Itchy after pregnancy?Pregnant women must pay attention to it, otherwise they will really hurt themselves

Many women can easily have itching after pregnancy. A expectant mother once found her palm and feet during pregnancy, often itching.Especially in the evening it was unbearable, I finally went to the hospital for examination. I did not expect that it was a pregnancy period of pregnancy.This mother is very fortunate to find it in time, otherwise her disease may affect the health of the fetus.

Therefore, Baoma found itchy during pregnancy. Do n’t take it for granted. You must go to the hospital for relevant examinations. Do not let the disease affect the healthy growth of the baby.

Moreover, cholecystilies during pregnancy are common diseases during pregnancy, and many mothers will encounter it.Moreover, there are still few causes of such diseases. It is not clear. It may be related to the rise in body hormones during pregnancy and family inheritance, or other environmental factors.


The first symptoms may be red with palms and feet, sometimes itching, and itching is mostly located on the abdomen and limbs of the body.

Sometimes Baoma may have unknown itching. Sometimes there is nothing in the early stage, but after a few days, the symptoms will become more and more serious, and it will even appear itching throughout the body. It is particularly unbearable at night.


The disease of bile stasis has a fatal impact on the baby, because the bile of stasis is a fatal poison for the baby. It can easily cause the baby to stop developing premature birth, or intracranial hemorrhage, and slow development.

A more serious situation will even make the baby dying in the palace, and there is no previous sign.Even if the baby can be born, the baby’s mortality rate is particularly high.

If the pregnant mother encounters the above situation during pregnancy, she should go to the hospital for examination in time. After testing the results of the blood drawing, if it is a prize amin aminotransferase, the biliary acid in the body is obviously exceeded."Pregnancy of cholene stasis in the liver".

The pregnancy pruritic rash syndrome may be the size of the mung bean -sized rash at first, and the round top may have flat equal -to -equal mobilization.Pregnant mothers will feel itching, skin burning, or body fever.

This is actually an autoimmune disease, which is related to pregnancy hormones or skin sensitivity.Generally, about one month after childbirth, it will subscribe naturally.

However, you should go to the hospital in time in time, and you should also pay attention to keeping your body skin clean and eat less irritating food.

The soft tissue of Bao Ma’s skin during pregnancy is opened, and itching may appear on the bulge parts such as Baoma Island’s belly, butt, buttocks.This is also a warning of stretch marks, which shows that stretch marks will appear on the body.

Little red pimples do not look large, and the symptoms are not very critical, so generally do not require special treatment, and it can also be faded on its own after giving birth. Generally, it will not affect the growth and development of the baby.But Mom must avoid causing skin infection.

After pregnancy, Baoma’s demand for moisture also increases. If it encounters hot or dry weather, it will not be able to replenish in time, and the skin will become dandruff and cause itching.Therefore, expectant mothers should pay more attention to moisturizing the skin.

Skin allergies are generally itchy skin and edema of rash, but the situation varies from person to person. Doctors need to do specific diagnosis.

So does Baoma know what should I do if my body skin is itchy?In short, Baoma should know that there is no trivial matter during pregnancy. If there are some adverse symptoms, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time to prevent the disease from affecting the fetus.

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