Is there any attention to the first abortion of accidental pregnancy?

"I am pregnant by accident, but I don’t want children now. Is there any attention to the first time? Will it affect the birth of a child in the future?"

For women who are the first abortion, due to the lack of knowledge in this area, we don’t know how to recuperate after the flow of people, so we must not be careless.

Female friends are pregnant for the first time. The uterus is relatively soft. In order to retain the future fertility ability, it is recommended to choose a superconducting painless abortion technology that has less uterine injury to terminate pregnancy.

Director of Gynecology at Shishi Modern Hospital reminds: Precautions for the first abortion

1. Before miscarriage, you must have sufficient psychological preparation

For the first time, psychology is a little nervous, worried, and afraid. This will cause spasm in the operation, cause more severe pain, and even affect the smooth progress of the surgery.

Since choosing an accident, we must have a good mentality, maintain a peaceful mood, and do it according to the requirements of the doctor.If you are closer to those around you, you can also effectively relieve tension.

2. Avoid going to an irregular private clinic to be the flow of people

Do not go to some unconventional small clinics at will. These small clinics do not have good technical and equipment, and health are not guaranteed.

If you are cheap or you choose an irregular abortion for other reasons, it is likely to cause inflammation of fallopian tubes, endometriosis, uterine perforation, etc., and may even be infertile for life, losing the right to mother for a lifetime.

Third, grasp the time of abortion surgery

45-60 days after pregnancy is a better time to do abortion, because at this stage, the pregnancy sac is small, the risk of abortion is low, and the success rate is high.

It is too early to do abortion, small embryo tissue, and may occur during surgery, and the damage caused by the Qing Palace is required twice.Doing artificial abortion is too late, the embryo has been formed, and the uterus has increased, increasing the difficulty of doing artificial abortion, and even causing major bleeding.

Fourth, pre -examination examination

Check before abortion to see if the size of a pregnant woman’s pregnancy is the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. The examination before abortion is very important. Only after a series of examinations are doneExamine results to formulate surgical solutions.

If there are gynecological inflammation, surgery can be performed after inflammation, and surgery can be avoided to avoid bacteria up upward infection with female uterus.

Precautions after people

1. Can’t get in the same room too early

Do not take a bath within half a month after the flow of people, and do not have the same room within a month.If you restore sexual life after surgery, you must take contraceptive measures!After abortion, ovulation will be resumed soon after abortion. It will be easy to get pregnant again without contraception. Continuous abortion in the short term will cause great damage to the body and may even lead to infertility.

2. Make up nutrition and pay attention to rest

After the abortion, women should appropriately increase nutrition in their lives, because surgery can cause a small amount of bleeding and cause some damage to the body. Therefore, some foods rich in protein and vitamins should be supplemented in time, such as lean meat, fresh fish, eggs, milk, milk, milkOr soy products.

While strengthening nutritional supplements, you must rest well after abortion. You can choose the Emma people after the flow of Emma to recover scientifically as required.

3. Pay attention to contraception to avoid re -pregnancy

Some safe contraceptive methods can be implemented by themselves, and some need to be done with the help of doctors, such as subcutaneous buried, in -the -palace breeding device, and sterilization.

Fourth, pay attention to cleaning and hygiene

Keep the vulva clean and hygienic, clean it with warm water 1 or 2 times a day. Be careful not to make the water enter the vagina and change the sanitary napkin frequently.Do not take a bath within 2 weeks and take a shower to take a bath.

5. Pay attention to observe the bleeding situation

If fever, abdominal pain, or vaginal discharge occur after surgery, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.Generally, the vaginal bleeding gradually stopped at 3 to 5, and it does not exceed 10 to 15 days.

If the vaginal bleeding exceeds the menstrual blood volume and the duration is too long, it is necessary to treat it in time.One month after the abortion surgery, you must do a color Doppler ultrasound to check the recovery of the uterus.

The above is about the relevant content of the first abortion surgery. Finally, reminding the majority of female friends: The abortion surgery is not a way of contraceptive, and it is inevitable to harm the body.Measures are very necessary!

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