Is there any foresteps for fetal dreams?The sharing of pregnant mothers makes people feel really mysterious

Fetal dream refers to the birth of a baby, a dream related to pregnancy.Since ancient times, it has paid attention to fetal dreams regardless of oriental countries or western countries.Parents who are looking forward to and looking forward to their children are of great significance.Fetal dreams are generally done during pregnancy.Occasionally happen before pregnancy.After delivery, there is almost no such dream.

There are many ways to say about dreams.The traditional dream of our country is "thinking about the day and dreaming at night", which makes sense.However, not only that, if you are good at analyzing dreams, dreams are still a very kind and friendly help and reminder for us!

Netizen 1: I belong to the constitution that should not be pregnant. We have not moved for more than two years. I dreamed of going to the market with my colleagues to buy flowers at night. My colleague said: Do you have a flower in your family, how can you buy it?I said: I especially like this flower, I have to buy it back.The dream was particularly real. At that time, I felt that I was pregnant, because I said that dreaming that flowers would have a daughter. After a few days of measurement, I was really pregnant. Later, she was also a little daughter. It was really amazing!

Netizen 2: I always wanted the second child to be pregnant. At the end of June, I had a blood test in the hospital and did not get pregnant. I gave up in July. As a result, there were many snakes in the woods at the end of the month.I secretly grabbed a piece in the bag and took it away. After waking up, I felt that it should be a baby dream. I used the test strip to test the real pregnancy.Boy, I really saw it last month. It was really a boy!

Netizen 3: I dreamed of three snakes, the second time I was entangled with two snakes, and I also dreamed of red dates. Now the second child is pregnant for seven months and I don’t know if it is a male or female.The jujube trees and kapok are girls

Netizen 4: I had a dream a month ago. I dreamed that a super cute puppy came to play with me. Far followed, I called it back, and it flew over, jumped into my arms, intimately hotI took me for a long time with me. After I woke up, I felt that the fluffy feeling was still on my face. I checked my pregnancy last Monday. It should be pregnant for those days. I read on the Internet to dream of white dogs.Black dog has a son, I dreamed of a little flower dog how to break

Netizen 5: I just dreamed of giving birth to a son with her husband when I was pregnant. Because Dabao was a son, I didn’t want to ask a son anymore. The aunt dreamed of having a daughter, and I saw it in a month!Looking forward to my little cotton jacket!

Netizen 6: I always dreamed of kittens two or three months before pregnancy, and then I kept dreaming of snakes, snakes in one place.I have dreamed of dogs many times, and big dogs and puppies have dreamed of it. Once there was a black back lying on my back.The pumpkin flower is born as a son

Netizen 7: I dreamed that I was holding a baby and smiled at me. I didn’t know the boy and girl, and my face was still wrinkled.I couldn’t measure it at first, my husband also said that I could get in a time, and after two weeks, I was pregnant. Now I am more than six weeks.

Netizen 8: When I was pregnant with my brother, she also had a dream. She said to us. When she was broken for more than four months, she dreamed of an old white bearded man, and could not see the face.Huro, the old man still holds two young boys, a female doll, and a male doll. The old man asked her which one would you hold?My aunt hugged the male doll, and the old man took the female doll away, and then gave birth to my brother.And when my mother was pregnant with me, I dreamed that a butterfly who had to be very big was following her, and she couldn’t rush away. When she woke up, she said that this child must be a daughter, because I already have a brother, my brother, my brother, my brother., I am twelve years old, my mother wants a girl, and then I have me.But very weird, although I said that my dad is stronger and my dad is a bit similar to my dad, but my grandma said that I was more like my aunt when I was a child. Sometimes I was thinking whether I was the one in the hands of the old white beard old man’s hand.Girl, because my aunt doesn’t want to give me my mother

Netizen 9: I went to Putuo Mountain in Nanhai for a boy. As a result, I was pregnant after 3 months!When I was 5 months pregnant, I dreamed that a snake had been around my stomach. I woke up and said that my grandmother said that the snake was a dragon and a boy. As a result, it was a boy!

The most wonderful and warm encounter in the world is the encounter between mothers and children!It seems that this magical fate is destined!Sometimes there is a magical feeling … It was him/she chose you and became your child

Welcome to pregnant mothers and Baoma to share your magical fetal dreams!

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