Is the vaginal secretion increased normally after pregnancy?what to do

The careful expectant mother found that her vaginal secretions increased significantly after pregnancy, but they did not know what caused it and whether it was normal.Some expectant mothers will worry about whether they have gynecological diseases, and then damage the health of the fetus in the abdomen.The mood of expectant mothers became uneasy.

After pregnancy, the surge in vaginal discharge is a normal physiological reaction. During pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, it is affected by the increase in progesterone. The metabolism in the pregnant woman’s body will accelerate much than before pregnancy.

The cells and cervical glands of the vaginal epithelium are more vigorous than the previous secretion, resulting in an increased vaginal secretion.Its performance is mainly to increase vaginal secretions, and the secretions are generally milky white and tasteless.This is a natural physiological reaction of the female reproductive system, and it is not a gynecological disease that does not belong to the disease.

Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to be frightened for this. In early pregnancy, the urinary system disorders and the reduction of the autoimmune system will cause the genitals to be susceptible to infection.If you don’t pay attention to personal hygiene at this time, it is really easy to get diseases such as gynecological diseases or inflammation.Pregnant women during pregnancy should insist on taking a bath every day, use rain instead of taking baths to clean their bodies, and keep it clean.

Pregnant women need to prepare for a special washbasin and towel for themselves, and clean it again before use.After the washbasin and towels are used, they need to be dried in the ventilation place. It is better if it can be dried with normal sunlight.

Towels or washbasins have not been exposed to UV sterilization for a long time, and there will be various bacteria, fungi, and mites.Use a towel to dip the warm water or clean the pussy every night to scrub the vulva.Whether it is cleaning the vulva or the stool, the order of scrubbing should be the habit of cleaning it with water after the stool.

The increase in vaginal secretions after pregnancy is a normal phenomenon after pregnancy. You don’t have to worry too much. You only need to do a good job of cleaning personal hygiene, especially the genitals.

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