Is vomiting normal during pregnancy?If you have these symptoms in your body, you may imply life

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Vomiting during pregnancy is a common pregnancy response. Ordinary people are pregnant and vomiting. They may feel that "it has passed", and think that this is a crime that a woman should suffer.If the pregnancy is normal vomiting, as long as the pregnant woman pays special attention to diet and rest, she can really survive quickly.However, this does not mean vomiting during pregnancy, and it is not taken seriously. Sometimes vomiting during pregnancy may be a signal that endangers health and even life safety.Don’t think that pregnancy is normal during pregnancy. If you find that your body has these symptoms, life may be dangerous.

Vomiting is severe, at the same time, blood pressure is reduced, and the weight is obviously lighter

Vomiting during pregnancy is normal, but if the vomiting is severe, it will seriously affect the health of the pregnant woman and the safety of the fetus, so it is actually very dangerous.If pregnant women are experiencing pregnancy vomiting, not only are the pregnancy vomiting severe, but also the blood pressure decreases and the weight is obviously mild, and the vomit is also carried by bile, which cannot be treated as general vomiting.Pregnant women’s physical experience is too severe vomiting, and the normal water and nutrition of the body cannot be provided in a timely manner, which may cause the body to be short of water, the body electrolyte disorders, affect metabolism, and may also cause metabolic acid poisoning.If it is found too late, it will affect the treatment, and it is likely to be life -threatening.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women must also strictly monitor their blood pressure and weight, and seek medical treatment in time once they find abnormalities.

Frequent vomiting in the third trimester, and accompanied by symptoms such as headache, insomnia, low fever

Normal sickness symptoms can basically disappear in one to two months, but there are still some special constitutional pregnant women continued until the third trimester.If pregnant women vomit frequently in the third trimester, and accompanied by symptoms such as headache, insomnia, and low fever, they must be alert to a disease: acute fatty liver.Although this disease is rare, it has great damage to the mother, which is similar to the outbreak hepatitis.And from the past cases, it can be known that its mortality rate is extremely high.Therefore, if pregnant women have obvious discomfort during pregnancy, there must be symptoms such as headaches and low fever, and go to the hospital for investigation as soon as possible, otherwise it may endanger life and health.With the improvement of medical technology, the sooner this disease is found, the more hope of treatment.

Pain and nausea and vomiting in the second trimester of pregnancy, often accompanied by hypertension and edema

If pregnant women still have symptoms of vomiting in the third trimester, they should pay special attention to whether the body has other symptoms.If the pregnant woman feels uncomfortable in the early pregnancy, the upper abdomen of the right abdomen and nausea and vomiting are often accompanied by hypertension and edema.This symptom is particularly crisis and must not be delayed.The pressure of the body of the pregnant woman in the third trimester is relatively stressful. Do not feel that the various discomfort in the body is determined to be normal, and it may be difficult to estimate the consequences.There is a series of discomfort reactions during the third trimester, which should be paid special attention.


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