students who approve the re-examination), practice voice in the morning to make lights at night-eating-listening class-test room routes, etc.

I have been waiting in the afternoon, and I have been waiting until 6 o’clock in the evening to go to our three people to join the scene. The three routes have a stronger and stronger curtain one by one. The street lights are quiet and silent.Like some peace, but here is the desire of countless students.

At more than 23 o’clock in the evening, we were still on the way to the field. The safety officer of the co -pilot was slightly loosened, and my eyes were sleepy like a night tour in the back row.

The time to return to the hotel was more than 1 o’clock in the morning. The Sichuan cuisine at noon was very collapsed and kept abdomen. I didn’t sleep almost all night.While closing your eyes, you also adjust your nervous mentality.

Fortunately, I pay the so -called extra insurance (actually the prompt of stepping on the foot brake of the security officer). In fact, I think this cost is worth it. The cost is greater than my "replenishment fee cost", "time cost", "anxiety", anxiety, anxiety"Cost", "Accommodation of traffic and eating costs." But many students can ignore them with confidence. Not necessarily 100 % of the exams that have been paid, and those who have not made them may not be able to take the full performance on the spot.

Like me, this stupid bird always needs some external help blessing to fly fast, accurate, and stable. For example, when I was overtaking when I was in the road test, the right light was a prompt given me.When the road was waiting, the security officer kept "Ding Ding Ding Stepping on the brakes", and I thought it was going to hang out, and then did not continue to hang 1 gear. He kept prompting.His double god (with a mask throughout the journey, he can’t speak), he also returned me at the same time, so that time made me alert me in a hurry to push the left light to the final point to hear the voice broadcast.I really thank him sincerely for letting me move forward again.

I recalled that I was full of the whole process for three years, and this certificate made me take off my skin. There was no certificate in my life that made me be so tired and persistent.


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