Ji Yiza suddenly announced his daughter, his biological father was suspicious, and from pregnancy to production timeline was released

The names of these stars are really easy to be confused.

The full name of Ji Yiza is Zaya Alemu River. Although it is the Kazakh, it was born and grew up in Beijing.

At that time, 15 -year -old Reza was discovered by a fashion magazine like a Japanese model Hashimoto, and filmed the cover of the magazine.

After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, Ji Yiza officially entered the entertainment industry.

She is the king of Guojun in "Zhen Huan Biography", and in the end, "Ning Guiren" Ye Lanyi, who helped Zhen Huan’s power, was also the "Golden Zhuhai" who performed a regret of love in "Kyushu · Marine Clouds".

In addition, she is also a smart maid "Tan Qi" in "Twelve hours of Chang’an".

On December 4, 2020, Reiza suddenly updated the dynamic, took a picture of a baby to kiss himself, and wrote in the copy: "I am your wings, you are my medicine, I will never fall, I will never fall down, I will never fall.You work hard. "

The news of Zhaza’s sudden birth of women surprised the public and the media.

Fans who often pay attention to the hot Yiza also expressed that they couldn’t believe it. In the comment area, I asked the deity that what she was holding was the child of the elder brother Saili.

Reiza responded that her brother Saili loved her most, especially good.Obviously, the child in her arms was indeed born by herself.

When did you make a woman?Who is the child’s biological father?A series of questions have become the topic of public attention.

With the continuous fermentation of related topics, combined with the itinerary and dynamics of Jiza, she was picked out one after another from pregnancy to production.

After exposing the news of the female, some fans asked Ji Yiza. They had been filming before. The timeline felt that I was not right.

Looking at Reiza’s previous dynamics, from mid -September, she began to re -share her work dynamics. Based on time, she should be a child born in July and August.

Who is the child’s biological father?

Since his debut, the only boyfriend of Reiza is the actor Zhouyou.In June 2017, Zhou You took a group photo with Reiza with Ji Yiza, and officially publicly opened his relationship.

In 2019, the romance was announced to break up.

In September last year, Reiza was photographed with a picture of walking in hand with a mysterious man. At that time, the media reported the news of overheating Yiza.

In September of this year, before and after the resumption of work, there was news that netizens who knew the hot Yiza produced women. This did not seem to be realistic at the time, and most people chose not to believe it.

According to this "insider", Reiza’s boyfriend is the former drummer Fan Bo, the former drummer of the Joyside band in "Summer 2 of the Band".

It was the first time that he was able to reveal the news of the child in September last year. It can be seen that the news from this netizen was not a contemporary guess.

According to relevant information, the drummer Fan Bo was the Joyside band joined in early 2003 and officially withdrawn in 2009.

Fan Bo has now changed his identity and re -established the LONE band as the lead singer and the main guitarist.

In addition, we can also confront the news of the "insider" from the dynamics of Reiza.

On August 4, 2019, Reiza once exposed his new nickname, claiming to be a "rolling circle family", and "rolling circle" refers to the "rock circle".

Ji Yiza took his boyfriend to participate in an interview. Although he did not appear, according to the description of the reporter, we can also see a hint of clues.

The reporter said that Reiza’s boyfriend "has tattoos on his arm, but wearing a sleeve, he is unwilling to appear in order to appear for Reiza, fearing that he will affect her when he is sneaked."

Through Fan Bo’s previous photos, it is not difficult to find that there are indeed tattoos on his right arm.

The "insider" also broke the news that Reiza was pregnant when he participated in the "Tucao Conference", and the audience did not see it at the time.

Looking back at the promotional photos of Reiza’s participation in the show, loose clothes are really suspicious.Pushing back according to the timeline, the hot Yiza was indeed pregnant at that time.

I still remember that in November last year, Ji Yiza’s mood was extremely unstable. Not only did it expose to severe depression, but also often lost control of netizens. Now it seems that it is likely to be a manifestation of anxiety during pregnancy.

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