It is critical in the early pregnancy. The nutrition required for fetal development must not be less.

The key to women’s pregnancy is in the early days, because there are actually many variables in the early pregnancy, and any wind blowing may affect the stability of the fetus. Therefore, at this time, the correct and balanced diet of pregnant mothers is very important to fetal baby.EssenceAlthough it is said that the early pregnancy cannot be replenished, the nutrition required for fetal development cannot be missing, so today I will summarize the six kinds of fetal foods in the early pregnancy. It is healthy and delicious. Pregnant mothers can collect them.

1. Grape

Summer is the season when grapes are mature. The sour taste of grapes at this stage is very suitable for pregnant mothers who are more discerning.The nutrients in grapes are very rich, and the vitamin substances and lecithin are very helpful for maintaining the health of pregnant mothers.How can the fetus develop well in such a high -quality environment?

2. Cherry

This fruit is also very popular in summer, with a small shape and slightly sour and sweet taste. In the summer, don’t be too comfortable.Don’t look at it small and exquisite. The iron content of the iron is one of the best in the same period. Some women have symptoms of anemia after pregnancy. Eat more cherries and the blood is full.And the taste of this fruit is relatively mild, and the sweet and sour taste is just right. Eating properly can also promote digestion and enhancement.

3, eggs

It is the ingredients often used in our daily life, which can be made into delicious food with many vegetables.Its nutritional value is very high, including a variety of nutrients required by the human body. Eat one or two every day. The nutritional intake of the pregnant mother’s foundation is guaranteed.Brain development.However, it should be noted when cooking. For pregnant mothers, the appetite may not be very good during pregnancy, so eggs are best made into boiled eggs and avoid high -fat and high sugar cooking methods.

4. Shrimp

We know that the fetus is gradually developing after pregnancy, and it will consume the nutritional reserves of the pregnant mother themselves. Among them, the larger consumption is calcium.It can help pregnant mothers to replenish 50g of calcium.However, because some pregnant mothers are more sensitive to seafood products, in order to prevent allergies, it is better to be cautious when eating.

5. Carrot

When it comes to this kind of food, the first thing that people think of is the unique carotene. After entering the digestive organs, this substance can be converted into VA, and VA has the effect of maintaining vision and greatly helps the visual development of the fetus.However, pregnant mothers should not blindly consume VA blindly to promote the development of fetal vision, because excessive VA in the body will cause poisoning and destroy the fetal development environment.

6. Spinach

Women have not developed in the early stages of pregnancy, and they need a lot of nutrients to participate and act on embryonic development to make the embryo develop better. One of the most indispensable nutritional elements is folic acid.Folic acid has the effect of repairing cells and preventing deformities, so pregnant mothers must appropriately increase the intake of spinach in the early stages of pregnancy.If the pregnant mother eats spinach, you can also try broccoli and cabbage, and the content of folic acid is also very sufficient.

It can be seen that women are very critical in the early stages of pregnancy. If they do not make nutritional supplements, they will delay the development of the fetus.Do you have these foods in the early stages of pregnancy?

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