Is the pregnant woman’s belly button convex and concave?It turned out to be determined by these 2 points, many people understood the mistakes

Girlfriend Xiaohou arrived at the due date yesterday. Her husband was not assured that she was at home alone. In order to prevent the baby from starting at any time, she sent her girlfriend to the hospital for delivery.In the ward of Xiao Hou, there were three maternal to be given birth. They had not been launched at the expected baby, and waited at the hospital.They guess the sex of the baby in the belly. Among the three pregnant women, the girlfriends and a mother’s navel are prominent, and the mother’s navel is recessed.The protruding mother of the navel said, "I heard others say that the navel eyes were protruding boys, and girls were recessed. Many people were like this, but it was accurate!"

As a result, the three pregnant women took turns to "launch" in the next week. The first to be produced was the mother with a protruding navel eye. She had vowed to have a son and gave birth to a daughter.The mother who had a recessed navel eye gave birth to a male treasure.The last girlfriend was born, and was born with a big fat boy.It can be seen that according to the protruding navel of the pregnant woman or the depression, it is determined that the male treasure or the female treasure in the belly is completely scientific, and it is not accurate at all!

In fact, many past elderly people will judge the gender of the fetus based on the pregnant woman’s belly button, which is mainly subjective factors in "making monsters."They will naively think that the male baby in the belly will be more naughty. Love activities will naturally protrude the pregnant woman’s belly, and the navel eyes will protrude, but this is not the case.So, after pregnancy, what are the main reasons for pregnant women’s navel eyes?It is necessary for these two states to learn about it!

1. The pressure of the middle meridian of the pregnant woman’s belly button, the impact of the fascia of the fascia of the navel, and the uterus is squeezed

With the growth of pregnancy, the baby will grow older and bigger in the uterus of the pregnant mother.In this case, the midumage fascia of the pregnant mother’s navel will have the effect of pressure. In addition, the uterus is squeezed by the navel, and the pregnant woman’s belly button is protruding.

2. The unevenness of the navel of the pregnant woman is related to the tightness of the pregnant woman’s skin

Because everyone’s skin and skin are different, some pregnant mothers have a tight skin and sufficient tension to cope with the squeezing effect of the uterus. Such a pregnant woman will not have a protruding belly button.However, if the pregnant mother is overworked during pregnancy, the pressure of the abdominal tolerance increases, and the navel will be protruding, but it will be recessed after rest.Increase danger.There are also some women’s navel depression very deep, and even the chance of being protruding from the navel of pregnancy is not high.

There is also a kind of protrusion of the navel that needs to pay special attention to the pregnant mother, that is, it is hanging.This kind of pregnant belly is swollen forward and downward, and the abdomen is too expanded and stretched the abdominal muscles of the pregnant woman. From the side, this pregnant belly will grow more forward.It is mainly due to the large fetus.Excessive weight of the fetus causes the stomach of the pregnant woman to sag. The fetus with a belly will become very difficult to enter the basin in the second trimester, and there will be no cases of the bowl.Usually, there are more amniotic fluid in the uterus of pregnant mothers with hanging abdomen, the fetus is large, and it is prone to difficulty in giving birth. Doctors will recommend a cesarean section.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the navel of the pregnant woman’s navel still recessed or depressed does not indicate the gender of the fetus.On the contrary, if the pregnant mother’s navel is always in a protruding state, it is best to go to the hospital to check what the reason is to ensure the safety and health of their own and the fetus, so as to pass the pregnancy safely until the arrival of delivery.Do you have a protruding or depression during pregnancy?

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