Is the new crown be going to the emergency department?Beijing Union Hospital released four types of fragile people for medical treatment

"Infected with the new crown and not going to the emergency department" has become a problem that has recently plagued many people.In the face of the emergency department full of people, if you do n’t go, you may delay your illness; go, not only for a long time, but also the risk of cross -infection.Today, let the experts from Beijing Union Hospital take you a article to understand the four types of vulnerable people who need to come to the emergency department. Hurry up and collect it-


The death rate of the new crown infection of the elderly is much higher than that of young people.

Many elderly people’s new crown infection symptoms are very secretive and unprecedented. If pneumonia occurs after infection, there is no cough or fever. It only manifested as changes in consciousness, fatigue, and drowsiness, which is often referred to as "silent low oxygen".After the elderly are infected with the new coronal virus, they also have various bacterial infections. If the care is improper, it may be given excessive water intake blindly after fever, and it may induce heart failure.Therefore, the elderly’s care after illness should be more careful.

If the following situation occurs, it is recommended that the elderly seek medical treatment as soon as possible: the body temperature rises ≥38.5 ° C for more than 3 days.Compared with the disease, eating worse before illness, a significant decrease in urine, or new stool incontinence.The response/mental state is obviously slow, drowsiness, obstacles to communication, and do not recognize people. I do n’t know where I am. I ca n’t complete what I have done before (such as walking and chatting).Newly appeared with suffering and breathing difficulties, and could not lie flat.Cough or asthma worsen, and even the lips are white and purple.The people around them heard the old people’s throat obvious phlegm sounds, and it was difficult to cough.The normally oxygen saturation is normal, and the self -testing of self -test after this onset is ≤93%.If the elderly also merge the basic diseases such as chronic lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes, it is not advisable to drink too much water at home or forced to eat. If the symptoms of basic diseases occur, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Cross of the basic disease

Chronic lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and chronic immune function inhibition are the most common risk factor for new crown -related infections.Once these people with these diseases are infected with new coronal viruses, they must observe closely. Even if physical strength can support it, it is best not to take care of children or take care of pets. Daily measurement of body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen.

If the following situations occur, it is recommended that people with basic diseases seek medical treatment as soon as possible: suffering from breathing or breathing difficulties when going to the toilet or doing very mild activity.Blood pressure rises or decreases ≥20mmHg than the usual basal blood pressure, and dizziness and weakness occur.New appearance of chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations, and cannot be improved after rest, or it is difficult to lie flat.The body temperature continues ≥38.5 ° C, and the body temperature does not improve after taking antipyretic drugs, and even symptoms such as blurred consciousness, poor eating, and decreased urine output.Usually normally (≥95%), but after the onset of the onset, self -test of oxygen saturation is <94%; or usually there is basic pulmonary disease (oxygen saturation <95%), but the oxygen saturation ratio ratio after the onsetThe level is usually lower.

Pregnant woman

If expectant mothers have the following symptoms, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible: high fever that lasts more than 39 ° C, and it is not effective after taking antipyretics.Continuously severe headaches, and pain will not disappear after taking drugs or rest.Dizziness or fainting, even a short -term consciousness loss.Feeling shortness of breath, tight throat or chest, feeling difficulty in breathing when lying flat, you need to raise the pillow to fall asleep.New chest pain, such as the tightness or pressure in the center of the chest, or except for the chest, the pain spreads to the back, neck or arms, or hemoptysis.Suddenly, heartbeat changes occur.In the process of heartbeat changes, I feel dizzy and weak at the same time.Severe nausea and vomiting.The severe discomfort of the stomach suddenly exceeds the nausea and vomiting of normal (early pregnancy).Sudden abdominal pain, and the pain worsened over time.Conscious fetal movement decreases or stops.New vaginal bleeding or flow fluid during pregnancy.


Compared with previous strains, Omikon’s infection has caused severe mortality in the world to decline significantly in the world.However, due to its extensive infection in the crowd, especially in children’s transmission compared with previous strains.Although children’s infection with new crowns is very low, it may also lead to severe illnesses, especially children with basic diseases, and the risk of severe illness will increase.Similar to adults, children with obesity, diabetes, asthma, chronic pulmonary disease or immunosuppressive may increase the risk of severe illness.

If the following symptoms have the following symptoms, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible: continue to be high for more than 3 days.Specific breathing (less than February age, the number of breathing times ≥60 times/minute; 2 to December, except for the effects of fever and crying, the number of breathing times ≥50 times/min; 1 to 5 years old, the number of breathing times ≥ 40 times//Divided; over 5 years old, breathing times ≥ 30 times/min).The ability or awareness of activity or consciousness has decreased.Difficulty in eating or eating, repeated vomiting or diarrhea, and urine output significantly decreased.The skin or lips appear pale and the limbs are purple.Children with other diseases have any cases that are not allowed. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Source @People’s Daily, Peking Union Hospital

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