Is vomiting too bad during pregnancy?Try these tips, the pregnant mother does not know that it is too bad

"Pregnancy vomiting", a word that is afraid of pregnant mothers.Originally, An’an ate steadily, and suddenly smelled some taste, and immediately vomited disgustingly. No appetite was gone.Although pregnancy vomiting is normal, it does cause trouble for pregnant mothers and make it particularly difficult in the early pregnancy.How to relieve pregnancy and let pregnant mothers spend early pregnancy?

Improve diet: Some people start the tonic of big fish and meat as soon as they are pregnant, but greasy foods make pregnant mothers appetite even more.Choose light and easy -to -digest foods in the early pregnancy, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, fish and other foods.You can choose to eat less, and eat less when you have no appetite. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.Try to enrich daily food matching to achieve the effect of promoting appetite.

Sports therapy: Can’t eat all day long, irritable and poor physical strength, is it the reason for getting up?no!You cannot bed all day because of nausea and vomiting, because this can only increase early pregnancy reactions.If there are too few activities, symptoms such as nausea, poor appetite, burnout, etc. will be more serious, and a vicious circle will often form in the past.Participate in some gentle activities, such as outdoor walking, and doing pregnant women’s health exercises, etc., can improve their mood, strengthen their bodies, and reduce early pregnancy reactions.

Eat some acidity: sour fruit representative -lemon, because of its extremely sour, liver deficiency pregnant women like to eat the most.The sour taste and fragrance of lemon can effectively inhibit pregnancy.Pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy may wish to try, add a few slices of lemon to the cup, soak in water, which is quite appetizing.In addition, when you go out, you can also put a fresh lemon in the bag. You can take it out when you are nauseous, and have a soothing effect.Moreover, the fragrance of lemon is often smelled, and it is also refreshing.

To develop a eating habit of eating less and eating, to prevent it from eating too much at one time: prevent nausea from pregnancy, the core method is to ensure stable blood sugar levels, and at the same time, it is not empty in the stomach.Therefore, eating less meals is the most ideal choice, that is, changing three meals a day to 6 meals a day, but the amount of food for each meal is reduced, which can reduce the burden on the stomach and replenish energy in time.The thing that must be eliminated is the overeating, or it eats too much at a time. The stomach is full, just like the empty stomach of the empty, it is easy to cause vomiting.

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