It’s just a mother, I have no choice but to be strong

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brute!Wu Xueming, you are a bastard, you fucking are not human, how can you treat me like this!

How can you do this to Nini …

I was crazy, and I tried hard to tear up Wu Xueming, who was silent.

Nearly the sound of sorrow, sounding the whole room …

Think about it, regardless of my parents’ opposition, I turned around with my family, just to marry you, just to stay with you for a lifetime.

Now, you actually proposed to divorce with me.

The reason is that you feel tired, too tired, and fall in love with others, just to live a happy life for the rest of your life.

what about me?What about our children?What about our happiness?

In the past, the scenes of the scenes rushed into the heart, the heart was more painful, and it was drawn.

Each of his words kept playing in my mind, and each word kept stabbing my heart with a sharp knife with a stab.

Each knife has blood, and the thrust of each knife will bring bleeding heart meat. This pain is unbearable …

The tears were madly out of madness, the tears were mixed, and the smearing was everywhere.

The crazy and furious tears, the clothes were messy, and the sparse hair originally fluttered everywhere, like an out of control.

In the past, the calmness and quietness became desperate at this moment, just to find the answer, the answer that could abandon me, abandon my daughter, and abandon the icing abyss’s answer.

Tears, snot, and sweat mixed together, and the venting of crazy took my last strength.

I was paralyzed on the cold ground, and the hysterical shouting made my throat, and I couldn’t make a trace of sound, so I collapsed and let the tears flow …

"Sorry, I’m really tired, I’m just going to live." Wu Xueming, empty eyes and cold expression.

After saying this faintly, I pushed the door without nostalgia.

"No, no, don’t, you can’t, you can’t leave me, you can’t leave Nini!" He closed the door, surprised me.

I tried hard, but couldn’t make a sound.

I tried to climb in the direction of the door, but I couldn’t move halfway.

Wu Xueming, the once oath of the mountain alliance!

That spoil me, love me, I won’t take me in my life.

That Wu Xueming, who had been full of gentle eyes and full of his belly, had a shading for me.

Everything becomes cold, full of sore …


On October 1st, I was rushed out of the obstacle, and we finally entered the palace of marriage!

At that moment, I had all happiness!

After getting married, Wu Xueming loved me even more!

He goes to work every day, and I make meals at home and wait for him to get off work, becoming the happiest thing!

Every day, he will help me do housework, wash clothes, clean up, and clean it every day when he gets out of work. Sometimes in the morning, I do n’t want to get up early., Never want to wake me up.

As soon as he got married, he had no money at home, and he saved money.

Cook a egg every morning and leave it for me. He is reluctant to eat it.

Although he lived well later, he was used to cooking only one egg and looked at me to eat.

I still remember that at that time, I was very thin and often sick.

With a cold and fever, every time he had a fever, he was distressed. He didn’t sleep all night. He put me a wet towel for a while.

In the summer, I suddenly fainted. He was so scared that he was rushed to the hospital.

When I woke up, he grabbed my hand and trembled. He said that I fainted and frightened him, for fear that I couldn’t wake up and left him.

The corner of his eyes was wet, and his voice choked and said that he couldn’t without me!In his eyes, I regard me as true as a treasure!

For a while, I suddenly insomnia, and I didn’t sleep all night. He didn’t sleep all night to accompany me.

He said it would be sad if I let me stay up late!

When we talked about when we just met, you said how naughty I was. When I saw me at first glance, I couldn’t move my eyes again, and I couldn’t let others in my heart.

Then, we talked about our secret date. Regardless of the opposition of our parents, we couldn’t easily marry me home and hold me in my arms.

We even made a lot of plans for the future life, including our children. I said that I like girls, you say you like it, because girls will definitely be as beautiful, gentle and kind as me.The name is Nini.


Time, five years of happiness passed by, watching the children of other people ran away, and my stomach was still stunned and there was no movement.

"Oh! Look at Xueming’s daughter -in -law! I have been married for several years, and there is no movement until now, can I not be born!" Relatives and sister -in -law looked at me strangely.

"Hey! You don’t know! You see that she looks thin and small. I heard that my body is not good, I always have a cold and fever, and I go to the hospital if I can’t move it.You have to raise her, raise it, and keep it, you ca n’t even give birth to a child! Poor Xueming! "Sanzi, said the wind and cool words, usually did not see how they care about Xueming, Xueming mother goesEarly, his dad took care of Xueming himself, and when he was a father and mother, he never saw them helping his fingers.

In this case, I listened too much. At first they still carried me back, and then I was simply not afraid of me.

I don’t have a taste in my heart. I also think it is my problem. It may be that I am weak and uncomfortable. I have a very self -blame in my heart.

Every time I encounter such a thing, Wu Xueming will stand beside me to comfort me.

In fact, I know that he also likes children, and eagerly wants a child. Whenever he sees other children’s children, he will be envious of watching for a long time.

The desire in my eyes made me feel more sad.

Later, we decided to go to the hospital for examination to see where the specific problems were and why we could not get pregnant.

I went to the hospital with my heart. On the way, I thought a lot. I think if it was my reason, then I chose to divorce, and I couldn’t drag Wu Xueming.

On the way, he held me tightly in his arms, and I knew he was nervous!

However, after a series of inspections came out, it proved that neither of us had problems!

But there have been no children for several years.

After that, we have embarked on the road to ask for a long way,

All kinds of Chinese medicines, prescriptions, and bitter medicines, as long as I think that there can be children, I will swallow it positively.

After five or six years of tossing, there was still no progress, and his stomach still had no movement!

After we were exhausted, we spent most of the savings, we were completely disappointed, and we gave up all kinds of sisters.

When I gave up, my heart was relieved and more comfortable. The tangles in the past five or six years, the disappointment again and again, became easy, and life seemed to return to that happiness again.

Life returned to the former trajectory, Wu Xueming went to work every day.

I also find a job selling goods at the supermarket near home.Life is calm and warm.


In the Spring Festival of 2015, every family was full of joy.

Every year, I spent a lot of dishes with Wu Xueming. Although I did n’t have a child, my father -in -law did not say anything, and it was polite to me.

A table of meals, in the sound of firecrackers, resigned and welcomed the new and opened the curtain of the New Year.

After a few sips of meals, the father -in -law suddenly fainted.

We quickly took him to the hospital and checked the advanced lung cancer. This bad news disappeared the festive flavor and disappeared.

I resolutely resigned from work and carefully took care of my father -in -law at the hospital, but the good times did not last long. In three months, the father -in -law died quietly.

The funeral was simply held, and the whole family was shrouded in sadness.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that in the face of the disease, we seemed so small and powerless in the face of death.

Maybe, we are all the passers -by of this hurried world!


After the father -in -law burned Sanqi, on the way back, I began to vomit, dizzy and cold for a while. It stands to reason that the weather is getting warmer and not cold.

Perhaps he was anxious to get angry, and caught up with the cemeteries a little cold and cold.

I thought about it, just go home and take some medicine, but Wu Xueming didn’t rest assured that he took me to the hospital.

Maybe, this is God’s will!When you do n’t ask for it, you will give you everything.

Medical testing, I was pregnant, and repeatedly confirmed that it was true that I was pregnant. This child who has been looking forward to for more than ten years is here.

On the way home, I don’t dare to believe it, ask again and again.

Wu Xueming, he couldn’t keep his mouth, tell me again and again, it was really pregnant, we really have children.

The arrival of the child suddenly broke the clouds at home.

I have become a key protection at home!The ten fingers do not stick to the spring water.

Immersed in happiness.

In October, I was pregnant and finally ushered in our baby daughter -Nini

The whole family is immersed in the joy of getting gold.

Over the years, Wu Xueming is good to me. All his performances are in my parents’ eyes. His parents also recognized him. His father was not good. Mom had to take care of his father. He could only take care of me and went home to take care

I bring my children myself, although it is very hard, but my heart is beautiful. Wu Xueming returns from get off work every day. Hurry up and cook, help me bring my children so that I can make it easier.

Nini’s arrival makes this home more complete and happier.

Although there are no wealth and wealth, we are diligent and frugal, and we still have some surplus. For me, we are really satisfied and happy!

Every day spent in happiness, Nini slowly learned to climb and learn to walk.

But emotions are getting worse and bad, often crying, and I didn’t feel anything at first, but simply believed that it may be because we all love her too much and make her spoof.

However, as Nini grows up a little bit, it becomes more and more different from other children.

When Nini was two years old, we took her to the hospital for a systematic detection.

However, he got a bad news. Nini cerebral atrophy and congenital intellectual obstacles were obtained. This bad news made our sky collapse.

Wu Xueming and I sighed that happiness came too short, but looking at Nini’s bright eyes, we encouraged each other and decided to cure Nini.

Since then, I have embarked on a long way to seek medical treatment.

As Nini grew up, her condition became more and more serious. Sometimes, when she played and played, she suddenly cried and made trouble.

The most important thing is that when we arrived at the age of the kindergarten, we ran around, but no kindergarten was willing to keep Nini.

Nini often crying will go to kindergarten. I can only soothe, no other way.

Nini is getting bigger and bigger, and her strength is getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes I can’t hold her. The original happy home suddenly fell into the bottom.

Every day, in a depressed and low atmosphere.

Wu Xueming, who has always been docile, became irritable at this time. All the pressure of life was pressed on him alone, I understand.

Many times he is home, and I dare not talk to him, we are tight.

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