It is not easy to get pregnant. What are the matters that should be paid different during each period? What are the things?

During pregnancy, it is really a hard, tense and happy time.Different things do not need to have such high requirements in other aspects, and pregnant mothers are not so hard.

The entire pregnancy period is divided into early pregnancy, second trimester, and third trimester.different.

In the early pregnancy, that is, 0-12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is still small, and the pregnancy time is still very short, and this time is mainly the focus of the fetal nerve differentiation. During this timeBesides

① To avoid fetal malformations and continue to supplement folic acid.Folic acid can prevent fetal nerve tube deformity. Many pregnant mothers have begun to eat when preparing for pregnancy. However, after pregnancy, pregnant women have greater demand for folic acid, so pregnant mothers must continue to supplement folic acid.The normal amount is generally 400 units per day. If it is accidental pregnancy or other reasons, it is best to supplement it according to the amount of the doctor’s guidance.Stay away from harmful substances.From the beginning of pregnancy, expectant mothers should stay away from harmful substances to the fetus, including chemicals that affect the fetus, such as nail oil, formaldehyde, etc.Damage, expectant mothers must stay away from these substances in time.

② Avoid fetal stop

When the early pregnancy is the most prone to fetal T. Specific mothers should pay attention to maintaining a comfortable mood to avoid causing blood circulation;

Don’t exercise strenuous exercise, so as not to bring harm to the baby;

Avoid eating foods with blood circulation.

③ Relieve early pregnancy response

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers may have a lot of discomfort. These are normal early pregnancy reactions, but many expectant mothers will affect the impact of pregnancy, and even some expectant mothers will affect their daily normal life because of pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers can relieve pregnancy through these methods:

Take it appropriately to relieve pregnancy;

You can drink some honey lemonade, sweet and sour, and can alleviate constipation;

You can eat some reduced food to relieve pregnancy;

Eat less meals, eat light diet, and reduce the problem of pregnancy.

Specific mothers should pay attention to rest, so that the fetus can find her bed faster and better, take root early, and closely linked with the expectant mother.

If there is an abnormal situation, if you are out of XUE, you must go to the hospital in time when your stomach hurts.

It is said that early pregnancy is the most dangerous. It is good after the early pregnancy, but don’t think that everything is good in the second trimester, and there are also tasks in the middle of pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy.

① On -time inspection

The first formal inspection was about 12 weeks. From then on, the door to the formal inspection was opened. Each production inspection had different purposes, such as NT from 11–13+6 weeks, Tang sieves from 16 to 18 weeks, 22 ~ 26Zhou’s four-dimensional, the sugar sieve at 24–28 weeks, will be carried out within a certain period of time. Moms are remembered to go to the production inspection on time.

Regarding this inspection, it is best to continue until the baby is born, because each birth check is important.

In addition, waiting for the results of the checkpoint is also very torment. The expectant mothers should try not to be too nervous, just treat it.

② Timely supplement nutrition

In the early pregnancy, because the fetus was relatively small, there were not many nutrition they needed, and expectant mothers generally met the needs of the fetus.

After the middle of pregnancy, the growth rate of the fetus has accelerated, and the nutritional is more. High -quality protein, calcium, iron, vitamin, etc. will increase one by one.

Specific mothers can eat more fish, meat, dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, etc., be sure to be nutritious and diverse.

③ Prevent stretch marks

As the stomach gets bigger and bigger, some expectant mothers are beginning to feel itchy belly, and they come to the door if they accidentally get the stretch marks.

From now on, expectant mothers will start to prevent the arrival of stretch marks, otherwise it may be too late in the future.

How to prevent stretch marks?

The first point is to control the growth rate of weight, and the weight can grow, but it must be uniform and cannot be too fast, otherwise the skin cannot stand.

The second point is to increase the elasticity of the skin, which can be completed by appropriate exercise.Properly increased protein food intake can also increase collagen, making the skin of the abdomen more flexible.

The third is to maintain the skin of the abdomen. Every morning and evening, you need to massage the skin on the belly and apply skin moisturizing skin.

The second trimester is a relatively easy period of time during the whole pregnancy. After doing these things above, expectant mothers can consider taking activities such as pregnant women’s photos and surrounding travels. Taking advantage of the belly, they are not too big.

In the third trimester, the task of expectant mothers will be heavier, because there will be more matters that need to be paid attention to in the third trimester, and because the fetus will grow up, expectant mothers need to be more careful.

① Persist in counting the fetal movement every day to understand the condition of the fetus in time

After entering the third trimester, expectant mothers need to count several fetal movements a day to understand the fetus in the uterus through changes in fetal movement so that they can find the abnormalities of the fetus in time.

It is best to count 3 times a day, at least one, each hour, and write down the daily fetal movement rules. Generally, the number of fetal movements per hour is not less than 3-5 times.It was 30 ~ 40 times.

When abnormalities are found, such as fetal movement, strength, etc., obviously not must be admitted to the hospital in time.

② Prevent premature birth, pay attention to safety

After entering the third trimester, expectant mothers must also prevent premature fetal birth, so it is best not to work too much, let alone bend over for a long time, and do physical work for a long time.break.

Even if you take a bath or to the toilet, you should pay attention to safety as much as possible to avoid collision, especially to protect the abdomen.

③ Control weight

After entering the third trimester, the nutrition required by the fetus has increased again than in the middle of the pregnancy, and the expectant mothers are more likely to feel hungry, but expectant mothers must also remember that do not use the baby’s belly as a cover, "deceive" herself by themselvesEat, otherwise your weight and fetal baby will not be controlled by control, increasing the difficulty and risk of childbirth.

Moreover, if the weight increases too much, it is estimated that the expectant mothers will be scared by the stretch marks on her.

I don’t know if you still remember that in "Biography of Rugao", Hailan’s little fairy was framed during pregnancy, causing constant eating during pregnancy, and then the stretch marks of a belly.The stretch marks of the stomach have never been sleeping.

Beauty mothers must pay attention to.

Throughout pregnancy, the chest has been developing like the fetus, the purpose is to work normally after the fetus is born.

After the third trimester, some expectant mothers will also have a small amount of milk. It can be seen that room R is really preparing all the time.

Then the expectant mother should cooperate with the R room and do a good job:

You can usually massage the breast ducts appropriately and do a good job of cleaning.

You can also reduce discomfort through hot compresses.

The main thing is that you must put on the right underwear in time. Do not be too tight, so as not to affect the development of the chest again.

Throughout pregnancy, proper exercise, good mood and time -sharing check -ups are essential. Specific mothers do not have to entangle at what stage, just do it.

"In the end", expectant mothers also have to prepare before childbirth, including preparations for the birth of the package, learning about childbirth knowledge, etc., so that they can calmly cope during childbirth.

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