Japan Research: Can sweet potato eliminate 98%of cancer cells, is it really or fake?The truth is here

Last year, Uncle Chen’s wife was diagnosed with early bowel cancer. Fortunately, after removing the cancer, the wife had been recovering well.

After this suffering, Uncle Chen began to look for anti -cancer food therapy. He saw some articles from the Internet saying: sweet potatoes can not only anti -cancer, but also reduce blood sugar.Therefore, Uncle Chen steamed some sweet potatoes for his wife every day.

Does sweet potato really have the effect of preventing cancer and hypoglycemic?Today, Xiaojiu will talk to you.

Sweet potato is a rough grain with high nutritional value. It is rich in various elements such as dietary fiber, carotene, multiple vitamins, potassium, iron and other elements.Essence

The saying that sweet potato can anti -cancer is actually a study from the National Cancer Research Center in Japan.

The researchers tracked a survey of 260,000 people’s diet and living habits, and found that vegetables have a certain inhibitory effect on cancer, and 20 kinds of anti -cancer vegetables are listed, of which sweet potato ranks first.The study showed that the cancer suppression rate of sweet potatoes reached 94.4%, and the cooked sweet potato cancer suppression rate reached 98.7%.

But does this mean that sweet potatoes can really resist cancer?First of all, the study has not been experimented on the human body. The results obtained by animal and cell experiments cannot be directly inferred to the human body.So the saying that sweet potato anti -cancer is not scientific.

Nutritionist Gu Chuanling reminded that it is obviously unscientific to rely on sweet potatoes to play a role in anti -cancer, and he cannot blindly follow.

As a food with a very high nutritional value, sweet potatoes, the real benefit of eating sweet potatoes is the following points.

First, sweet potatoes can prevent constipation.Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber. After entering the body, they can promote gastrointestinal motility and have a laxative effect. For constipation, they can also relieve symptoms.

Secondly, people with weight loss can eat sweet potatoes appropriately.After eating sweet potatoes, it can bring a strong sense of satiety to the body, and it promotes the excretion of fat and sugar in the food, which can help lose weight.

Finally, eating sweet potatoes is good for the eyes.After the carotene contained in sweet potatoes enters the body, it can be converted into vitamin A, helping to protect vision and improve children’s night blindness.

To determine whether a food is suitable for diabetic patients, the sugar lift index is a critical measurement indicator.

The sugar lift index (GI value) refers to the impact of blood sugar after ingesting a certain food. The higher the sugar lift index, the more blood sugar will increase after consumption.The GI value of sweet potatoes is 77. It is really not low, but it is lower than the 82 of rice, and the dietary fiber contained in sweet potatoes can delay the rise of blood sugar after entering the body.

In daily life, diabetic patients can use sweet potatoes to replace some staple foods, but eating sweet potatoes are also particular. Once they are not eaten, the sugar lift index of sweet potatoes is also very high.

The GI value of raw sweet potato is about 32, and the steamed sweet potato and boiled sweet potato GI value is about 63. After the cooked sweet potato cools down, the GI value will be slightly decreased slightly.This is also needed by patients with diabetes. Therefore, diabetic patients with stable blood sugar value can be eaten in moderation, but they must reduce other staple foods accordingly.

In addition, it is important to note that the GI value of roasted sweet potatoes is as high as 94, and patients with diabetes are cautious.

There are many rumors about sweet potatoes on the Internet, and some even say that eating sweet potatoes can easily induce hyperlipidemia. For patients with hyperlipidemia, they are even more likely to exist. Is this statement unbelievable?

Sweet potatoes will not have a greater impact on the blood lipid level in the body.Because sweet potatoes are foods of coarse grains, they are rich in dietary fiber inside, which will not cause blood sugar to soar after meals.

If you want to stay away from hyperlipidemia, the following three kinds of food high -sugar foods who really want to remove the dining table

The sugar in the food will be converted into endogenous triglycerides in the liver after entering the body, and then the level of triglycerides in the plasma will be increased, which will eventually induce hyperlipidemia.Wait for food.High cholesterol food

Animal viscera, oil, pork belly, and animal brain foods are rich in saturated fat and cholesterol, and long -term intake of these substances can easily cause blood lipids in the body to rise.

High -fat food

Animal skin, butter, lard, and fried foods all contain higher content of fat. Long -term intake of these foods will cause excess fat content in the body. A large amount of fat accumulates in the liver and blood vessels, which will cause hyperlipidemia and fat to fat and fatLiver and other occur.

The essence of sweet potatoes is an ordinary food that cannot be too deified for it, and it cannot play a role in preventing and treating diseases.But daily consumption is good for supplementing nutrition.

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