It doesn’t matter what you need to pay attention to when jaundice is not jaundice. You just need to remember four words …

60%of full moon and 80%of premature babies can appear visible to the naked eye in the first week after birth. Some mothers will ask, the incidence of jaundice is so high. Can you avoid jaundice when you are pregnant?

In fact, children are not jaundice without jaundice and have nothing to do with what they need to pay attention to during pregnancy.Newborn jaundice is related to the characteristics of neonatal bilirubin metabolism. We do n’t talk about it in detail. In popular terms, it is bilirubin production, but it cannot be excreted, and it cannot be excreted and causing re -absorption in the body, causing skin yellowing.

First of all, we need to eliminate jaundice caused by the disease, which must cooperate with the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

For example, neonatal biliary locks, neonatal hepatitis, red blood cells, vascular hemolytic, immune hemolysis, and so on.Pathological jaundice often has a high serum bilirubin value, and most of them appear 24 hours, which lasts for a long time, and it will be more serious with the delay of time delay, or repeatedly. These situations need to be paid attention.

The pathological jaundice caused by the disease is mostly physiological jaundice, also known as temporary jaundice. It appears 2 to 3 days after birth, reaches the peak from 4 to 6 days, and retires from 7 to 10 days.It is normal to feed the baby’s jaundice.

What to do with jaundice, keep in mind the four words "eat more and more rows".Biliary redness is mainly discharged through feces, so the baby’s fetal fetus is expelled early, and more defecation is an effective measure to eliminate jaundice.In addition, proper use of probiotics can promote the excretion of bilirubin.

Other clinical aspects, according to the recommendation of the "Diagnostic and Treatment Expert Consensus" released by the Chinese Medical Association in 2014, the clinical bilirubin is higher than the normal indicators, and the baby who meets the danger indicators has three ways to treat it in three ways.The

① Optot therapy, but protect the baby’s eyes and perineum.Blu -ray, green light, and white light are generally used.

② The blood change therapy is suitable for babies who are still rising after phototherapy, as well as babies who are severely dissolved at birth at birth, and acute biliary encephalopathy.

③ Injecting albumin or glycamin.

1. Insufficient breast milk feeding: If the baby’s 3-5 days of breastfeeding is insufficient, the physiological weight decreases> 12%, and the excretion of fetal manure is delayed, which will increase the cycle of bilirubin in the body and the jaundice is severe. This situation must be added in timeFormula milk, guarantee feeding.

2. Breast milk jaundice: Babies who usually occur in pure breastfeeding have peak at 2 weeks when the baby is born, and then gradually decreases. The jaundice can last for 4-12 weeks to completely subscribe. If breastfeeding is stopped, the jaundice will significantly retreat within 3 days.EssenceIn this case, the baby’s skin is only yellow, but the eyes are not yellow, the growth is normal, the mental state is good, there is no other complications, and it does not affect the vaccine vaccination.

Parents can take probiotics for a period of time to help intestinal metabolism and promote bilirubin excretion.If jaundice is serious, be sure to take treatment methods under the guidance of a doctor ~

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