It is said whether the contraceptive pill that can cause cancer can be eaten. One article tells you

Recently, there are many questions about consulting contraceptives in the background of Yuexue Park. How should emergency contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives and long -acting contraceptives be selected?How to eat?Whether it will cause cancer for a long time … All kinds of problems are involved in "people’s livelihood" (the focus is on life). Xiaobian will tell you clearly today.

Firefighters shoulder the responsibility of emergency fire extinguishing. Only after the "passion burning" that has occurred without contraceptive measures, it needs it to extinguish the fire.And focus on "fast and fierce", but the overall effectiveness is about 80%.Quick -must be taken in 72 hours -only for this "fire" ruthless -contains a large amount of hormones, which can easily lead to endocrine disorders and menstrual cycle changes.

At the same time, people with severe migraine, diabetes, pancreatitis, liver and kidney damage, severe thrombosis disease, or those who have a history of thrombotic diseases are not recommended.

Because it is too "ruthless", emergency contraceptives are a last resort. They must not be used as a regular contraceptive method, let alone take it for a long time.After all, no one wants to invite firefighters, right?

The so -called green tea is very innocent and kind, playing with you in the back.This is also the best means of long -acting contraceptives.It has always played advertisements of "long cycle" and "convenient and worry -free".Of course, it has no false propaganda, but just opened a filter.It is displayed in front of the camera: the long -term contraceptive pill for oral oral — take 1 month to take a long -effect contraceptive needle -1 month 1 needle contraceptive patch -1 per week, 3 consecutive weeks, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stopOne week, 3 pieces of skin buried each month -longer time

However, the filter is filtered: the hormone content is greater than the emergency contraceptive, and it is easy to accumulate in the body, and the side effects are obvious.Oral long -acting contraceptive pills -bleeding, breast pain, severe amenorrhea long -acting contraceptive needle -menstrual disorders, bleeding or amenorrhea contraceptives -irregular vaginal bleeding bleeding -bleeding or irregular bleeding,A few have amenorrhea or functional ovarian cysts, emotional changes, headaches, etc.

Once there are side effects and the symptoms are not eased in the short term, it is recommended to seek medical treatment or stop medicine.

Of course, if you have obvious gastrointestinal reactions for oral contraceptives, you can consider non -oral categories.

In addition, if you want to have a baby, you can start to prepare for pregnancy after stopping the medicine, otherwise it may have an impact on the embryo.

In summary, we basically don’t recommend it.

Compared with the first two short -acting contraceptives, it is simply a warm -hearted little cotton jacket.Its hormone content is low and can be quickly metabolized.If you want to have a baby, you can prepare the next month after stopping the medicine.

Moreover, it is not good to make no trouble. In addition to trying to contraception, it can also regularly menstrual cycle, acne, and relieving dysmenorrhea (it seems that Xiaobian wants to use it to remove acne, it is not unreasonable).

Well, heavy clothes are more troublesome to wear, which is also a major shortcoming.The method of taking is more test endurance and memory: The first or 2nd to 5 days of the menstrual tide is taken. Take once a day and take it for 21 days in a row for a cycle.In the first 7 days of the first box of medicines, the barrier was used, such as condoms.Once the leakage takes 12 hours, it takes 3 days if the leakage is missed, this cycle is invalidated and re -calculated.Take medicine at the same time every day


If you are pregnant because of omissions, it will basically not affect the embryo

Some symptoms similar to early pregnancy reactions may occur after taking it, such as nausea, dizziness, etc. Because the amount of hormone intake will make your body think that you are pregnant. At this timeMonth) disappear.If the symptoms continue or have brown spot or herpes, the drug must be discontinued.

It should be noted that people with breast cancer, cervical cancer, thrombosis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, liver tumors, and hepatitis are disabled.

1 If you want to take care of health and effects, then short -acting contraceptives are a good choice.

2 Strictly optimistic about the instructions and find information that is suitable for you, especially to indicate contraindications such as thrombosis and migraine.

3 It is more suitable for women who do not smoke under 35 years old.

4 Drugs with diseases or are taking other drugs, such as stabilization or anti -anxiety and antibiotics, please consult a doctor and use contraceptives in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

5 Most short -acting contraceptives are prescription medicines. Consult the doctor at your own situation and issue it by the doctor.Although some contraceptives are non -prescription drugs and can be purchased directly at the hospital, it is still recommended to take it under the guidance of a professional physician or pharmacist.

Q: Will taking contraceptive pills increase weight?

Answer: This is indeed the case of early contraceptives. Three generations and four contraceptives have no such problems.

Question: Taking contraceptives can cause menstrual disorders and reduce fertility?

Answer: Types of contraceptive pills.For example, short -acting contraceptives can protect fertility and help menstruation.However, emergency contraceptives will have side effects, and it is not recommended to eat non -necessary situations.The long -acting contraceptive pill is easy to accumulate in the body due to the large amount of hormones, so the side effects are relatively obvious.

Question: Will taking contraceptives increase the risk of cancer?

Answer: From the perspective of research progress in recent years, short -acting oral contraceptives will not increase the risk of cancer.However, if tumors or pre -cancer lesions have occurred, contraceptives cannot be taken orally.It is recommended to choose other methods such as condoms.

Q: Can I take contraceptives during breastfeeding?

Answer: It is not recommended to take any contraceptive pill.If you have to use emergency contraceptives, you must read the instructions carefully. It is recommended to suspend breastfeeding for about 3 days, and then restore breastfeeding after 3 days. During this period, pay attention to lift your breasts in time to prevent the occurrence of milk and mastitis.

Question: What should I do if I want to adjust the irregular menstruation by taking contraceptives?

Answer: It is not recommended to take medicine without authorization, because the cause of the same symptoms may be different. You should go to the gynecology department to find out the cause and according to the doctor.The same is true for those who want to remove acne or relieve dysmenorrhea.(Keke, Xiaobian dare not act without authorization, so please ask the doctor to decide according to my physical condition, let’s settle it again)

Q: Will short -acting contraceptives increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy if the contraceptive failure fails?

Answer: contraception fails, and the chance of ectopic pregnancy is relatively high.

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