It is three -point poisonous medicine, taking Dianying 35 for many years, or spreading these 7 big troubles

Da Ying 35 is a contraceptive pill that can improve body estrogen. Compared with other contraceptives, Da Ying 35’s side effects are relatively small in the current contraceptive pills in the market.If you have carefully studied the taboos of Da Ying’s taking, women who are healthy will not have a negative impact on their bodies.As long as it does not exceed half a year, it will not be considered long -term.Da Ying 35 is taken for a long time for more than a year, but the harm caused by long -term oral administration is much more harmful.

1. The harm of eating Daying 35 for a long time

1. Tears, pain, increased breasts, liquid secretions occur.

2. The central nervous system will have headache, migraine headache, persistent headache, sexual desire, emotional depression, or changes in temperament.

3. Nausea, vomiting, indigestion, appetite, and other gastrointestinal diseases occur in the gastrointestinal tract.

4. The skin will have a variety of skin diseases (such as rash, erythema, polymorphic erythema) and dermatitis.

5. There is a problem with the urogenital system, such as increased vaginal discharge.

6. Da Ying 35 contains a large amount of estrogen, which can regulate endocrine disorders in the body. The level of estrogen is very high, and the body will cause gastrointestinal discomfort.In addition, menstrual disorders, menstrual amenorrhea, ovarian suppression and other phenomena will occur, which will destroy women’s normal menstruation and cause physical mechanism to be destroyed.

7. Taking Da Ying 35 for a long time will cause vascular disease, which will affect the normal mechanism of the body.

The role of Daying 35

1. Sex hormones are not on normal values and follicles, and most of them will form polycystic ovary syndrome. Treatment of polycystic ovarian ovaries is one of the important means of lowering androgens.Only by regulating the male hormones in the body normally, the ovulation effect in the ovary is good.

2. Da Ying 35 is well known as a oral short -acting contraceptive pill. It is taken on time and on time, and the contraceptive rate is close to 100 %.But the medicine is three -point poison, so Daying 35 also has certain side effects.Some people will have a similar pregnancy reaction after taking it, such as nausea, vomiting, eating, and changes in temperament. There will also be symptoms of vaginal bleeding, and there will be individual menstrual irregular menstruation or amenorrhea.In addition, some people will have obvious weight gain and skin changes, and individual patients will also cause headaches, unclear visual objects, breast pain and other diseases.

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