It is not difficult to be pregnant, and the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine helps you

The national second child policy is fully open. Many women of childbearing age are overjoyed. However, a few of them are happy, and many women are suffering from pregnancy, and people will increase their age when they are middle -aged.As the treasure of the Chinese nation, the unique Chinese medicine has a rich theory and method for the treatment of infertility. Through dialectical treatment, the dream of two children can be fulfilled and brings new hope to countless families.

Why can’t sperm and egg be perfectly combined

1. Modern Medicine Knowledge

1. Factory

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, premature ovarian function, uterine adenomia (endometriosis), fallopian tube inflammation, fallopian tube adhesion and obstruction, ovulation disorders, congenital ovarian -free ovarian immunity, severe vaginitis, severe child, severe childCervicitis, cervical polyps, uterine pouring back and fiery positions.

2. Male factor

Sperm, sperm -free, less essence, weakness, blood essence, sperm deformity and dead sperm, sperm varicose veins, congenital testicular dysplasia, hidden testosteria, orchitis or testicular atrophy, other endocrine diseases (diabetes), diabetes, diabetes, diabetes), diabetes,Cardiovascular diseases (such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia) and other factors can cause reduction of sperm, decreased mobility, or sperm malformations, leading to infertility.

2. TCM Knowledge

1. Kidney deficiency: lack of kidney qi, or atrioventricular failure, deficiency of the atrioventricular, and cell pulse of the pulse.

2. Liver depression: Seven emotions internal injuries, uncomfortable liver qi, and can not be funded.

3. Stick stasis: stagnation and stagnation, the unwavering of the cell palace and the cell veins leads to infertility.

4. Phlegm dampness: The thick flavor of the cream is hurting the spleen or the spleen of the liver, the sputum is wet, the body is overflowing, and the uterus is separated.

5. Cold condensation: Spleen and kidney yang deficiency or long -term illness hurts the yang, or like cold food, damage yang, rush to deficiency, cold coagulation stagnation.

6. Blood fever: Yin deficiency constitution, spicy and thick product or not, damage to the true yin, heat disturbance to the blood of the blood.

7. Both qi and blood deficiency: weakness in the body, excessive labor, long -term illness, excessive blood loss, qi and blood cannot support the cell palace.

3. Social psychological factors

The human reproductive process is closely related to long -term bad emotions. During the Second World War, more than half of women would not be pregnant is the best example.Life events are the most common psychological causes of infertility: including natural disasters, crowded population, accelerated rhythm of life, intensified competition, intensive interpersonal relationships, environmental pollution and cultural pollution.Occupation (such as highly concentrated work, strong physical strength and mental labor, work, and shifts), treatment, development opportunities, colleagues, superior relationships, laid -offs and knowledge updates, begging, husband and wife relationships, housing problems, economic constraints, no life, no life, no life, no life, no life, no life, no lifeAffairs, loved ones who have died suddenly, and the relationship between relatives and family members who have long-term need to take care of, leading to excessive mental tension, anxiety, or depression will affect the human body-pituitary-pituitary-gland axis.Estrogen hormone metabolism, irregular menstruation, endometrial tissue lesions, premature ovarian failure, and luteal function can affect the normal ovulation function, which can lead to the body’s generator -quality lesions and cause infertility.

The popular Chinese medicine therapy

The profound and profound Chinese medicine Chinese medicine has unique advantages in treating "infertility". It has its characteristics of "focusing on the overall, syndrome differentiation, reliable efficacy, safe and painlessness, natural non -toxic, cheap cost" and other characteristics. "It has always been favored and welcomed by the couples of childbearing age, and has also been highly valued and highly valued by the World Medicine.The dialectical types of Chinese medicine are as follows:

1. Kidney yin deficiency

Infertility after marriage, the moon is often advanced, the amount is small red, the menstrual period is prolonged, and the menstrual period is leaked.There are few light moss, and the pulse is fine.

Governance: nourish yin and nourish essence, adjust and replenish.

Pharmaceutical: Additional and subtracted jade soup.

2. Kidney yang deficiency

Infertility for a long time, delayed menstruation, or pushing after menstruation, or no menstruation, the menstrual colors are dim, the sexual desire is indifferent, the lower abdomen is cold and painful, and the amount is as clear as water;Dull of dark moss, the pulse is thin.

Governance: Warm Kidney Warm Palace, and replenish the replenishment.

Pharmaceutical: temperature cell drink plus and subtraction.

3. Internal resistance of phlegm

Infertility after marriage, obesity of the body, menstruation is often delayed, thin, and even menstruation is not possible; with a lot of menstruation, color, color and smelly;Essence

Governance method: dry dampness and phlegm, stagnation and menstruation.

Pharmaceutical: Cangfu Dao Shi Soup and subtraction.

4. Liver qi depression

Infertility after marriage, menstruation, or before or after, the menstruation is different, or the menstrual pain is painful; or before the breast pain, mental depression, goodness of goodness, dull tongue, thin white moss, thin pulse strings.

Governance: Differential liver and depression, regulating menstruation.

Pharmaceutical: Kaiyu Jade Soup.

5, stagnation cell palace syndrome

Infertility after marriage, after the menstruation is more pushed, the abdominal pain is very intensified.Or astringent,

Governance method: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, qi and rushing.

Pharmaceutical: Shaozi stasis soup plus and subtraction.

6. Cold obstruction cell certificate

Infertility after marriage, delayed menstruation, or leakage, poor dripping, dark blood color, or overdue of menstruation, or stopping the menstruation, accompanied by cold abdominal pain, deserted temperature, abdominal bloating, limbs, not limbs, not limbs, not limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs, no limbs.Warm, the tongue is dark red, and the pulse is thin and weak.

Governance: Warm meridians dispersing cold, nourishing blood and adjusting menstruation.

Pharmaceutical: Wen Jing Tang addition and subtraction.

7. Yin deficiency internal heat certificate

Infertility after marriage, advanced menstruation, large amount, or endless menstruation, accompanied by less abdominal burning, sore tongue, dried mouth, sore waist and knee, constipation of the stool, thin yellow tongue, thin yellow, pulse number.

Governance: Nourishing liver and kidney, clearing heat and regulating menstruation.

Pharmaceutical: Zhibai Dihuang Pills added and subtracted.

8. Qi and blood deficiency syndrome

Infertility after marriage, delay in menstruation, small amount, or endless menstruation, accompanied by withered white or unwavering, dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, reduced diet, pale tongue, weak pulse or weakness.

Governing Law: Extractional qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstruation to assist pregnancy.

Pharmaceutical: Eight Zhen Decoction addition and subtraction.

【Typical Case】

Patients, female, 35 years old, for one year of pregnancy, a year of pregnancy, the menstrual volume is significantly reduced.Increase, the body is fat, the amount of leucorrhea is small, the waist and knees are soft, the stool is dry, the menstrual cold, etc., the husband’s semen examination is normal.The B -ultrasound found that the double -testing ovarian multi -sacity changes, a little effusion in the pelvic cavity, and about 0.3cm thick in the endometrium.I have taken Da Ying-35 for the past year. The menstruation is basically normal, but it is not conceived. The symptoms rebounded in February after stopping the drug.Take Chinese medicine and comprehensively regulate psychological, diet and behavioral therapy for 7 months. The menstrual flow is basically normal.

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