Is there something wrong?fine?Nine possible causes of pregnancy bleeding

"Hey, Dr. Li, I’m sorry to disturb you so late. My wife just got up to go to the toilet and found that the underwear was flowing blood. May I have a miscarriage? Or …" The bleeding during pregnancy is always panic, but it is not that it is notAll bleeding needs to be worried.Learn to judge the shape of bleeding as soon as possible, master different bleeding conditions, and let experts help you spend your pregnancy.

Bleeding?Don’t be nervous, first look at which form is

Bleeding during pregnancy usually surprises her mother, but not all bleeding needs to worry.Pregnancy bleeding is divided into several forms. The toilet toilet toilet paper has a bloodshot or underwear that is a little bleeding, which is generally not hindered. Most of the brown bleeding is that the blood in the previous body is not discharged in time.You don’t have to be nervous; what needs to be noted is blood and blood clots. This situation represents bleeding in the body, and the amount of bleeding will be excreted at the first time. Emailing blood clots in the early pregnancy may be a signs of miscarriage, so be careful.Because bleeding and abdominal pain have a greater impact on pregnancy, no matter how much bleeding, as long as the abdominal pain, pain pain, drama pain, or like hypothyroid hot pain, you must immediately seek medical examination.

Early pregnancy bleeding cause

Possible reasons 1. embryo bed

Symptoms & Symptoms: A small amount of pink or brown blood is discharged before the menstrual period.

Reason & Risk factor: The fertilized eggs may slightly damage the endometrium during the bed, causing endometrial bleeding. This is common in the early stages of pregnancy and basically does not affect pregnancy.Be careful about the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

How to deal with: The time point of the embryonic bleeding occurs earlier, and it is often mistaken for menstruation. If bleeding during pregnancy, the bleeding time is before the menstrual tide, and the amount of bleeding is less than the usual menstrual flow.Whether it is bed bleeding.Plague bleeding is usually observed as long as the pads are available.

Perhaps the reason 2. Inadequate lutein

Symptoms & Symptoms: Excessary a small amount of pink or brown blood, or a large amount of blood and blood clots.

Reason & risk factor: The placenta has not yet been developed in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, ovarian will secrete lutein instead of placenta. When the lutein secreted by the ovaries is insufficient, the endometrium will peel bleeding.Because lutein can reduce uterine contraction and allow the hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the endometrium glands, it is an important element for helping fertilized eggs in bed. Increased lutein in the early stages of pregnancy may cause abortion.

How to deal with: first check whether the fetal heartbeat development is normal in the ultrasound. If the fetal heartbeat stops or dysplasia, it means that the bleeding is the problem of the embryo itself, which has nothing to do with the lutein;Depending on the situation, the symptoms of lutein are supplemented.Because ovarian surgery 3 months before pregnancy may affect ovarian secretion of lutein. If ovarian tumors are found in the early stages of pregnancy and need to be operated, it is best to wait for 3 months of pregnancy to open the swing to avoid increasing early abortion risks.

Q must supplement lutein in short lutein to not have a miscarriage?

Insufficient lutein in the early stages of pregnancy, the chance of abortion and not lutein is only 3%. Unless there is a history of repeated abortion, it will not significantly reduce the chance of abortion. It canFor the necessary options, the actual treatment is still mainly clinical.

Possible reasons 3. Natural abortion

Symptoms & Symptoms: Blood or blood clots with more amounts of menstrual flow are sometimes accompanied by pelvic, abdomen or lower back pain.

Reason & risk factor: The embryo condition in the early stages of pregnancy is not stable. It will separate from the degree of uterine walls of the bed. When the blood vessels are separated from the rupture of the surface of the surface, bleeding will cause bleeding.80 % of natural abortion in the early stages of pregnancy is dysplasia of embryo, and the remaining 20 % of the placenta defect defects or sperm and egg abnormalities.

How to deal with: Take drugs that promote contractions to discharge pregnancy tissues, with mild painkillers to relieve discomfort, and continuously observe whether the amount of bleeding and pain gradually slowed down during the medication.Bleeding will be stopped in about two weeks, and the menstrual period can be restored within two months.

Embryo development is not as good as expected, cannot confirm whether there are embryos in the embryo sac, cannot confirm whether the embryo has heartbeat, and the loss of embryonic heartbeat is a sign of natural miscarriage. The above -mentioned situation of the above situation must be prepared.Many women do not know that they are pregnant, but they do not know the early abortion. If the menstrual period is late during pregnancy, the amount is particularly large.

Possible cause 4. Ectopic pregnancy

Symptoms & Symptoms: Extract a small amount of brown blood or dark black blood continuously, obvious abdominal pain, and sometimes internal bleeding.

Reason & risk factor: Under normal circumstances, embryos develop in bed in the uterus. When the embryo is bed outside the uterus (such as fallopian tubes, uterine horn, cervix, ovarian or abdominal cavity), human chorionic hormone (β-HCG)It will be reduced, and then the endometrium is peeled off bleeding. At this time, if the embryo is not removed in time, and the embryo grows outside the uterus, the blood vessels around the embryo bed will be squeezed and ruptured.Shock even died.

How to deal with: first observe the embryo development and the β-HCG value. If the embryo development is slow, the β-HCG rising speed is slow, and the signs of the mother’s life is stable, only the observation of observation will naturally shrink the embryo;The heartbeat and the number of pregnancy weeks before 2 cm and the number of pregnancy weeks will be less than 6 weeks. It will injection MTX (Methotrexate, an early chemotherapy drug) to shrink the embryo;The mirror surgery is removed. If the embryo bed is in the fallopian tube, it will consider retaining or removing fallopian tubes as considers the damage to the egg tube.

There is a history of external pregnancy, repeated pelvic inflammation history, and have performed pelvic cavity or abdominal surgery, which will cause the pelvic cavity to stick to the pelvic cavity, increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy.Factors, it is best to seek medical treatment early after pregnancy.

Possible reasons 5. Cervical polyps

Symptoms & Symptoms: Dowry brown blood or blood, and the amount of bleeding is similar to menstruation.

Reason & risk factors: The epidermal tissue of polyps is both fragile and rich in blood vessels. Once collisions or frictions, they will bleed, but they will not affect pregnancy.

How to deal with: first do ultrasound and internal diagnosis to evaluate the source of bleeding in the uterus or cervix. After confirming that it is cervical polyps, first apply drugs at the polyps or use electricity to stop bleeding with electricity.

Possible reasons 6. Cervical erosion

Symptoms & Symptoms: Excessary a small amount of brown blood or blood, some patients with chronic cervicitis will experience composite symptoms such as itching and pain in the vulva, yellow or yellow -green secretions, and vaginal odor.

Reason & risk factor: Cervical erosion is mainly cervical infection with mold, bacteria or trichomonas. It is erosion due to inflammation. When the blood vessel tissue in the inflammation area is collided or friction, it will rupture and bleeding.Cervix is infected, especially bacterial infections, which may cause premature birth or early water break.

How to deal with: local application of ointment, oral drugs, or use vaginal plug treatment to prevent cervix from repeated bleeding due to continuous inflammation.

Possible cause 7. Uterine fibroids

Bleeding form & Symptoms: Excessary a large amount of blood or blood clots, the bleeding shape is similar to natural abortion.

Cause & Risk factor: Uterine fibroids are an abnormal muscle sarcoma that grow in uterine tissue. The surface is full of blood vessels. According to the growth location and size, the influence of different weights on pregnancy isIt will lead to the lack of local blood supply to the placenta to increase the risk of miscarriage. It may also cause prostaglandin to cause abnormal uterine contraction and cause premature birth; fibroids located behind the placenta, especially fibroids directly contact with the placenta, will cause placenta ischemia and stripping, and the fetus will cause the fetus to cause the fetusIn distress or death; fibroids located in the lower section of the uterus or cervix will interfere with the intensity, symmetry and regularity of the uterine contraction during production, and it is easy to cause labor delay or difficulty.In addition, fibroids may also cause uterine cavity to distort and deform, increasing the chance of abortion or abortion.

How to deal with: Although nearly half of the uterine fibroids will continue to grow during pregnancy, it is usually not cut -off during pregnancy, mainly based on tracking observation.Doctors will evaluate whether the fibroids will affect the fetal or fetal birth canal in the first few weeks of production, depending on the situation.

Possible cause 8. Cervical cancer

Bleeding form & Symptoms: Emperor a small amount of blood or blood clots, the bleeding form is similar to menstruation.

Reason & risk factor: Whether it is cervical cancer or pre -cervical cervical lesion tissue, the surface is covered with rich blood vessels, and it will bleed a little collision or friction.Due to the slow development of cervical cancer, it is usually found in the early stage during pregnancy, and the symptoms are mild and will not affect the fetus.

How to deal with: Most of the abnormal results of cervical scratch tests during pregnancy are mostly symptoms of mild cervical cancer lesions. As long as they are continuously tracked, if the condition is serious, it will determine whether to treat it as depending on the situation.If the mother has a history of cervical cancer and cervical cancer, she is worried that cervical cancer will recur during pregnancy, and she can do cervical scrubs in the early pregnancy and confirm cervical condition.After 30 years of age, it is best to do cervical scrubbing once a year to avoid the risk of cervical cancer after pregnancy.

Possible reasons 9. Porterties

Symptoms & Symptoms: Excessary a lot of blood, sometimes blood mixed with water -like or grape -like secretions, accompanied by strong nausea vomiting and abdominal pain.

Reason & risk factor: Portuguese tires are the most dangerous of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. The chance of occurring is about one thousandth. The reason is that the embryo and pregnancy sac are not developed normally.The transparent grape -shaped blisters fill the entire uterine cavity. This chromosomal abnormal embryo cannot grow smoothly, but it may also cause chorionic cancer.

How to deal with: The treatment of hydatidal tires is the most effective and safe to attract scraping with vacuum. Uterine resection is more suitable for patients with older age or no fertility needs later. Uterine cutting and drug induction of labor are prone to transform of fluffy cells.use.After a complete treatment of complete grape tires, it will return to normal, 15%will form invasive hydatidal tires, and 5%will develop chorionic cancer; only 5%of some sexual tires will develop into malignant tumors.Regardless of what type of hydatidum, after treatment, one year must be tracked to prevent worsening, and you must not get pregnant during the tracking to avoid recurrence.

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