It’s not pregnant to vomit. Where is the problem?

I was lying on the bed some time ago, my head was dizzy, and my heart was disgusting and uncomfortable. I wanted to vomit, but I couldn’t vomit.

Because I am still a single woman and there is no possibility of pregnancy, where is the problem?

At first, I felt that my stomach was not good, I certainly didn’t pay attention to diet, and I ate irritating food.Think back that they are cooking at home. They are all commonplace. Where can I say that there is a bad stomach?

From last year’s internship, I have not worked for a serious job and prepared for exams at home.Because the self -control is very poor, the effect is not good, either eat or sleep every day.

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Even sleeping time is growing, and the previous 8 hours of sleep was enough to keep me for a day.

No now!There is no lunch break at noon, and the lunch break is also amazing, up to an hour and a half.

I think this is the problem. People can’t always lie down and idle. Sooner or later, they will have a problem. This does not sign!

I have always been vomited by my friends around me, because my work and rest and lifestyle have always been very healthy, and I have a fight with the retired elderly!

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However, since returning home, all kinds of factors and various cumbersome things have kept my rules continuously broken, causing me to do it again according to my own plan. I simply break the jar and break!

It is also for a long time to do nothing, and the schedule is irregular. I lie down when I have nothing to do. My body has warned me many times to remind me to improve my lifestyle and pay attention to health!

It should be the soaring weight that I have to pay attention to this issue!Girls love beauty, and nothing more exciting than soaring weight, I’m no exception!

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Since then, I have to exercise for 1 hour every day after planning, study for 4 hours, do housework, learn cooking, etc. Try to move myself as much as possible. As the saying goes: As long as you move, you will succeed most of them!

Every day I will jump 1,000 times with a combination of legs, opening and closing, and kicking, and I will make two groups of April’s skinny legs. Finally, it is stretching.The extension of the knee has improved a lot!

The public base studies 4 hours a day. During the period, the questions, positive, and recapitaging knowledge points may be very high, but it has just started and there is time.

I made two meals a day. I changed their tricks every day. Search for tutorials in a book and followed the above steps. Many dishes are very successful!I think the sweet and sour pork ribs I do are very good!

Finally, I was exploring the self -media every day. I didn’t want to make money, I just wanted to record how I spent my day?

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Therefore, people still have to do their own things. Do not think about it all day, do their own things, and cultivate their hobbies, and life will be more exciting.

After many women do housewives, their mentality will be bad. I am also here. I am always busy with family affairs after getting married.It is getting worse and worse, and the couple’s quarrel will become more and more serious!

There are many similar things. The common point is that we have to live ourselves. Only when we learn to love ourselves and respect ourselves can we love the people around us and get the respect of people around us!

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