It’s so angry, there is a strange smell under the armpit, how should pregnant mothers solve

Pregnancy is ecstatic and excited.Pregnancy makes women glowing, full of "pregnancy", beautiful and moving.However, underarm odor made pregnant women sad and frustrated.We have to admit that underarm odor will have a huge impact on the life of pregnant women, and it will make the mood of pregnant women fall into thousands of.A underarm odor is a kind of body odor, and it tastes more uncomfortable.The ratio of women in the body of body odor has a higher ratio of body odor, especially pregnant women.

What is the cause of underarm odor?

Generally speaking, there are two types of sweat glands, one is that the exogenous glands, also known as the small sweat glands, are distributed in the whole body, secreting 99%of water and 0.5%salt.The other is the top of the pepper glands, also known as the sweat glands to the dermis layer of the skin. It is opened at the root of the hair and is only distributed under the armpit or genitals and eyebrows. It will secrete a thicker liquid, containing fat, protein and iron.Then use the bacteria on the armpit to decompose sweat, forming a bad odor.Most of the body odor occurred in adolescence and was influenced by emotions and hormones.

Moreover, the body odor will be inherited. According to the survey, 80%of people with both parents will be inherited. If only one parent has one side has body odor, then the probability of genetics is 50%.Because it is in adolescence, the body odor emitted by itself is mentally formed by stress, restlessness, and frustration, and then forms social obstacles, which seriously hinders the development of normal personality.

Women are more active than men, and they will change cyclical with menstrual period. The most secretion before menstruation, the lowest period of menstruation. After menstruation, this gland will stop secreting, and there will be no body odor.Big sweat glands mainly exist in armpits, and some still exist in areola, anus, vulva and external auditory canal.

So, how to solve the trouble of underarm odor?

1. Use pregnant women’s medicines

Pregnant women have body odor, it is best not to perform surgery or oral treatment, because these methods have great disadvantages to fetuses and pregnant women.If the body odor (underarm odor) has a heavy smell of pregnant women, some drugs available for pregnant women can be used to treat body odor.Gynecologists recommend using more gentle drugs, which is more suitable for pregnant women.It can keep the armpits dry, inhibit the secretion of thexillary sweat, and kill bacteria on the skin under the armpit, inhibit the regeneration of skin bacteria, and make the underarm odor lose the external environment.After using the underarm odor, it can keep it without recurrence for a long time.Basically, it is possible to have one time in the morning and evening. If the situation is serious, it can be applied two to three times during the day, but the number of times should not be too much.

2. Bathing soap to reduce bacteria breeding

After the axillary, the sweat and bacteria of the areola, anus, vulva, and external ear canal will emit odor. Therefore, it is necessary to treat underarm odor. Keep your body cleaning and reduce the breeding of bacteria, so that the underarm odor will not occur.You can use soap two to three times a day; if you want to go to work without taking a bath, you should also clean the armpit regularly.If you sweat a lot after exercise, take a bath as soon as possible, otherwise the bacteria will breed and reproduce, and the odor will be stronger.

Third, keep a pleasant and optimistic mood

Women with body odor are irritable, sensitive, and emotional during pregnancy. Many physiological changes in the emotional process are related to the activity of endocrine glands, which will significantly increase the underarm odor.Be sure to maintain a pleasant and optimistic mood, which can not only reduce the physiological reactions during pregnancy, but also help the treatment of body odor (underarm odor).Patients with underarm odor must be cheerful and regular.If you feel nervous, there will be abnormal sweating under the armpit, and it will make a unpleasant taste.

4. Avoid eating heavy taste and irritating food

Many women’s tastes will become very heavy during pregnancy, such as some irritating foods, such as green onions, garlic, pepper, etc. Pregnant women with body odor should try to avoid eating these foods as much as possible!Furthermore, eating on time in dietary habits, in addition to maintaining the nutrition required for the metabolism and consumption of your body, you must also ensure the growth and development of the fetus.With the progress of pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant women will gradually increase, but the nutritional balance should be paid to the balanced food structure.Food should be diversified, and food should be matched with halo and thickness.It must be noted that supplementary foods are protein, crickets, minerals and vitamins.

In short, do not pay too much attention to pregnant women with underarm odor. Usually pay attention to emotional stability, live regularly, develop a good habit of good work and rest, diet, living, and activities, so that the nervous system can establish good conditional reflexes, avoid endocrine to avoid endocrineNervous disorders reduce disorders of sweat glands.

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