Jiangxi women were beaten up by her husband in four months.

On the 5th, a woman in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, was circulated on the Internet by her husband’s domestic violence. The reason was simple because the child had a dispute between the child’s dressing problem.

The original video was so angry. In the video, the husband first dragged the woman’s hair and kicked his wife to the ground with his feet. The wife was helpless to cry.Start with a bow again to fight his wife’s face again, and it’s very vicious!

The wife called the police for the first time, and the subsequent wife’s mother and grandmother came. The police persuaded that the man felt wrong.

Netizens support divorce. While the child is just four months old, such men must stay away, and domestic violence is only 0 times and countless times.

When it was not come out in the future, there were another group of victims who had sinful netizens who appeared, and the open mouth was that the child may not be his talent.Is this kind of person full of green hats?

After the alarm, the woman and mother returned to her in -laws, and the local women’s federation had also been involved. I never expected that it was a reconciliation in the follow -up!

Has the four -month -old wife and the violent husband who had been beaten had reached a reconciliation. Did they go home and persuade their parents and relatives to persuade their children to bear it?How did the Women’s Federation staff persuade it?

See what netizens say, such men can be sentenced, sentenced to several years, and strong support.

Didn’t intentionally beating others, didn’t you deliberately hurt?Just because the wife was beaten, it was not as good as strangers and could also use legal weapons to protect themselves.

Everyone who has watched the original video knows that it is unforgivable, but the parties are forgiven.Who will play a role in this? If a man will be divided for women when the man is violent again in the future?

Seeing the man’s ruthlessness, how can he guarantee that he will no longer be domestic violence?

Just because of the child’s dressing problem, there is one thing that is small, if you encounter a bigger thing, what is it.

Watching such news is really angry.

The most ridiculous thing is that the woman said that you must not believe it. I don’t know how many times this is. This is the end of the wrong person. I am four months pregnant.

On the afternoon of the 29th, the reporter learned from the local government that the government and the police station have been involved in the matter. In response to women’s self -reported claims that they have suffered many domestic violence, the local government staff said that it is not true.Essence

Shocked, the parties said that it was not true that it was repeatedly violent by domestic violence. Unfortunately, although the original video was deleted, there were too many individuals or official media.

Those who do not solve problems, first solve the problem that those who have asked questions, have negative news to find a way to suppress it. If they can’t press it, they will go with him.

The two sides have reached a reconciliation, what else can be said, just fight, others persuade the pressure, they do n’t compromise, they have compromised, just beat it, I ’m waiting for netizens to be angry again!

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