It is also pregnant. Why are some mothers who are pregnant fiercely, and some have not responded?There are nothing more than these reasons


Women are very hard in the pregnancy stage. They must not only face physical changes, but also cope with the reactions caused by various pregnancy, especially pregnancy vomiting, which makes many pregnant women particularly painful.

Of course, some pregnant mothers are not particularly serious. Some even show no signs of vomiting from pregnancy to giving birth to babies. This is particularly lucky for pregnant mothers. You must know that pregnancy vomiting is really uncomfortable.


Huahua and Lili are two good girlfriends who have grown up together since childhood. Coincidentally, the two have the same marriage time, and the pregnancy is still in the same month.

When it’s okay, the two will come together to chat together and pass the time. At the same time, they will share many things they have in the pregnancy stage. Whether it is funny or painful, they can reducing a lot of pressure to tell each other.

However, there are many different places for two people. Blossoms have begun to have a pregnancy reaction from about 50 days of pregnancy.

And sometimes Huahua does not spit out everything you eat. In severe cases, you ca n’t even eat things every day. Pregnancy is like a nightmare for Huahua.

But Lili was different. She had no pregnancy reaction since she learned that she was pregnant, and her appetite was very good.Regardless of whether it is sweet or salty, Lili will "take the order in full", and her weight throughout her pregnancy is also stable.

It is also pregnant, but the physical response of Huahua and Lili is different. Of course, this situation is also common around us.

So they are all pregnant. Some mothers are particularly severe during pregnancy, but some have no response. Why?In fact, the reason is nothing more than the following.

1. Different hormone secretion

Women usually after pregnancy, the progesterone in the body will constantly secrete continuously, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone will reach a peak period.

Therefore, some pregnant mothers may be particularly sensitive to the secretion of progesterone by the body, so the pregnancy reaction will be very strong, while some female progesterone secretion will be less secreted, and the pregnancy vomiting response will not be so strong.

2. There are different physical fitness

Everyone’s physical fitness is different, and of course pregnant women.Pregnant mothers will have different pregnancy reactions due to different physical fitness.

The vitamin B in the pregnant mother with a good physical fitness is particularly sufficient, so the situation of pregnancy will be reduced a lot.On the contrary, the pregnant mother with a little physical fitness will be particularly strong.

Of course, some pregnant mothers are particularly sensitive to some irritating odors, which is also a main reason for strong pregnancy.

In fact, most of the pregnant women can tolerate the reaction of pregnancy, because this also represents the healthy growth of the baby in the stomach.

At the same time, pregnant women should always maintain a good attitude, so as to be beneficial to the healthy development of the baby.

1. To ensure sufficient sleep

Women are best to avoid staying up late after pregnancy and ensure sufficient sleep.You must know that people can improve their physical resistance only during the sleep stage, and many organs in the fetus are also developing normally during the sleep phase, so sufficient sleep is really important to pregnant mothers.

2. Diet should be light nutrition

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their diet. They must eat light food and ensure nutrition. Remember not to eat something too greasy, which will make the pregnancy reaction stronger.Only a scientific and reasonable diet can ensure the health of the pregnant mother and the health of the baby.

3. Reasonable exercise

The reason why many Baoma can give birth to a huge child may be that the pregnant mothers who do not like sports during pregnancy and do not love sports at the same time, may also go after giving birth to a baby.Therefore, the reasonable exercise is not only good for the pregnant woman itself, but also makes the baby healthy healthier.

So do you have serious pregnancy reactions when you are pregnant?What do you think should be paid attention to during pregnancy?Welcome to share, let’s discuss together.

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