Just after 40, it is not normal?Should I replenish hormones or tolerate after menopause?

If you have 40 women around you, you may hear such a talk:

"Do you still have menstruation? I haven’t been on time for the past two months. Is it going to be menopause?"

"I haven’t said it to my family yet, and he must be a joke when he knew it."

"Can you eat something to make up for you?"

Female friends can’t help but care about menstruation. We have to worry about it early, and we must worry about walking early. It seems that it has become a "heart disease" for women. It may really do not really need to bother it.To be honest, menstruation accompanied us for so long, and one day I really didn’t come, and my heart was quite uncomfortable.However, it is normal to go menstruation as soon as he is 40 years old?

Ms. Qian hadn’t met "old friend" for half a year. At first, she thought she was pregnant. She was a bit happy. As a result, she did not move until the second month.After all, I just passed 40, and my body is usually very good. It is a bit abnormal at so soon. Friends around you have menstruation. What happened to himself?

The doctor asked Ms. Qian, how about her body?Is there any trouble?Have you ever had a similar situation before?Ms. Qian said that her hot pot restaurant has opened three more branches in the past six months. The business is too busy to rest well every day. I often go home at two or three in the morning. I think that I still have so many accounts.Top things, traveling every day, you can only rely on yourself.

After 40, menopause is abnormal. Ms. Qian’s body has no problems. The reason why early menopause may be caused by excessive exhaustion, mood, and less rest. We have visited many women. Basically, they are only 45 years old.There are also less menstruation in the early years but less.Ms. Qian was very anxious. She didn’t want to grow old. Is there any way to get the monthly weight?Can you supplement hormones?

Stress, long -term anxiety

Poor diet and often entertain

Excessive exhaustion, less rest

Second -hand smoke stimulus

Physical disease

Female friends are more emotional and easy to think about. If no one enlighten in time, she will enter the dead alley, which will affect the body over time.Psychologically anxious, there is no way to eat on time in the diet. If you can’t eat well, don’t sleep well, your body is connected to the axis, and there are more second -hand smoke in the environment, which is easy to induce health problems.Of course, it is not ruled out that some women themselves have problems with uterus or ovaries. They are not well treated. After a long time, it will affect menstruation.

Some people think that the menopause is for a period of time. If you are uncomfortable, you will "boil". Don’t be so arrogant, while others tend to "make up for one supplement" and want to buy various health products. In fact, these two types, these two typesThe ideas are one -sided.

The first, after menopause, women will face a variety of discomfort such as bones, nerves, and psychology. It is not so easy to survive. If you use one word "boil" without distinction, it may become more and more serious.important.Women in my country generally have prejudice to hormone drugs. They believe that they have side effects, and often eat it badly for the body. In fact, there is no problem with scientifically taking it under the guidance of a doctor. Women’s emotions, sleep, and bones have been improved.

If you start menopause at the age of 40 and enter the age of 60, you will be in a menopause state for 20 years. Can you bear it for 1 year and can you bear it for 20 years?However, in fact, it is like developed regions such as Beishangguang, and few women actively ask for hormone treatment. The proportion is less than 2%. Too many people should make up for it.

The second type, women like Ms. Qian are not old -age, can accept new knowledge, and actively ask for hormones. If you can consult a doctor in advance, you will be afraid that some people will not care about it.The price of hormones is used as daily health care. In the end, it may have adverse reactions due to poor dosage grasp, and the expected results may not be achieved.

Therefore, in the eyes of the doctor, it is good or bad. No matter how long you have menopausal, you should check it first and then formulate a treatment plan according to your personal circumstances. Choose the appropriate medicine and dose. Female friends must not take it by themselves.Can not take long -term use for aging.

Although 40 -year -old women are not as delicate as roses, they should also be mature and attractive. At this time, menopause must be abnormal. It is necessary to check whether it is treated according to the specific circumstances. In additionOvarian problems need to be treated together.

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