It turned out that in the eyes of cats, the owner picked it up, representing this meaning

I believe that many cat owners like to hold their own cats, so do you know what cats do cats think like this?It turned out that in the eyes of cats, the owner picked it up, representing these meanings!

Don’t look at cats that are always not afraid of the sky. In fact, they are very timid, and they will be scared when they are slightly windy.trembling.At this time, the pet owner usually holds a cat to soothe it.

So in the eyes of cats, in fact, the owner hug it to protect it, and the cat will feel safe in the arms of the owner, calm down slowly, and it will rely more and more to rely on the owner.

If every time you go home from get off work, you always pick up the cat and kiss it for the first time. What is the "little baby" in your heart? During this time, I miss it very much.Cats feel your love and will slowly fall in love with you.

However, if the cat has not recognized you yet, your enthusiastic hug will make it unbearable. It may push you away proudly, and it will also show a disgusting expression.

If you once hugged the cat and then let go, see if the cat can be on the ground, this will make the cat particularly scared, and it will also leave a psychological shadow for the cat.So when you pick it up again, the cat may think that you may want to fall it again, so it will constantly struggle.

If you want a cat to trust you, don’t do these prank!

In fact, the cat’s empathy is very strong. It can easily understand the owner’s emotions, which depends on whether it is willing to ignore you.When some pet owners are in a bad mood, no one around them can rely on, and they will pick up their own cats, hoping to get warmth on cats.

The cat feels the sadness of the owner. It knows that at this time, the owner hugs it to be comforted and relied.comfort.Cats have been raised for a long time, and it will really be like family and friends, it will always be by your side.

If you have been holding a cat for a long time, and you have been shattered, telling something to some things that have nothing to do, and you have been having it, then in the cat’s view, you are too boring, nothing to do,That’s why holding it without letting go.Some cats will cooperate with the owner very intimately, but most cats are not patient. They may feel impatient after you hold it for a while, and start to break free and run away.

When the weather is cold, many pet owners will hold their cats, and even stuff their hands and feet into the cat’s hair to keep them warm.After many times, the cat knows that he is the role of "warm baby".However, the owner’s body temperature is very high, and the cat feels warm, so the cat is willing to warm each other like this.

Conclusion: When you pick up a cat, what will it react?

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