Jun Jun Mom Share: You must know about the little knowledge of love during pregnancy, you must know

If you are healthy after you are pregnant, you can have sex.Sex will not hurt your baby.When you love love, the amniotic fluid in the uterus helps protect your baby.But if you have a pregnancy complication, or if you have had it in the past, love may not be safe during pregnancy.Let me talk about this problem in detail:

Do you love safe during pregnancy?

Sex is part of your relationship between you and your husband.For most women, sex is safe during pregnancy.If you have any questions about sexual life during pregnancy, please consult a doctor.

When is sexual life unsafe during pregnancy?

If you have some pregnancy complications now or in the past, then sexual life may not be safe during pregnancy.If you have these complications, talk to the doctor to see if you can have sex:

1. You are pregnant with a polyphom (twin, tripod or more)

2. You have miscarriated in the past, or danger of abortion in this pregnancy.

3. In the past, you have an experience of premature birth or signs of premature birth in this pregnancy.

4. Your cervix is abnormal.For example, the cervix is opened too early during pregnancy. You must know that the cervix will cause premature birth.

5. You have the front placenta.The placenta is located very low in the uterus and covers all or parts of the cervix.The front placenta will cause severe bleeding and other complications in the late pregnancy.

How to ensure sexual safety during pregnancy

Love does not hurt the baby during pregnancy.The muscle and amniotic fluid of the uterus surrounded the baby to protect him.Smooth plug helps protect the baby from infection.(Smooth plugs are a piece of mucus that blocked the cervical opening.) You know, the husband’s younger brother will not be in contact with your baby.Although sexual life during pregnancy is safe for most women and does not hurt the baby, it still needs to protect the baby from certain infections.Be sure to learn to protect yourself from sexual transmission infection. You must know that sexually transmitted infections will bring problems to your baby during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a sleeve.

After love, there are these phenomena to seek medical treatment

If you feel pain when you love and love, it is recommended to check the examination.If you have big bleeding, amniotic fluid omissions, or cramps after sexual intercourse, it is recommended to go to the doctor immediately.

When you are pregnant, it is normal to cramp slightly after love, because the climax can cause spasm.

The impact of pregnancy on love

During pregnancy, your sexual desire changes.The rise and decrease of hormones and other changes in the body may affect your sexual desire.The following are some common changes in sexual desire that women may feel during pregnancy:

The first three months.Changes in the level of hormone levels in early pregnancy and changes in body shape may cause discomfort during pregnancy, making you less interested in love, such as feeling tired or uncomfortable (also known as nausea), breast pain, often go to the toilet, etc.Essence

In the middle of pregnancy.You may feel better at this stage.You may have disappeared in the first three months, or you may be able to deal with them better in the second three months.In fact, you may want to love more frequently than in the past!Women add nearly 3 pounds of blood during pregnancy, and most of these blood flows below the waist.You may find that extra blood flow is easier to help you reach orgasm, and may even be more than once.

Late pregnancy.When pregnancy is about to end, you may be less interested in love.As your belly is getting bigger and bigger, you may find that some sexual postures will make you feel uncomfortable.And at this stage, you will focus more on having children.

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