Is there any compensation for the woman’s divorce during pregnancy?

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The purpose of a divorce litigation is to relieve the marriage relationship, and the key to whether the marriage relationship can be lifted is whether there is a legal reasons for judging divorce.Therefore, the legal divorce reason is that one party filed a divorce lawsuit for the reason for lift the marriage relationship and the people’s court tried the divorce case to determine whether it was allowed to give the divorce.So is there any compensation for the divorce of the woman during pregnancy?Xiaobian will tell you the answer!

Is there any compensation for the woman’s divorce during pregnancy?

If the woman proposes a divorce during pregnancy, her treatment is not much different from the general divorce case.And how much the woman gets compensation is not because of pregnancy or not.The compensation depends on whether there is a legal provision. If there is no, one party requires that there is no legal basis for compensation, but if the other party is willing to compensate or score less property in order to divorce early, this is also possible.Its compensation is mainly due to: medical expenses, misunderstandings, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation fees, hospitalization subsidies, nutritional expenses, disabled compensation (living subsidy for disabled people), disabled auxiliary appliances, living expenses for supporting people, etc.constitute.

The situation where the man is allowed to divorce during pregnancy

The law of the law on the right to the man is not absolute. If due to some special reasons, the people’s court believes that it is necessary to accept the divorce request of the man, which is not subject to this restriction, which mainly includes the following:

(1) The woman’s pregnancy is caused by adultery with others after marriage;

(2) After the woman is small, physical health has recovered;

(3) The man is abused and unbearable;

(4) One side has a situation that harms life and personal safety.

Therefore, if the woman is adultering and pregnant with others after marriage, the man proposes a divorce, and the people’s court should accept it.Because the woman’s adultery with others during the marriage relationship is durable, it violates the obligation of loyalty to be loyal to each other. It is a great destruction of the relationship between the couple. In this case, the right to restrict the divorce prosecution of the man is obviously unfair to the man.of.

Procedure for divorce

1. Draft prosecution;

2. Prepare the evidence required for litigation;

3. Submit prosecutions and evidence to courts with jurisdiction;

4. The court decided whether to accept the lawsuit;

5. After the court accepts the divorce litigation case, send a copy of the indictment to the other party within the legal time;

6. The court arranges the trial time and sends a subpoena to both parties;

7. Opening: Both parties can entrust a lawyer or other professionals to act as an agency lawsuit (in general, divorce parties must go to the court. If you cannot go to court for special reasons, you must issue a written opinion of whether to divorce the court);

8. In accordance with the plaintiff’s claims and evidence submitted by the two parties, whether they are allowed to divorce, and how to divide the property, how to divide the property, and how to solve the problem of children’s support.

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