Is there a place to pay attention to when pregnant women eat chicken?

Author of this issue: Fu Yanchun Zhao Lichao | Beautiful editor: Cai Huimin

Everyone must have heard of rumors of rumors of tachycardia, hormone chickens, and 6 wings of chickens. There are also "three -year -old girls eat hormonal chicken to cause ovarian cysts" and "pregnant women cannot eat chicken" and other appalling rumors.A post on Weibo about chicken -containing hormones, eating chicken wings and chicken feet is prone to female uterine cancer tens of thousands of times.Many expectant mothers ask us to talk to us in despair. What should we do for our children?

Today, the food group must give the expectant mothers confidence, and tell the expectant mothers reasonably that you can eat chicken safely.Read more about eating articles, crack messages, and enhance confidence.

According to research, every 100g of chicken contains 167 kcal, protein 19.3g, 9.4g of fat, 1.3g of carbohydrates, 69g of water, vitamin A 48 μg, vitamin 50 μg, vitamin 90 μg, vitamin E 0.67mg, nick acid 5.6mg, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium calcium, calcium9mg, 156mg of phosphorus, 1.09mg of iron, 251mg of potassium, 63.3mg sodium, 19 mg of magnesium, 11.75 μg of selenium, 62 to 187mg of cholesterol, and various minerals and multiple vitamins, which are nutritious and rich.

The protein content in chicken is high, there are many types of amino acids, and it is easy to be absorbed by the human body.Most of the fat contained in chicken is unsaturated fatty acids, which can prevent or reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.Chicken contains phospholipids that play an important role in the growth and development of the human body. It is one of the important sources of fat and phospholipid in Chinese dietary structure.Chicken breasts contain more B vitamins that can restore fatigue and protect the skin; chicken legs contain more iron to improve iron deficiency anemia; chicken soup made of chicken contains glue protein, muscle peptides, creatinine, amino acids, etc.It is easy to absorb digestion, and can also strengthen the body. It is suitable for people such as malnutrition, digestive ulcers, chronic gastritis, irregular menstruation, weak menstruation, weak after illness.

The growing growth of meat is breeding and does not need to be hormone.Director Gao Yu Shi, the supervisor and testing center of the Poverty Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, said: "The growth of meat chickens is completely the result of breeding. Choose one of the seeds from tens of thousands of chickens.Out of the cage is a normal level in the world. At present, most of the world’s product meat chickens are from 42 to 48 days. The most common is about 45 days.

In fact, it is not economical and unrealistic to give chickens.Hormone is expensive and the injection operation is more tedious.The pheasant itself has its own hormone regulation mechanism, and the injection hormone has destroyed its hormone regulatory balance. It will also have side effects on the cardiovascular, liver and other functions of the chicken, which can easily lead to chicken death. Injecting a large number of chickens injection hormones is more likely to leadThe chickens died in large quantities, and the farmers had to lose.

For the use of antibiotics, the Ministry of Agriculture clearly strictly regulates the use of veterinary drugs raised by poultry.After the medication, a certain period of rest should be produced.If the farmers are operating strictly in accordance with relevant regulations, the residue of antibiotics will not affect the health of the consumers.Unless there are bad farmers violating the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture, there will be a small amount of antibiotic residue, but this proportion is very small in terms of sampling reports in the farmers’ market over the years.

Chicken skin contains more fat rather than hormones.In addition, many people also have a lot of misunderstandings about chicken skin, thinking that chicken skin contains more hormones.In fact, chicken skin contains more fat and cholesterol, and cholesterol is the raw material for synthetic male and female hormones, not hormones.Chicken skin is similar to pig skin, containing collagen, which is beneficial to human skin.However, for people with obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, etc., it is recommended to eat chicken. For ordinary people, according to their actual situation, controlling the amount of chicken skin is not suitable for eating chicken skin.

Not everyone can eat chicken.

The phosphorus content in chicken is high. In order to avoid the absorption of iron, patients with iron should be appropriate to eat chicken; patients with uremia, high protein allergies should not eat chicken.But there are a few such people after all.People need to combine their own physical conditions to reasonably match the diet.

For pregnant women, a large amount of hormones are generated in the early body to regulate, especially progesterone.If there are more estrogen, it will reduce progesterone.During pregnancy, progestin is crucial, and doctors sometimes use progesterone to protect pregnant women.The hen’s chicken skin is a place with more cholesterol. Too much cholesterol intake will lead to an increase in estrogen synthesis. Therefore, when pregnant women eat chicken skin as little as possible when eating chicken in early pregnancy.In the same way, all kinds of steroids need to be consumed less.

There is a tail gland on the buttocks, which will cause pollution to other meat quality; the upper cavity located in the upper part of the chicken rectum is the body fluid immune central lymphomer, which often contains a large number of non -decomposed pathogen, cell damage, metabolic waste and other foreign bodies. Even high temperatures such as high temperatureCooking, some thermal bacteria cannot be killed, so it is not recommended to eat.In addition, the lymphatic assembly is distributed around the intestine of the chicken, which is generally processed when slaughtering; there are also obvious small lymphatic assembly under the neck epidermis.The lymphatic tissue is covered in the animal and cannot be removed.If these small lymphatic tissues occur, they will harm people’s health.So people who like to eat chicken necks and don’t worry can peel off the chicken skin on the neck before eating.

The words of "Speed Chicken" and "Hormone Chicken" were quilt, and consumers still have doubts about the safety of the food chicken.Chicken, which is a deep shadow for consumers by "demonization", is a misunderstanding of chicken.

Pregnant women can eat chicken.It is only necessary to combine reasonable consumption in combination with its own actual situation. The rich nutrients contained in chicken can meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women and fetuses.


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