Is the pregnant belly "drum bag" and "no drum bag" related to the gender of fetal treasure?Mom to understand the difference

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Outsiders are interesting and amazing, but the expectations of expectant mothers are affected.

On the Internet, you can see many videos of interaction between pregnant women and fetal treasures. People touch the pregnant belly, and the little guy inside will make a "drum bag" in response.But this warm and loving process has not experienced many expectant mothers.

A friend Xiao Yun had a special hobby during pregnancy. Whenever we went to see her, or she met an acquaintance, she always let the other party touch her belly.

She felt that the fetal treasure was too cold, and the other pregnant women had drums. She spoke at her pregnant belly and patted it gently. The little guy just didn’t give her face.

We reminded her not to touch her stomach more than once, but Xiao Yun had his own worry.Thinking that the fetal treasure may be too familiar with himself, so that others can touch the pregnant belly and stimulate the fetal treasure. It seems that it is still effective.

Until Xiaoyun didn’t see a few drums before giving birth, she still felt a little regrettable.

Xiao Yun’s mother -in -law once hinted that she had no drums in her pregnancy, because the boy was naughty to have a drum.It turns out that the old man guessed wrong, Xiao Yun gave birth to a cute male treasure.

Specific mothers can first rest assured that whether the pregnant belly is a normal phenomenon, and there is no necessarily connection with the gender, but there are several reasons.

★ It is related to the personality of the fetal treasure, some baby is born "calm"

The baby’s personality will inherit a part of the parent, and the personality characteristics have already performed in the fetus.

The relatively lively and sensitive fetal treasure of the outside world, when you hear a little sound, or feel that someone interacts with him, he will move happily.

He is too lazy to care about what stimulus outside the belly is stable, more calm, and Buddha’s fetal treasure.Taking eyes and nourishing or sleeping every day, I don’t like to move.

★ It is related to the location of the fetal treasure "limbs"

Before 7 months of pregnancy, expectant mothers were in a "non -fixed" state, and the fetal movement experience brought by the fetal position was different.

The baby is facing the mother’s belly, so the limbs can easily touch the belly. When the baby stretchs or do other activities, the small body parts such as hands and feet, and elbows will touch the belly. The harder the "small drum", the higher.

Conversely, when the baby is back to the mother’s belly, the hips and back are close to the belly, and the probability of touching the belly during activity is less likely to touch the belly.

What the expectant mother feels is that the baby is arched and arched, or a large number of stomach arches, there will be no small drum bags.

The way expectant mothers do not have to entangle the way of fetal treasure movement. As long as the rhythm and number of fetal movements are within the normal range, the baby is safe than anything.

The fetal movement is closely related to the fetal treasure. The fetal movement feels different during pregnancy. It does have different meaning. The expectant mothers need to be clear.

1) Different fetal movements represent the state of the fetus

The normal fetal movement range should be greater than or equal to 3 times in one hour, and 30 times within 12 hours.

The fetal movement here includes various performances such as "drum bags" and arch.If the fetal treasure is in good condition, the strength and rhythm of each fetal movement are more similar:

If the fetus is hypoxic, the fetal movement will suddenly become fierce and frequent, and then stop abruptly, which shows that the baby is a bit dangerous.

If the number of fetal movements at the beginning of the fetus is within the normal range, but there are significant signs of reduction, they should care about the physical condition of the fetal treasure.

2) Fetal movement feel is different, which may affect the production method

As mentioned earlier, fetal movement is related to fetal position, and the fetal position determines the production method of pregnant women. Therefore, it is said that fetal movement is different from others.

The requirements of the fetal position are relatively high. Generally speaking, the "left pillow" of the header is more suitable for the delivery, and the probability of other fetal cesarean section such as hip positions is relatively high.

The expectant mothers should pay attention to the information about the fetal position after each birth check.

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