It is good to eat walnuts during pregnancy. If this time, it will be more conducive to the development of the baby’s IQ

Everyone knows that after knowing the news of pregnancy, girls are very happy, especially for the first mothers of girls.Very excited and happy, and when you know that you are pregnant, you will be very careful about all kinds of things, especially if you have a special diet.

In fact, every Baoma hopes that their baby can have a high value and high IQ after birth, so that they will also win on the starting line, so when they are pregnant, they will have a certain prenatal education on the fetus.

I want the baby to feel the outside voice and promote his body development.In addition, it will promote children to obtain more nutrients by diet. Many Baoma will choose to eat walnut during pregnancy.Everyone knows that walnuts can help nourish the brain.

Therefore, there are many female friends who will replenish a lot of walnut during pregnancy. In fact, eating walnuts during pregnancy is good. It can supplement more protein and DHA, but you must pay attention to eating walnuts during pregnancy.It can be eaten anytime, anywhere. If you want to promote your baby’s IQ better, it will be more effective to choose to eat during this time.

The fetus chooses to "in" peaches at this time, which will become smarter:

Under normal circumstances, eating walnuts in about 3 to 4 months of pregnancy is the best time, because at this time it is a stage of fetal brain development. During this period, some nutrients are needed to add.Eating walnuts during this time can help promote children’s brain development.

Which time period is better to eat walnuts?

At the same time, it is also important to pay attention to a certain amount of fat in the walnut. If you have too much intake, it will easily cause obesity. This is a taboo for pregnancy. You must pay attention to the amount.Pay attention to time, choose around 10 am and 3 pm in the morning. These two times are just like the body is easy to be hungry, and one time is also the best time for the baby’s absorption.

Therefore, if you eat at this time, it will easily absorb your baby, and Baoma must pay attention to the nutritional balance during pregnancy. Do not greedy some spicy foods, or some cold stimulating food

Although you are very happy, your baby may be easily injured.And it is necessary to ensure sufficient sleep, and all vitamins are supplemented, which is good for children’s development, and you can make you get a better skin.

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